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Rice withdrawal from secretary of state consideration and questions whether Hillary Clinton will testify as scheduled next week fuel speculation that a troubling report on Sept. 11 #Benghazi  attack is on its way.
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ohhh how they will spin this, I can;t wait to see who else they throw under the bus...
Now Fox is deciding who will be our secretary of state?
Bush did it. Haven't used that yet.
it would be actually ironic if they did in fact uncover Bush policies that needed to be revised or overridden..  But it is amazing how the Right seems to think Bush was not responsible for anything... and offer the excuse of "blaming Bush" at any chance they get.
+Don Goodwin   yes typical non-news from a non-news organization (FOX News Entertainment ) trying to stir up crap,  "might"  "could"  "maybe" "may have" 
The fact that the story exists at all makes Fox News stand head and shoulders over the state-run media.

The other guys are removing it from their websites, trying to distract, and taking every dollar the DNC delivers them to stay alive!
+Don Goodwin  +Mike Mac

The lack of any report or any real clarity on the Libyan mess is the issue, as well as what was going on at that "MIssion" prior to the Terrorist Attack...i.e. The connection to weapons being sent to Syria through Turkey, helping Jihadists leave Libya..its a very bad situation, regardless of who is at 1600 Penn Ave. They NEED to come clean on it..
No, she was forced out to push the nomination of John Kerry. I thought we didn't like John Kerry - what ever happened to Swiftboat? Anyway, that would make room for Scott Brown. How convenient. 
+Jeremy Tregler  he's a Senator...they'll confirm their own. Kerry is also a very good friend of MCCain's well as many others on the Republican side.

Kerry is one of MY Senators, he is a feckless clown who's done virtually nothing, he's perfect for the job by DC Standards..
+Peter Combs 

don't drink the bong water. John Kerry is another nut liberal pacifist who believes in Global Warming. Republicans believe it's a hoax (which it is), I don't see how any republican is friendly with Kerry.
I love how you losers that hate "Faux News" seem to follow it constantly on G+. Your whole ideology is a joke.
+Calvin Nader 


They deliberately pay attention to the only station speaking the truth, knowing it's going to anger them. And attempt to call it lies, with all the facts invalidating their "arguments".
+Calvin Nader   where did I say I hated Fox News Entertainment?  I like it, it's entertaining like it is meant to be, its the Springer of "news".  and then +Zander Gavin  feels he needs to weigh on your fabricated assumption....   The blind being led by the ignorant...
+Brian Fahrlander  so you feel that a "news" organization that is supposed to report "news" aka facts, is a hero for pushing their fabrications and opinions out in their "news" ?

but considering the source (you) , I can see why you feel that way  LOL
+Peter Combs  so its "ok" for a supposed "news" organization to promote unproven speculation and conspiracy theory to "clear up" facts of what happened?

I m not defending anyone, the details do need to come out I agree, but that is hardly the way to help that happen,by fanning fabricated flames....
Oh look! +Mike Mac trying to push propaganda again. Everyone knows you're full of shit.

Nothing you preach is ever supported by ACTUAL FACTS. And every single link you provide to back up your arguments comes from a website of pure liberal bias.

Backing up Lies, with more lies from other sources, does not make your argument true.
Of course the Obama troll arrives.  Rice lied for two weeks on TV at the instruction of her boss.  That is a fact no matter how many times you try to blame Fox News.
Mike Mac the loser is still out here trying to pedal his dumb bullshit? Man that guy is a major loser.  It must suck to have no life like him but to troll and spout bullshit. Pitiful!
+Spencer Scott   again you put words in my mouth so you have something to argue, I never denied anything you are saying, your pathetic...
+Zander Gavin   maybe they "know" I am full of shit, but in your case we are still trying to figure out if you are full of shit, or just plain stupid.  I would say stupid... or maybe go a step further and say full blown fucking moron.

its sad when you have to lie and say I said and did things just to try to impress your troll-groupie-friends.  you can now all laugh and go back to giving each other reach-arounds again.
+Mike Mac  With this administration FANNING is the only thing that pushes them. The current administration has been the least Transparent of any in my lifetime, including Nixon.

I'm still waiting for Obama to explain the F&F mess..other than Holder lied and had to re-tract his statements.

