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Glenn Beck sounds off on why he was "big time" wrong on his presidential election prediction -- on The O'Reilly Factor: 
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No one -- other than the Obama machine -- knew that key districts would proffer not even one Romney vote.  Democrats should start to be concerned.  Their own party is being stolen out from under them and they don't seem to notice.
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Sorry Beck was wrong. Hoping a tea party candidate gets elected in 2016!
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Cause he believed there was still enough intelligent Americans and not welfare free loaders but he was wrong.
+Paula Ortiz It's pretty apparent a tea party candidate will never be elected again in this country.

Romney had to play the right wing tea party role to become the nominee and that doomed him from becoming president.
The American youth are too entitled and liberal to ever vote for someone that is Pro Life or Pro Traditional Marriage again.

We will need a candidate that is a Moderate to beat Obama. That is our only hope of getting America back in 2016. If that moderate has to battle the likes of a Santorum again and "appear" to be 'far right' to gain the Far Right's vote...he will lose to the Democrats again and again.
+Rod Wagner Insanity?  We just had a complete failure for a president re-elected because he was able to convince morons like yourself that the last 4 years was bush's fault....I'm confident you will blame his next 4 years on Bush as well.  Eventually the Gop will need to clean up the dems mess via congress yet again.
I actually believe the tea party's platform of less government and less spending is our only possible salvation. Romney could not run from being the creator of Obama care, a "turn on a dime" candidate who was not in touch with the working class of our country. A tea party candidate who focuses less on social issues and more on economic issues would be the candidate to beat!
+Adam Wyson I can understand, though not agree with your feelings. 8 years ago I was shocked that president Bush was re-elected. I felt no way people would hire him again after the mess he made of this country. But the country didn't agree with me then and they don't agree with you now. 
But that is what I am saying +Paula Ortiz 
If said Tea Party candidate has "Pro Life or Pro Traditional Marriage" anywhere in his campaign, he will lose.
That is...unless we fall so far off the fiscal cliff this next four years that they are all out of home and forget about social issues and only consider economics. 

Otherwise they are too into their way of life to allow any other thought on the social topics.
I am waiting +Rod Wagner 
Do you or do you not blame Bush for the last 4 years of distress?
Considering your comments above, and lack of answer thus far, I will assume "Yes."

If that is the case- my second question is-

Second: Will you continue to blame Bush in 4 more years? Meaning will you blame him for all 8 years Obama is in office?
+Rod Wagner, like most Bush-haters, have nothing profound to say so they go to the 3rd-grade sandbox tactic of name-calling. And I grew up in the 80s and remembered when my dad would watch the dinosaur networks (ABC,NBC and CBS) "Evening News". All THREE were biased against the Republican machine. Walter Cronkite would end his news with, "And that's the way it goes." No Wally, that's the way YOU your bias editor said it goes. So please people, don't cry about how Fox is biased. Besides, The Obama Network, MSNBC, totally won for most biased reporting on the election!
Ooooh. A former Republican/right wing/Fox watcher.

Those are more hateful than the liberals themselves!
Beck was wrong for the same reason most conservative pundits were wrong:  they believed that most people thought like them.  They ignored the polls, and assumed that there was a silent majority ready to boot President Obama out of office.  They were wrong.  This country is becoming more moderate and liberal with each passing day.  If Republicans fail to acknowledge this change and adapt their message to the modern era, they will continue to lose elections.  
Beck is a radical Libertarian ,not a conservative.I wish all the nutters didn't come to Texas,it gives us a bad name.Still it was interesting that he thought God chose Obama,he used to think it was "the other guy"!
+Reginald Watkins This country enjoyed a 5% unemployment rate under bush.  The Dems took over the house AND senate in 07 and that's when the country went to crap.  You can jump on the blame train all you want, the people who actually follow the government know clearly what happened and what will continue to happen for 4 years.  Your savior is a complete failure and 4 years from now the blame train will keep on chuggin.
Friday, January 5, 2007
"Democrats took control of the House and Senate after 12 years of nearly unbroken Republican rule, with resolute calls for bipartisan comity and a pledge to move quickly on an agenda of health-care"

That means the last 5 years of Clinton when the budget was BALANCED and had a surplus and the first 6 years of Bush, 5% unemployment.  The second the Dems took the house and the senate the world went into a tale spin with no leadership to change course.  

From 2007 on, the Dems were in charge, Bush had no control the last 2 years of his presidency.  Dems went out of control and the Blame train began a rollin'.
+Reginald Watkins 
+Francis Moran Either way, the Obama machine created the Lie that Clinton knew what he was doing and there for is a viable support Robot.  Clinton didn't "balance" the budget, the republican house and senate forced his hand in doing so.  Again, we were fine until the dems took complete hold of our government and started gaming more free bees down our throats mid recession.
+Francis Moran Having a budget has nothing to do with having debt.  A budget is simply a plan to move forward with current monetary policy.  If you don't have a budget, you have no plan and as lame as it sounds, if you fail to plan you plan to fail.  Many people who have car/home/credit debt, still live on a budget.  The budget includes paying these debts down. 

