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Microsoft is so confident it has the Internet's best email service that it's about to spend at least $30 million to send its message across the U.S. Will you use Outlook over Gmail?
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I use outlook at work, only because I have to. I would never choose to use it. 
I use both already, and both have their virtues.  I will continue to use both, but if I had to choose, right now it would be gmail, because Google still does a better job of integrating their services.
Same here. DoD forces one to use Outlook; given my druthers, I'd never use anything but gmail. 
I do not care for the Outlook desktop client, but is not bad. It's not gmail, but it's not terrible.
I use Outlook at work and gmail for pretty much everything else. I don't plan on changes.
I use the Outlook program for work, and have an email address, but I don't like it at all... It's too easy to integrate my Gmail in to my phone, unlike it would be to integrate in to it.
It's much better than Gmail.  Trying to move completely away from Google.
Uhm...places like Comcast GAVE UP trying to get Microsoft to handle JUST THEIR OWN ACCOUNTS. They're using Zimbra, which works so much better.

An airport in Indy has two men who do NOTHING but rebuilt Microsoft servers each week, rolling them back into service the next week, because Microsoft is a TINY NUMBER OF PROGRAMMERS. It can't do the job Linux is doing.

But then, that's why people are leaving Microsoft in droves. (It sounds like Windows 8 isn't the end of their new failures!)
Im trying to move completely away from hotmail and yahoo to google because at this moment in time I trust google more than microsoft, yahoo, or apple
Jon Dye
I have yet to see Microsoft offer ANY reason for someone to switch from Gmail to

Microsoft: "Hey. HEY! Guys, we do e-mail too"

Me: "And?"
No way can Microsoft provide a better experience than GMail. Perhaps the 'mail' service can be strong but it cannot be incorporated into a lineup of other services as seamlessly. If I were them I would advertise in AARP magazine and do demos at retirement resorts.
outlook costs money, outlook isn't on my phone. outlook is machine-related. gmail is free and you can access your gmail from any Internet device. I like outlook, but gmail is just better. 
like others, I have to use Exchange for work (with Thunderbird as my mail client) and Gmail for my personal mail. I wouldn't voluntarily use MS-anything, much less Outlook....
No no no, unless I'm required to by now. Linux on all the computers in the building but Microsoft for email. Tisk tisk
Gmail is hooked in to the Google apps ecosystem which is not a mature set of business tools at this point and a con to using this as a business solution. On the positive it is hooked into Andriod.

Outlook is hooked into MS Office and other supporting IT infrastructure for marketing and sales. They are also pushing into the cloud. It is not connected to any mobile operating system in a robust fashion and the Windows mobile OS is, well, a joke.

I find Outlook and MS office a superior set of tools for business users.
Personal emails? Makes little difference.
Sorry, I trust MS less than I do Google.  I only use Windows because that is what my customers use.
Oh heck no, I think we all know how bad Microsoft is the compared to Google. Especially Microsoft's skydive..... It's terrible. 
Hell no! I use both anyway but im google all the way & Android all the way
Microsoft had the world of computers and relaxed. Google swooped in and stole the show. Gmail is better than any Microsoft product. Chrome destroys IE. the list goes on. 
Google all the way but I had a hotmail account long before Google I'm loyal to my roots.
Aren't they spending enough now attempting to convince us to use Bing vs Google? Never cared for Outlook, rather use Thunderbird IMO.
We'll see Microsoft, we'll see.
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