As far as Behngazi goes, at this point, knowing what we know now, only an IDIOT would think the initial reports on what happened were anything but pure grade 100% Election Time Political Spin.  The group that did it took responsibility PUBLICLY for it the same day it happened. The State Department Logs from THAT night filed at 8:30 PM said "All quiet, nothing unusual all day"...i.e no protests..and on and on..

Mike, Obama's policy's in Libya are failing, as they are throughout most of the Middle East...we need , as a nation to pay attention...he needs to start answering questions.
+Mike Mac You're such a leftist troll that you'll believe whatever the Obama administration spoon feeds you.  Fox News is the only media outlet with the balls to tell the truth.  Where were the reports on the violence by union thugs in Michigan over Right To Work?  Nowhere.  And yet the biased media is sure to report on how the Tea Party were making racist comments and flying pictures of Hitler at their rallies (which they weren't).  If you're going to suckle off the government teat, at least have the fucking balls to admit that you're nothing but a cronie and an Obama bot.  
Mike Mac is a loser.  He probably can't help it.  He was probably an abused child.  Most regular people here just block him because he is so stupid and makes no sense.
+Mike Mac , You didn't say you hated fox news, but I guess you consider yourself a loser since you deemed it necessary to comment on my post directed at losers.
+Peter C Peter the right has been Fanning this administration for 4 years and it is made no difference whatsoever . but it did cause them to lose the election . I agree more information needs to be presented , and there will be when the investigations are complete .

as far is Mid Eastern policy failure ...... if you consider countries being on allowed to follow the directions their citizens desire a failure , and appointing dictators in countries under threat of military force as it been done for decades a success , then I guess you're right ..........
+Calvin Nader so since you assumed the first time and were wrong, you think assuming wrong a second time cancels that out? Lol
27 comments, most of which are concerned with the legitimacy of the OP and "trolls." Nice thread.
+Doug Wheaton if I didn't know you were a fcking idiot begin with, I'd say that must be something in the water here.....

How many RIno FOX conservatives does it take to argue with a moderate? All 4 of them 
Calvin - He is a loser.  He has no life.  Just look at how he trolls here and the dumb bullshit he spews out here.  He shits up just about every thread out here with his dumb bullshit.  He must have a pretty shitty life.
And his dumbass just got blocked.  Hopefully he goes outside to play in traffic and saves the rest of us the trouble of having to share oxygen with him.  Barack Obama can go play with him too, while we're at it.
lol +Doug Wheaton if I was blocked I could not tag you.
I would suggest you do block me though instead of just lying about it, it will be much easier on you.
Pressed the wrong button.  Now you're blocked dipshit.  Go back to playing in traffic.
He likes playing with men's private parts.
+Mike Mac  Egypt is being taken over inch by inch by a Islamic Extremists, Democracy? Try Theocracy

Libya at this point is falling apart and cannot form anything close to a government, Democracy? Theocracy...

Israel-US relations are in the crapper,

Iran is still working on the Nukes

Syria is heading right into the control of Al-Qaeda or some hibred of them

Today it was announced we're sending missiles and 400 soldiers into Turkey, more will follow.

The CIA has been supplying MANPADS to Jihadists and al Qaeda along the Syrian Border of Turkey

Terrorist groups are sprouting up throughout central and North Africa,

Afghanistan is nothing but a mess and has cost us 3 times as many lives in 4 years as we lost during 8 under the previous administration.

Sure he';s doing a heck of a job...The Middle East is the biggest mess its been in my lifetime..wake up man.
After reading this thread its clear the recent study claiming Faux News viewers had a 20 point lower IQ level then the national average looks to be accurate. The fake outrage over the lose of 4 Americans while continuing to ignore the  40,000 Americans who have died or been permanently disabled fighting 2 unnecessary unfunded wars started during the Bush administration is unconscionable. It's incredible that the Faux nation has no problem with the lies Condoleezza Rice told the American people and the world yet jump on the Faux McCain broken down band wagon condemning Susan Rice for whatever imaginary thing it was that old geezer thinks she did. I'm pretty sure had it not been for McCain, the old man that has nothing better to do then act like he's pissed all the time, Faux, who really has nothing better to do then wait for McCain to call them with the latest gossip from the hill, or the drug addict Limbaugh, who knows what the hell he does, none of you Fauxbaggers nor Lindsey Graham would have the slightest idea what was going on...Oh wait, you still don't! Happy speculating!!
Peter - why waste your time with Mike.  He is too stupid to understand most things.  Probably has some kind of learning disability or something.  It's pretty obvious the guy has some major problems just by reading his post here.  You're just pissing in the wind with that loser.
+SCOTT HUFF  Condie Rice got clobbered over the WMD issue before The House..what are you talking about. ?