Keep in mind the economy is driven by fear/greed....Simply acknowledging you have a plan actually helps the economy.
+Adam Wyson have you forgotten an unwarranted war where thousands of Americans were killed and thousands more maimed? Remember the joke our country was considered to be throughout the world and by just less than 50% of the people in this country? That's the problem with taking the job of president. There's more than just one subject to consider. You look at the Bush years more fondly than most. 
Ironic to give Chinese money to Thailand and I presume Myanmar.
It is because Obama is a Muslim and he hates our freedoms and is destroying us from with in.
Obama was elected by liberal socialism grown in and nourished by the fear of poverty, crime, and general hopelessness in metropolitan areas. The big city politicians manipulate their voting base by preaching fear of the rich and fear of the independent minded people who know opportunity is created by the individual not the government. The liberals spread their holy than thou wings over the hopeless masses and promise justice in life, liberty, and happiness by taking from the rich and giving to the poor. Little do their minions know that their allegiance to the liberal socialist will only be rewarded while they are needed. Nor do they realize that their reward for supporting the DNC will never be worth anything near the cost they will pay for their blind adherence to the leftist. Politicians who are supporting socialist economic policies are clearly constitutional subversionist and should be removed from office by what ever means necessary. We must stop the spread of socialist policies to defend The Constitution of The United States of America. If that means forcibly removing politicians from office to do so then so be it. 
Mr. Beck does not believe that the voters see any difference between Romney and Obama. 
Word salad with a side of serious confusion. 
+Reginald Watkins I'm sorry but I live in the USA where there are checks and balances.  The war in Afganistan was in response to an attack that killed thousands on American soil.  The war in Iraq was wrong.  Neither of these wars brought us into depression, infact wars bring countries out of depressions.  Again, in 2007 when the dems took both the House and the Senate, that is the exact point that our country lost all control.  You asked for another 4 years of this BS and you're sure gonna get it.  Don't come crying to me when fema doesn't show up at your door.
I think Glen was right in his prediction of the election.! because the election was fixed we have lost our country period..! if our leaders, lawyer's, election officials don't make changes it will only get worse. we need paper trail voting to be sure elections are fair..!
The Election was fixed?  Let's see, GOP governors trying to suppress the vote in almost every swing state, sending out wrong dates to the Hispanic voters, voters standing in long lines until 2 am, mass confusion about proper polling places, redistricting by GOP governors to give Republicans an edge in voting, getting caught red handed hiring a guy that has been in trouble with the law for voting fraud, and telling his employees to do something illegal, sign only conservative voters and not democratic, and groups like True the vote and another group set up by the Romney campaign to intimidate voters and slow down the process so people will get frustrated and give up on voting. you are absolutely right it was fixed, and the President won in spite of the fix. since 2000, the GOP has been perpetrating a fraud against the American Voters.  what most people don't know is after the 2008 election the Obama offices did not close down. They were helping in places like Ohio and Wisconsin, with repeals, recalls and collective bargaining rights, helping to organize and working with a conservative fire fighters, helping them fight against he GOP who were screwing Middle class workers, seeking to  destroy the unions who protect workers rights against an aggressive government like Wisconsin and Ohio.  Purging the voting roles targeting minority, elderly.and the young voters in Florida and a few other states.  this make the President's victory even greater that dispute everything the GOP threw at him, he over came it and his team as well as all the dedicated volunteers, and Money not from the wealthy, but from average Americans who recognized and fully understood what Romney actually was, in spite of not knowing who he is. So yeah it was rigged to the hilt with everything the GOP could come up with. Most of all I am glad that someone finally put Carl Rove iand the billionaire tycoons in their place, they bought Citizen
s United but it did not pay off, they lost a staggering amount of money trying to buy the election, but the real power in this country stood up and said NO we are not having it. we have the more powerful voice. our voice was louder then the money, telling the wealthy few we will not let you win we, the American people will neutralize your money every time!They have been winning for years at the expense of the middle class and they don't care if your conservative or liberal, to them, your money is green and if they can get you to part with it, they have no compunction about selling you substandard products made in china to get it. they wanted to control the government, privatize everything, whe your house is on fire and you cal for a fire department and you did not pay your bill, what do you think they wil do. just like business does now, "I'm sorry you have not payed your bill for two month.  If you will make a payment over the phone right now we'll send someone out as soon as help becomes available". Does tat sound familiar, can you imagine calling the police department when an invader comes into your home and you have not payed your protection bill?  sorry you have not made payment in 3 months and we cannot send anyone out until you bring your blll current, would you like to make a payment right now _________? no? okay then, sorry we could not help you. have a nice day. Click.  That's will happen if we privatize these services. Didst make your monthly school payment, your child will be expelled until you cough up the cash. Is this the world you want to live in where private equity can come in, strip each organization of it's value and walk away wealthy and you without the services. China pays 99 cents and hour at Mitt Romney's plant and that's the type of good paying jobs Romney wants to bring to America by deregulation no minimum wage so 99 cents is possible, to make the middle class so desperate for a job they will take a job at that rate, No benefits and no medical you'll pay out of pocket, and your on your own.  I don't want to live on a nation like that.
+Michael Dennis Whether or not you respect our Constitution, it is what it is.  It seems strange that even after winning the election the Democrats, and you, seem to not be able to get over Romney.  
That is how I know he won.  Now both sides know he was the one who could have saved the economy.  We are stuck with the one who does not care to even try.
Mr. Jonathan Lancaster,  As a former marine that enlisted to serve my country, I do respect the Constitution and the United  Code of Military justice (UCMJ). and I also respect the right of All Americans to vote not a select few. Get over Romney?  I got over him the day I found out he was into private equity. I studied private equity for several years and I know what they do, how they put people on the unemployment line, take retirement funds, benefits and cut pay; and anything to make a buck no matter how many people they step on.  So when say what I'am speaking about is what was averted.  I'm well over Romney can you honestly say the same?
America is not ready for a Mormon President. Their beliefs are too far out there for our great Christian nation! 
jeremy Tregler well having a musilu, is even worse then a morman.
+Jeremy Tregler 49 million American's voted for Romney Bud...America is ready...Mormon beliefs are much closer to this christian nation than muslims, hindu etc.
We don't have a Musliu President, we have a Black Liberation Theologian. I saw the Reverend Wright videos! 
Jeremy Tregler Rev. Wright was a muslim and "converted" to Christianity but his fruits are not of God, he himself and Obama are both muslims.
I've never seen a black Musilu Socialist before, is that even a thing? I though Musilus were capitalists, not Socialists. 
+Michael Dennis I stand by all I wrote, because it is all true.  I am confused by what you mean to accomplish -- take the higher ground, maybe -- with throwing your veteran status into the mix.  My point had nothing to do with that.  But settle down, I appreciate your service as I am sure you appreciate mine.  
I have not studied "private equity," and wonder why one might but hey, we all have hobbies.  I have however worked for several companies saved by private equity.  Your view is a bit skewed from reality; they do not create unemployed, they invest in trying to make money for all invested.  Sometimes a failed company can be dismantled, but often they are saved.
Are you familiar with Burger King?  Dunkin Brands (Baskin Robbin), US Airlines?
You should, and I am sure after your in depth study of private equity understand that they were saved by the demon, "Private Equity."
Sometimes investments do fail, like any can, but the goal is to make companies better and put them back onto the public market.
  It is business.  Obama won, without a proven track record, and you should own that.  I still have respect for Mitt Romney, and little for an incumbent's campaign that called him a felon, a tax cheat and a murderer.  Your guy lowered the bar.
To be clear, I am all for seeing what Obama can do.  I am prepared for the fiscal cliff and am curious how Obama's blind followers will react.  I can't wait.
+Jonathan Lancaster There are several types of private equity some are good others are not good, you may have experienced the "Angel investors"  and the testimony of many of the people let's e know where Mr. Romney stood. +Daniel Baker  I don't care how  much money they man made, you say i hate what he earns, you sdon't know what you are speaking about. You think i hate him or his wealth are totally off base. I love to see people success  in fact I joyfully celebrate success, but when a person gets wealth at the expense of others and then disrespects them publicly I do have a problem with the methods. Daniel, business is in my blood, the very first thing I did at 12 or 13 was to build a shoe shine box to make money,  

