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President Obama plans to return to the economy in his State of the Union Tuesday -- but his prescription for growth is still at odds with that of the Republican Party, and many voters. 
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Same nonsense we've heard for years.  
What voters is against investing in education, infrastructure and R&D( I guess some is for this if its being spent on the defense department)?
Because we already spending outrageous amounts and nothing to show for it.
I knew he would just recycle a previous campaign speech.  Nothing new to watch here.  Stream something on Netflix instead.
In a consumption driven economy who else is spending?
Just hearing the same old words.
Same stuff, different day.  I won't be watching.
Government taking from Citizen X , spending it's overhead, and then using the balance to benefit Citizen Y does not contribute or grow a consumption driven economy. These are simply transfer payments. Also the government borrowing a million dollars does not make the government a million dollars richer. The government does not produce any goods or services to move the economy forward. The government only spends what it takes (or borrows today from tomorrows taxes) from it's citizens. This activity is just a wash, minus (not insignificant) government costs. A year of education is an expense. A new bridge is an expense. A new tank is an expense. Every dollar spent is taken from someone who earned it. The economy grows when a business uses that new bridge to grow sales, deliver new products, or to build a new factory across the bridge. Those tax expenditures are only worthwhile if they allow the private economy to grow. Many people believe that too much of our tax dollars do nothing to help grow our economy, are simply wasted, or benefit a few at the expense of many. 
His "prescription for growth" killed the patient 3 1/2 years ago.
CNN and NPR all the way!!!
sorry i was being sarcastic 
Eli M
Obamanomics for every one job created 20 go on food stamps. Someone please send a thank you card for the poor guy carrying the 20.
In NewSpeak, investment = tax and spend.
Eli M
Eli M
Well said
His continued plans for investment spending are at odds with common sense.
Common sense is now so rare as to qualify it as a super power!
How many ways can it be written or said, "we don't have the money?" Now's not the time. It wssn't time like ten trillion dollars ago, at least. We have "leaders" who tell us one of the best ways to stimulate the economy is to write some more unemployment claims checks. oy.
That this at odds with the Repub party is a no-brainer. What runs counter to actual facts though, is the beleif that the majority of the voters do not support the President's plans over the Republican plans. Seems the Repub party is still in denial over their loss in the last election.
Eli M
Majority aka everyone on welfare. The no brainer here is you if your working when you could collect your obama phone and welfare check...
+Noel Beale What is at odds with the GOP is that every solution offered by the communist er I mean democratic party only increases spending and the size and reach of the federal government.

Please tell me, at what point is government big enough, expensive enough, and intrusive enough?
I can make TONS of jobs.
Build more jails and prisons. Get TOUGH on crime.
Get caught with weed or other drugs? Ten years.
Double the time for ALL crimes.

No TV, radio, PC, weight room, etc.
Just a small room with no windows.

This country needs to stop being easy on crime.
More police to catch criminals.
Construction works to build the jails and prisons.
More guards and staff at the jails and prisons.
The jobs would trickle down.
+Jay Carlson The answer to that, is when the majority of the voters state that is the case. Currently, as shown by the last election, the majority decided that it was NOT the case, at least not yet. The issues is, the GOP seems to have chosen to overlook the election results that made that point very clear.
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