As for the war itself, Pelosi voted in favor of the war based on "her own intel which confirmed other assessments".. as did many other Democrats. Saddam himself testified in his own trial that he pretended to have WMD's to intimidate neighboring countries...he went so far as to supply Gas Mask's to his soldiers in case they were used...that might be why it was believed he had them...? because he said he did!

As for no outrage, are you kidding. American's voted into the office as President a man with virtually no legislative experience who had served 1/3 of a Freshman Senators term. I would say the retribution of the American voter has been significant..we have an inept child in the White House.
Scott is another ANTI-Fox person, so no matter how much proof you present him with, or how many facts you show him, if it came from Fox News it's BS to him. Same shit different troll. 
+Darin Walker  I try...all I can do, but you;re probably right. I find most of these guys are under 32, and have experienced very little in life..

having spent more than a few years in that region of the world and a few other hot spots completes the picture. Mike and his type need to go over...spend a few months there..
They wouldn't last a day over there. They have no concept of how the real world operates.  They need the government taking care of them and making all their decisions for them.  That's why they are so PRO-Obama.  They want those cradle to grave entitlements because they can't think and do for themselves.  That's the type of people that society is breeding now, they are only going to multiply from here on out.
+Darin Walker  I know...years ago I was on site very shortly after an attack on a school for Muslim children..they killed them all because girls were in attendance..that day it was RPG's and Gasoline...They locked the class doors, dumped gasoline through the school and popped a couple RPG's in./. it was done by a spin off of the Taliban. Today several of those leaders are now working for Morsi.
+Peter Combs

"Egypt is being taken over inch by inch by a Islamic Extremists, Democracy? Try Theocracy"

I believe they held Elections .... after a US supported dictatorship fell....

"Libya at this point is falling apart and cannot form anything close to a government, Democracy? Theocracy..."

Also a falling dictatorship?  Hello?

"Israel-US relations are in the crapper"

Not really (according to Israel anyway) we have always held their leash though, what is really different today than it was 10 years ago?

"Iran is still working on the Nukes"

Yup, and have been for a decade.....

"Syria is heading right into the control of Al-Qaeda or some hibred of them"

another falling dictator, but we should interfere in their government?

"Today it was announced we're sending missiles and 400 soldiers into Turkey, more will follow"

Wow  400....  we have routinely sent and retrieved soldiers from Turkey, why now is this something that bothers you?

"The CIA has been supplying MANPADS to Jihadists and al Qaeda along the Syrian Border of Turkey"

Lets see your proof?   Even so , the US has covertly supplied Arms to our enemies for decades, why now does this bother you?

"Terrorist groups are sprouting up throughout central and North Africa" 

Sure they are, they are like fire ants, we run them out of one area, they pop up elsewhere, again has been happening a decade or more, why now is it bothering you ?

"Afghanistan is nothing but a mess and has cost us 3 times as many lives in 4 years as we lost during 8 under the previous administration."

Well... the "previous administration" half-assed" it to be polite.  it is just another example of a mess that got started and left hanging due to bad policy and mismanagement.
Now we have no choice....  blame the trash collector....

"Sure he';s doing a heck of a job...The Middle East is the biggest mess its been in my lifetime..wake up man."

I am plenty awake man, all your points are true, and have been for years, except for those area where dictators are being pressured to leave and turn their countries over to democratic process and elections...

You talk like this all just fell out of the sky man,  seriously have you been sleeping for 10 years ?
+Peter Combs many are under 32, I hear ya, I have kids older then that though, so do not meet that demographic you are attempting to incorrectly stereotype me into.

It goes to show that you really have no understanding of "my type", just because someone disagrees with you does not mean you are right, just that you feel differently.  as per the previous comment, many of the assumptions you base your feelings on are baseless in the context you have presented them.

Yes the middle east is worse, but so it the world, and to blame Obama is a cop-out.  It anything is to blame even slightly, it is decades of failed American foreign  policy...
+Mike Mac  Egypt and Libya are swapping one dictator for another do you think the vaguest notion of Democracy has ever crept in? Not a chance. for Turkey..we have NO business being in there. Its how we got into Vietnam...we sent in 200 "advisers"...