I've been involved with several business and when I see others succeed I am happy for them even if I'm struggling in mine. They give me hope and encouragement of my own success,  But the people I associate with are givers, they give if their time and their heart and wealth. They share knowledge to help other succeed as they have. So please spare me the talking points from the election they do not apply.   And Johnathan I studied private equity because the term "Corporate Raider" was all over the news then and it made me curious and interested in it, how they made money and why. So if you take that lightly and think it's a joke,  how would you like for someone to minimize the things you become interested in and made comments that are aimed at making you look stupid for being interested? I did not come here and insult anyone so why am I being assailed? Every time I make a statement about the candidate, Among Conservative  they turn on me with so much vitriol anger and derision. AND YOU WONDER WHY YOUR CANDIDATE LOST? Look in the mirror, I've made friends with some conservatives after they tried to dismantle me.  I'ta the same garbage that has Washington al screwed up, person attacks on ones believes and opinions, demonizing one another in a manipulative attempt to get one's own way and beat the other side down.  I made a comment about the candidate and look back at the comments on the post, Did I disrespect anyone? did I personally attack anyone on the post?  NO! I did not. Just like you have a right to state your opinion, I have the same right to state mine. And yet Can we respect each other despite our differences of opinion?  I can have a different opinion from you and still love and respect you.  can you say the same?
Why is going back to Clinton Era tax policy considered a fiscal cliff?  Don't the democrats worship at his feet?  If Clinton was so great, let the tax rates expire and go back to Clinton era taxes.  See what the libs say then.
Obama is using Socialism to reach his goals. He barely keeps his
totaliarian views in check. The Founders designed a system that was meant
to make laws hard to pass. This nation was not built to employ czars to
destroy the Constitution. He is worse and more dangerous than a socialist.
Are you
copying and pasting from
somewhere else or are you thinking you have to hit
the spacebar
between every line? Your post looks funny. Anyway we had better work
hard to be sure Obama keeps his totaliarian views in check! We
don't want any of those totaliarians around here!
Agenda 21 is real, look it up.
Not even sure why Glenn Beck is in the news - wasn't he booted from Fox for poor ratings?

