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Lindsay Lohan denies punching a woman in the face at a club this morning, after a Justin Bieber concert.
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Oh God, Lindsay, you are a train wreck that just won't stop.  You'll destroy the country at this rate.
If I had to listen to Justine...errr...Justin Bieber sing, I'd probably punch someone, too.
I love JB that guy songs are okay. I'm not gay! I just have an opinion. That guy is cool! 
On my feed Fox News is the only one "reporting" on this Disaster of a person. 
I think I would just punch myself in the face if I just attended a Justin Bieber concert.
I'm sure she did vote Obama. In '08 she wanted to run a fund raiser for the Obama campaign, but he didn't let her for obvious reasons....
U hurt my feelings rod. I guess I just don't pay enough attention to Lindsay Lohan.
Let's stay to the shallow, vapid news article please...
#LiLo ? the Linux loader? Sorry....(Foxworthy style) You may be a programmer see a hashtag of lilo and think Linux instead of Lohan.
Who cares...Kick her to the curb, and lets get on with life!!!
First Lindsay was for Obama in 08 and then she switched to Romney
yeah, this is news. 
Two things I don't wish on anyone:
1. Bone-gnawing poverty and
2. Fame and fortune
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