We didn't go into Afghanistan to take the country over, we went to find Osama..he's dead. We should have left that very moment. if you think for one second that country won't fall back into exactly what it was before we went, you're not much of a student of history..

Ahh...Wrong about Africa, latest intel says they are bigger and stronger and more organized than at any time. 10 Years ago they were very localized. Not spread out over 12 I said not much of student of history...

The State Department has admitted MANPADS have been sent into Syria  and fallen into the hands of Jihadists and members of al Qaeda. We have been "Facilitating " Syrian rebels in getting them for almost a year./..

You won;t see it on MSNBC, but you will in foreign press and Defense Articles..

WSJ reported:

or here in the Russian press..

smarten up kid.
+Mike Mac  So you think Obama is doing a good job over there? best that can be done?  You need to look up the meaning of the "many"..its different than "all"...
The Arab world does not respect Obama, the day he bowed and kissed the Saudi Princes hand...sent shock waves through that region as a sign of weakness.

Obama is viewed by Islam as an Apostate...Ex Muslim, he was in the eyes of millions of Muslims was raised as one and converted supposedly to Christianity.. He means nothing to them...
Poor Mike Mac.  Never knew someone could be so ignorant.
The funniest part is, he thinks Morsi will be better than Mubarak!...OMG that is funny.

Morsi will continue to solidify his power and Mubarak will look like John Kennedy after a few years to those people.
Maybe since things are going so good over there Mike Mac could move over there.  Seems like his kind of place.  And with all that wisdom he has he should have they place ship shape in a couple years.  I'll help him pack and drive him to the airport. 
Well when you live in a country like America, its easy to think that's how the world is...

The truth is, Islam is not compatible with Democracy...they contradict each other...which is why they do not have them in 99% of all Islamic country's.,.,.
+Peter Combs   i don't claim he is doing good or doing bad "over there"   None of those are countries he is president of, and we should not be as involved in any of them as we are today, or have been for decades.

That area of the world has lived the way they have for tens of thousands of years.  They have been slaughtered and fought wars for eons, for us to think we are going to ride in change it , well... we are pretty naive..

America has evolved to think they need to control the direction of the world.. and we have borrowed from the world to do this.  We have limited resources and we focus them outward instead of inward.  That, in my opinion is the root of many of our problems, including spending and debt.
+Peter Combs   I agree, Islamic rule is not compatible with a true democracy.  That begs the question, why do we think we are going to (or must) change that after thousands of years?
+Mike Mac  The Civilized world needs them to, or they will be eradicated...their is no place for them on earth...unless they do change.
Mike Mac the prime example of a professional stupid human being.
He's a fucking brain dead dumbass.  There are no 2 ways about it.  He's a waste of breathable air.  I would waste the time trying to talk to or debate the retard. In his mind he is always right.  He "thinks" he knows everything.  Poor dumb bastard.  He's pathetic!
+Peter Combs  "their is no place for them on earth...unless they do change."

That mentality is a good part of the root cause of our world problems today......
+Mike Mac  Its reality....either they change or keep acting like animals...and get put to sleep. That is the raw physics of it.  Unless you're willing to accept them on their terms? I think not.

Islam as a culture died 300 years ago, since then its been stuck in the dark ages, it has made no contributions to mankind and has done little else other than fight and kill. Thats the grim reality of it..
LOL I see that pussy coward darin walker is hiding again and talking behind my back when he knows I can not see it when I am logged in.    If you are agreeing that that bigoted racist piece of human waste, then I can see why we really have nothing to talk about.  What a pussy
Mike Mac doesn't live in reality.  He lives in Mike Mac fantasy land...aka - LOSERville.
+Peter Combs  you are entitled to your opinion of course, but realize you are outnumbered, Islam has been growing throughout the world not dying or stuck.... I understand the fear concept though, when you are overwhelmed by such a huge number in the world, fear is justified. I am sure that if you had  generations of your family die protecting a mud hut or a tent you call home, or your country from invading forces, you might think differently, maybe not.....
+Peter Combs  Nice twist dude, Condi was called to testify on her knowledge of MWD's and although she got a little ass chewing I'd hardly call it getting clobbered!

