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Torture scenes in Kathryn Bigelow's film about the operation that lead to the killing of Usama Bin Laden has John McCain (and others) calling foul. #ZeroDarkThirty
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Can we see the scenes where they interrogated people like Daniel Pearl, cutting his head off, when they were done?
hmmmm....thought that was "Osama bin Laden," (cap "O" instead of "U", small "b") but then again maybe you're referring to someone other than the dead person I was thinking of. It's unfortunate these sorts of things are done at all, both the tortures and any films about them.
And if they did waterboard, so what. After they were "tortured", they walked away without a limp. Not a bruise on their body. Not a drop of blood on the floor. Truly, the most effective military tactic for extracting information from an enemy combatant.
Hmmm... Obama as a hero? For what precisely? I thought heroes did extraordinary feats against impossible odds.
Also, I don't know why you arn't pissed off at George W. Bush's horribly slow reaction to the September 11th terrorist attacks. The U.S. was under attack and he just sat in a classroom dumbfounded.
George W Bush was asleep on the job for 911 to happen... furthermore multiple times that foreign diplomatic installations were attacked on his watch... he was too bush sleeping and napping, which he bragged about... conservatives are just weak, spineless wussies... why do you think all of them are short, overweight, wimpy and cant get women?
+Stephen Kershaw predictable idiot obviously insecure about his manhood. Every single thing he posts has something to do with "getting women". My guess is that most women find this "quality" in you to be a bit creepy.

I like how you guys constantly bring up Bush. You guys hate Bush and think he was the worst president ever and you say BHO is better than Bush. So you pick what you consider the worst possible president (in your minds) to compare to BHO. Not setting the bar very high for Obama are you?
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Ha, see what I mean. He couldn't let a post go by w/out mentioning something about getting women. He is obviously really insecure about his manhood. Your hair looks like it's receding BTW.
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