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A group of Western donor nations, including the U.S., has been meeting quietly to develop a strategy to rein in the world organization’s more than $20 billion a year in anti-poverty assistance.
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Dump the U.N..  That's a good start to budget cuts.
Kind of ironic the U.S. is going to assist in reigning in spending.
not my words but still a good quote: "Get the UN out of the US and the US out of the UN."  It is not our business to be funding this corrupt and inefficient coalition of countries.  
That's code for new ways to invade countries and steal their natural resources...aka OIL!!!
Ron N
The UN use to help others now it only helps itself. Like all bureaucracies once they have the power, greed and corruption soon follows.
Time for us to bail on the UN.
Getting rid of the UN would free up some prime real estate.
Yeah,we could house all the homeless folks in NYC. Much better use of the property. Or, tear it down and sell the land for huge dollars.
+Tim Pearcy either works for me. Heck, give it to Disney and we can have an Epcot North - that would do more for fostering international understanding and cooperation than the UN has.
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