Correction - I guess he was asked to go because advertisers were becoming uneasy about being associated with his image.
Glen Beck owns his own network now, making over 100 million a year.  I'm confident he isn't worried.
Good for him - so why is Fox News reporting on his botched prediction if he isn't associated with them anymore? And why aren't they reporting on anyone else's botched predictions? I can't think of a single Fox News reporter that got this one right, and that's concerning. You would think their internal sources would have some feel for the pulse of America, but just about everyone was calling for a Romney landslide, and it didn't work out that way.
+Jeremy Tregler Because they are bitter.  He owns his own network now and is doing great and they are mad about it.  Fact of the matter is, he left them because they were telling him what to say on air and he didn't like it.
I don't see it as bitter, and have seen plenty of coverage of all the bad guesses out there.  +Jeremy Tregler what about this makes you so mad?
+Adam Wyson Beck has a flair for the dramatic.  I don't necessarily believe he was told what to say as his ratings were dropping.  Beck can either deliver a funny, snarky monologue or a chicken little routine.  He lost much viewership on his own. 
Beck is stable if nothing else.  He wasted a whole lot of his life and is making up for it by staying in constant motion.  I respect that.
Many people don't know that Beck actually worked for CNN, then quit there cause they were bias and went to Fox...where he quit again cause they were bias he owns his own network which brings in over 100 million a year.  You actually have to pay a monthly rate of $4 to even see his daily news, much better business plan than fox.  We are going to see a lot more of Beck in the future as his company grows.
It's a limited appeal show on a private network. I don't think we'll any more of Beck than we're seeing now - those that want to see Beck will see Beck, and those that don't care will continue to ignore him. I just find it odd that Fox News is talking about how Beck got his prediction wrong - just like everyone else at Fox.
+Jeremy Tregler It's a pay per view show on Dish with over 300,000 subscribers as of September 2012.  For being on air for less than 1 year, that is pretty dang impressive and will only continue to grow just as drastic.  It stands even more on it's on two feet when you realize that these are viewers who are paying to watch the news.  Even Fox isn't able to brag such a feat.
+Jeremy Tregler I would agree with you that it would seem odd if Fox did not talk about any other pundit predictions being wrong.  But they did, on basically every show.  Morris, Krauthamer etc all got it wrong and it was talked about ad nauseum.  Yes, Beck got it wrong too and as a regular guest on O'Reilly -- something that probably would not happen if there was so much bad blood as some claim -- and it was discussed there.
Lots of people got it wrong.  I don't see anyone picking on Beck and just Beck.  He, by the way, has an amazingly large radio audience too.  It was also talked about a whole lot on his own show.
Fox doesn't need to do what Beck did as they are #1? The 5 is higher rated
than Beck was. Nothing against him, I just happen to enjoy Fox and Beck.
He still appears on the network as a guest and promotes his new projects.
Yep, Glenn Beck's new book is "This generation's 1984".

I guess I didn't realize that George Orwell was a wacky morning DJ who discovered there's more money on the Elmer Gantry circuit.
Oookay,This was ONE (1) THING he has been wrong about...
But was HE really wrong for putting his FAITH in the American People to "come out" and do their civic duty (which we failed)
I think not...He pitched,we struck out...But maybe it was for the better,we'll see...

Excellent FUTURE internet fistfight... :)
+Bill Lively Let's also not downplay the role that voter suppression had played. If not for Florida creating artificially long lines with their several-page ballot initiatives, more seniors would have voted, which may have swung Florida to the Republicans. But since the lines were 6 hours and more, seniors stayed home. And who voted? Well, the results there are clear.
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