Pelosi? I could care less about Pelosi or what she did or didn't do, that's not what were talking about, is it? But since you brought it up,  it wasn't Pelosi who was making a case for war with Iraq, was it? And anybody who was paying any attention would know that we cut Saddam's legs off in 91, didn't we?  It was the Israels that took out the only chance he ever had to be a nuclear power, wasn't it?
We know there was no reason to go to war with Iraq, our own intelligence said there was no WMD's and the only chemical weapons he had were supplied to him by us when he was at war with Iran!
We knew after the supreme court gave Bush the presidency that he would find a way to invade Iraq, remember he threatened to kill his daddy and he was going to get Saddam and 9-11 gave him the excuse he needed and Fox made him your hero and you people fell for it hook line and sinker! Remember Fox kept saying there were WMD's long after it had come to light that there were no such weapons?  So it doesn't matter what Saddam may have had to say about anything W was going to find a way and he did. If you want to brag about anything W did it should be the way he turned a tragedy into an opportunity and used the greatest military in the world to get his way regardless the cost!

 You want to twist the outrage we should feel to the election of Obama and still ignore the pointless squandering of our troops? I would expect nothing less, you people just got no respect!

 As far as me hating Fox, I don't, I just have respect for the truth which is in short supply at Fox! It's not so much Fox as it is the rabid misinformed delusional morons who hang on Fox's every word, those with short memories that the talking heads at Fox are able to manipulate and mold to their financial needs, you know ratings!

 No matter how much proof I'm given?  There is nothing that I saw in that reply that was any kind of proof of anything, just a deviation from the subject matter. Remember we were talking Rice/Rice?

And just so whoever knows, I'm quite a bit older then 30 whatever,I'm a veteran and have lived through all of this but unlike you folks, payed attention. So my point remains valid, as long as the party in power is the party of your choice anything go's!
Have a nice day!!!
Great piss fight if anyone's interested.Probably more sparks than the "official" feud!
+Mike Mac  You do know that nearly all of the 911 guys were from upper middle class family's, with college degrees and most had lived in Saudi Arabia...Hardly Mud Huts.

As for being invaded, you need a history lesson, Islam has been historically the largest pack of INVADERS and killers in history in total..including Hitler, Pol Pot and Stalin.

Its got nothing to do with anything other than a convoluted view of the religion and the splits within that faith. 

Not all Muslims are terrorists, but for the most part all Terrorists ARE Muslims.
great darin is using his fake berry wright profiles again, pathetic.... to the cornfield db
+Peter Combs   ok so we were talking about over a billion people and you narrow it down to 11 as stereotypical examples. That is 0.0000011% or less, in any form of statistical mathematics that is hundreds of thousands of times below the threshold of  anything that would even be considered to be relevant... 

As far as history,  Sure Islamist's have been aggressors  I never said they were not, so why try to put words in my mouth? That is not what I said.

 But the Vikings were not Muslims, the Mongols were not Muslims, fact is, many of the most violent and aggressive cultures in history have been Buddhist, Christian or Pagan..... 

I guess there are many in the world (probably numbering the billions)  that would question your definition of "terrorist", and fact is, with the exception of one attack (9/11) , almost every person killed by "terrorism" in the USA since 1776 have been killed by non-Muslims .....
+Mike Mac Compared to Muslims historically the Vikings and Christians look like I said before you're not much of a student of History..

During the last 1400 yeas Islam has been responsible for the deaths of an estimated 150 to 220 million people.

During the Crusades at the hand of Christians a total of 200,000 people perished, during the Spanish Inquisition less than 2,200 people were killed. 

Muslim Invaders in Asia killed more the 9 million Buddhists alone.

Buddhists are among he least violent of a group in history....I have no idea why you even mentioned them. Buddhism forbids violence in its name to encourage the faith.Islam does the exact opposite.

An estimated 7% of all Muslims are termed Radicalized, which is roughly 110 Million people. Radicalized means they either support or participate in violent acts against non believers... 
Some Mongols were Muslim,at least their close kin were.Some were Lamaist.Islam is different because it approves of conversion by the sword,and has codified how Jews and Christian are inferior and pagans may simply be slaughtered.The history of Islam is one were violence,intolerance  and ethnic cleansing are  the rule,not the exception.Only the Moors and some[not all]of the Moguls seem to have been the "moderate Muslim majority "we're always beaten over the head with.
+Patricia Lavery  I know, you notice I didn't mention them in my response to Mike, I didn't want to further confuse him. 

