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Pope Benedict's decision to resign the papacy is being blamed on his age - nearly 86 - and his health - never robust.
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I bet it's because of that fake girlfriend scandal at Notre Dame; it's gotta be.
I guess this will teach them to start selecting young men
If "Peter of Rome" replaces him, it will be the fulfillment of prophecy.
Cardinal Dolan would be an awesome choice. A man of the new world, young by comparison and very charismatic!
Saint Malachy's Prophecy of the Popes.  According to Saint Malachy the Pope that succeeds Pope Benedict XVI (Peter of Rome) will be the last pope leading up to Judgement Day.  

"112 Peter the Roman, (In extreme persecution, the seat of the Holy Roman Church will be occupied by Peter the Roman, who will feed the sheep through many tribulations, at the term of which the city of seven hills will be destroyed, and the formidable Judge will judge his people. The End.)

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+Jeffrey Koontz short and sweet version , the distinction is Catholics follow the Pope Christians follow Christ
+Jeffrey Koontz  In my opinion, It is fulfillment and conclusion of St. Malachy's prophecy of the popes.  Scary times ahead.  
I'm a Catholic and I'm not sad at this news.
There are individuals and there are organizations.. Catholic the individual may now give this another thought. Catholic the organization cares very deeply. 
+Alicja Anna For the record, I'm Catholic (in case anyone was wondering)

I think with the recent announcement, the End of Days are fast approaching.

The timing of this, in my opinion, couldn't be more ominous.  With all that is going on in the world and in our own country it does not surprise me that this is happening.

Pope Benedict to become first pontiff in 600 years to resign. (

It looks like St. Malachy's "Prophecy of the Popes" is on track to be fulfilled and concluded with the "appointment" of the next pope.  I say "appointment" because Pope Benedict will pick his successor, he will most likely not be voted on by the cardinals. But who knows.  I think it will be Cardinal "Peter" Turkson from Africa.

And lastly, I found this interesting video.  Something to watch for in the coming weeks.

St Malachy Prophecy of Peter The Great Last Black Pope 2012 YouTube - YouTube.flv
Maybe.But you said Catholics, without being specific.I speak only for myself and cannot do so for any Cath. organization any more than you make such definite statements about Christians / Catholics.
+Alicja Anna ok.. sorry the Catholic organization really could care less that the pope has resigned. is that better? 

sometimes people just dont really have the time to go into a really long theological debate. i know most devout Catholics do care, that he has resigned. if you dont care .. great.. i am positive that more than 80% of Priests will at least mention it at Mass in the coming week. Protestant Churches, less than 5% will say anything about it at all.

you cant take everything so personally. relax.
+Ron Morgan where do you get your bs info from? Catholics follow Christ. The Pope is not God to us. Orthodox Christians have a Patriarch. Is he God? You have little or no understanding of the Catholic faith.
And you can't just assume that the people who disagree with you +Ron Morgan take what you say personally. Typical internet bullshit response.So YOU relax.I had a different opinion and I stated it.That is all.No one said anything about a theological debate but sometimes it's helpful to have at least some facts correct.Once again, I was speaking for MYSELF only, I don't care about anything else beyond that.
+Michael W. Moore i have actually done extensive study on the Catholic Chruch and have many friends that are Catholic. i never said the Pope was God to anyone. i never said the Pope = God to anyone.  and Orthodox Christians and Catholics are more aligned than say none denmoninal Christians and Catholics.. we could do this all night.  

why is everyone splitting hairs here. the Pope quit his job.. and that means more to Catholics than Christians.. that is not news. its not anything.. its just an old guy stepping down. even tho im no Catholic,  i admire him for doing it. it suggests he has more character than most men with power. Most men with power do everything they can to keep it.  even Popes
+Ron Morgan you said "+Jeffrey Koontz short and sweet version , the distinction is Catholics follow the Pope Christians follow Christ"
And that is incorrect. We all follow Christ as Christians.  

Every organized religion has a head. For Catholics it is the Pope, for Orthodox it is the Patriarch, for Anglicans it is the Archbishop of Canterbury and ultimately the King or Queen. For Methodists its General Assembly, for Presbyterians it is the Moderator of the General Council, for Lutherans its the king or queen of the country of which the church resides, and in the US it is the Presiding Bishop. And for Calvary Chapel it is the Senior Pastor but ultimately the biblical board of elders. They use the "Moses model"

So I am having a hard time seeing your point.
And besides all that I would hardly call a world leader... yes I think the head of a religion with over 1 billion people constitutes the status of world leader... as an old guy stepping down.

And people of all denominations come to see the Pope if he were to come to their country. So yes more than just Catholics care. Maybe you don't but many do. Probably why the media has covered it so much, unless you think us Catholics have taken over all the major media outlets.
+Michael W. Moore    nope i dont think Catholics have taken over major media.. the reason its being covered today is because its news.. if he had done this on the morning of 9-11, no one would be covering it. just like when Diana died in a car crash in the same week as Mother Teresa died.. the media barely cover Mother Teresa. I believe they should have covered Mother Teresa in great detail. i believe she was a great woman

as far as who Catholics follow, .. thats always been a problem for many to figure out. it looks like..God, Jesus,  the Pope, Mary, priests and cardinals.. its kind of a long list and really confusing. and i have studied it. Most Catholics I know don't really understand it all either. now are there some Catholics that rebuff some of or all of the Catholics teaching that the pope is divine? sure.. I know one man that became a Christian (because not all Catholics are) but stayed in the Catholic Church because he said that he wanted to change many of the teachings of the Church and the best way he could do that was from the inside.. he was a man of no small influence . so are all Catholics Christian.. nope they are not.. are some? yes I believe some are.  

but your still splitting hairs.. or you want to. Catholics and Christians believe different things or maybe you missed the event in history called the reformation? i don't know. this all started because i was addressing a question that an atheist (so he professed) posed.. it was a short answer. you guys don't need to get your undies in a bunch.
+Ron Morgan I just simply don't understand why you say catholics are separate from Christians. We are all Christians. That is my point. The manner in which we are worship may differ, but we are all Christians.
In Christianity there are catholics and protestants. Maybe that's where we are getting confused.
+Michael W. Moore you may be correct, that is were we are getting confused

+Alicja Anna now who is being indifferent and rude.

+Jeffrey Koontz dec 21 2012 has nothing to do with Christian or Catholic churchs.. That was a mathematical mya calendar thing.. Which really didn't mean anything at all, had nothing to do with Bible prophecy. 
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