The guy knows very little about religions.
I just get tired of that head- in- the- sand attitude sometimes,like gun control,these people simply spout the usual talking points.
+Patricia Lavery  you seem to be describing periods of history for every religion...... and you assume wrong...  . Let someone try to take my guns, we will see if I am anywhere as liberal as you incorrectly assume I am  LOL
"these people"  LOL  nicccceeee

Some Mongols were Muslim  yes, but they mainly were from Buddhist roots....

"some"  "11"  you can not effectively justify your position with those in

+Peter Combs   so now you are resorting to personal insults?   tisk tisk, thanks for your concession, I had hopes you were not just an ignorant bigoted RINO like several others around here.  But you have shown you true colors.
But thanks for letting us all know.
+Mike Mac  Its not a personal insult when you point out another's lack of knowledge which is precisely the case here.

 Your silly attempt to make my comment an insult ergo a "concession" is a poor debating angle and invalid. It's clear you actually know nothing about  the topic or the history of Islam. You know nothing of it's history of incredible violence on behalf of and in the name of the religion.  You seem to know equally little about the history of Christianity.

While Christians certainly have committed terrible acts centuries ago in the name of the faith. It was never on anything close to the scale of what was done n the name of Islam. Not remotely close. 

Unlike Christianity, Islamic states have openly supported and condoned mass murder against the Kaffir and still do today. Spend a little time reading an english version of the Haddith which is MORE important to a Muslim than the Koran and much larger. 

My above comment about you lack of knowledge is confirmed by your reply to +Patricia Lavery no religion in ancient or modern times has ever been used as an excuse to commit violence on a par with Islam. 

PS Liking and owning guns doesn't make you a conservative..Ed Schultz on MSNBC is an avid hunter and gun are many Liberals..
+Peter Combs LOL  good try at diversion from your condescending veiled insults.  Are you really that ignorant you do not know when you are insulting someone?  I know teabilly's that are not that ignorant. Surely you are more intelligent then that. (that's not an insult by your standards, I was not calling you ignorant, just asking if you were)

But now we have twisted the discussion , and we should go back to my point that it is a fact that other than one attack on 9/11, almost every single victim of "terrorism" in the USA was killed by non-Muslims. The majority of "terrorists" are not Muslims in the USA and never have been.  In a country where the majority of the population is Islamic, making the argument that the majority of their "terrorists" are Muslim is not much of an argument.....  its like saying that on the beach, the majority of the sand is sand.
+Mike Mac  If you think saying someone is ignorant and it somehow validates an ignorant argument by saying be it. It however does not make you informed.. which you still aren't.

Take a few history classes...

Learn the difference between being insulted and your lack of understanding being pointed out. If I wanted to simply insult you, I would have done it.

Its pretty funny, You seem to have no problem resorting to amazing insults..

Calling people "fu..king Idiots" "racists" Bigots" you have here seems to more your bailiwick than mine..

+Peter Combs  where have I called you a fucking idiot?  Other  i have, sure, I would never deny that but they set the bar, not I.  I'll be happy to talk at their level, they seem to understand that ....
+Peter Combs  I have never called you that, because you have not set the bar that low ..yet.

if you are talking about darin walker, look at this profile and content, then come back here and tell me is is not a pathetic bigoted racist fuck. 
+Mike Mac  Its intellectually inconsistent and dishonest to accuse others of RESORTING (me) to insults and declaring I've Conceded a discussion, but then doing the it others? Are you saying they were right by default? Its would seem so using your line of logic.

If you think what I said to was an betrays an incredible lack of maturity on your part. Perhaps you're confusing me with someone else. 

I know what I know about the Middle East from being there and involved starting with the Pahlavi family in Iran...and the Lebanese war..during 70's.. 
and yet who will lead the criminals away in handcuffs?
+James A Lebakken   I was not aware there had been a full investigation, charges filed , a trial and a conviction of anyone, which criminals are you referring too ?
+Mike Mac enjoy your freedom while it lasts. Meanwhile ask for a refund because your education has failed you.
lol +James A Lebakken   please make sure you dry your piss off the Constitution before you hang it back on the wall, ok ?
ha! mike-fag is permanent resident of the faggit retard school of dumb stupid fucks.  he's their leader.  they don't get much more stupid than peter puffing mike-fag.
Thanks for elevating the dialogue.
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