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Now that rumors have turned into reports, talented designers from around the world are giving their take on how Apple's first new product line since the iPad might look. Would you buy the iWatch?
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Maybe if I was Dick Tracy. 
There are already Android watches...of course the apple will cost double, be proprietary and very popular with those who insist on paying too much.
No. But I would use it to punch someone. 
apple is launching their next phone with 5.5 inch display
+Paul George And if that happens they will sue Samsung that they invented large screen Smartphones LOL
What's that illustration? Looks like the deadly 'wristhugger' lifeform
As long as it has bluetooth I would consider it
Except that Apple doesn't have flexible screen technology so most of these concepts aren't possible lol. Samsung's the only one with the technology at a production level.
I'm in but I'm also torn. I've got couple of really great watches I love. They're old and have character. And I'm still trying to have less devices , not more.
I prefer my watch to be classy as hell, so no.
Pebble will talk to either Android or iOS. Glad my Pebble is on its way, this is gonna hurt them.
+Paul Smith-Keitley Yeah, but they'd have to get it from Samsung (like the Retina) and I can't really see Samsung being okay with that for any number of reasons, especially since it's such a valuable technology to have to yourself.
Why not eye phon something like sunglasses
It is hard to see it being revolutionary, it will be a fancy watch.
Meanwhile Google is developing a new computer interface with Google Glass.
Apple will most likely sell more units however.
Stand back. The mainstream media are about to another iGasm
A lot of people are doing it now. This first design is ugly as sin. I wear accessories to accentuate not dominate my attire; I rarely wear accessories anyway.
Also after that iPhone 5 with laser keyboard debacle, I do not trust +Fox News for my technology stories.
You don't trust fox news for technology stories?

I don't trust fox news with any stories.
This is how apple develops patents. Start talking about something they can't make and hope someone else does it.
Then take them to litigation.
Fox News on What's hot? With only 34 +1's? ugh.....

Apple didn't come up with this first but they'll be the first 1 to claim it and charge up the wahzoo for the sake of its name and their personal Savior mister dead as a doornail steve jobs.

Lineup Cult loyalist, resistance is futile it is written in your programming. 
+ Pete Covac Must be as useless as the first time Apple introduced the world to the iPod, as useless as when Apple introduced the world to the iPhone, as useless as when Apple introduced the world to the I-pad. In the last few years people have slated Apple for a lack of innovation, then the rumor mill starts turning that Apple is possibly working on a new innovation the "i-watch" then they get slated again. There is sometimes just no pleasing some people. 
I finally don't have to wear a watch because i can always look at the phone in my pocket.  Why would i wear this silly thing.  Imagine what it will smell like underneath all that glass/aluminum/plastic.
This won't happen unless they can come up with a true "One Size Fits All" version. Remember how long it took for them to come up with a second size of iPad?
Still say it's jumping the shark
Did you forget the Macbook Pro with Retina Displays?
Haha this makes me laugh so hard. I was an apple fan but since Steve has gone nothing is the same!! 
I've been working on a thing. It's sort of like Stummies.
Go on. I like what I hear so far.
It's exactly like Stummies.
 And the twist is?
It's a much bigger pill.
I like a lot. Is it ready for production?
Yes, it's ready to go.
Any side effects.
Yes, sir, a few side effects.
That's okay. As long as there are no "flipper babies," right, Don?
Well, there have been a few flipper babies.
fox news should change their slogan to "better late than never"  
this has been everywhere for at least 10 days.  of course, we live in a progressive modern America too :)
I'll just add a chain to my iPhone case and call it an iPocketWatch.
it will be hugely over priced, we all know how they do business.
Will it be yellow and say live to spend?
The robotic spider looking thing is just creepy
The robot crab thing just looks weird and uncomfortable.... At least the others are more realistic! Don't think I'd give up my watches just yet though!
No I would not Apple Sucks I went through two I-PODS and iPhone I have switch to Android 
Sadly to make that design useful they will need Samsung's flexible display in order to it to bend... And more sueing battles will come.
Damn. I did believe the iWatch rumors, but now that fox news is reporting it... It must be fake. 
That's going to cost about 1,000,000 $
Google is ten times better and cheaper.:-) 
the rumors are all wrong. their next great innovation is the inecklace. that is an iPhone strung around someone's neck 
Now they have a completely different photo of this stupid device. Its not made of curved glass. So which story is True. Looks nore like a Fashion piece for women. Its more like a hand watch than a wrist watch. Waist of time on this story. Who are these so called talented designers. Fox you suck right along with Crapple, , Nike, Sony, and Starbutts. All of these items are for those people who have no personality.
Congratulations, +Randy Salazar : not only did you not read the article, you didn't even read the post. 
Margaret you big Doodie Head. I read the post was waist of my time and there are other post going around showing completely different wrist watches. You Doodie Head.
This would damage very easily.  The act of sticking your hand in your pocket will end up scratching your screen.
Great... a row of icons on my wrist. BOOORING
really? a watch seriously? man apple jus tryna make money some more money they didnt know what to think of so they said "hey lets make a watch" sadly tho the watch would sell big time just 4 the simple fact of the watch being made by apple
Screw fox news & screw Apple. & no I guarantee this is not a pic of the iwatch
Crapple has nothing else in the News other than there stock spirialing downward. So they make a big announcement of a wristwatch and the crapple cult followers get excited. Plus it becomes a news story. Even though other companies have this idea already . What happened to the ring they were suppose to put out??. 
Almost everybody have a smartphone. So what the hell do you need a smartwatch? What's next? ibelt? ishirt? ipanties?
Now that they are getting their a$$ handed to them in the smartphone market (and the tablet market soon), they gotta try and manufacture a new thing you know they boast about how they have created time.
a tiny little cute facehugger.
I've been wondering when someone would do this
Apple will reinvent the watch and anyone else that tries to copy it, will be sued by apple! History to repeats itself.
nope this has been out there for a while not happen in as much as we all wwant it to
Almost nobody wears watches, don't seem this changing that.
I'd buy an iWatch if it were a pocket iWatch..... oh, wait.  That's my iPhone.  No.... seriously.  I'd wear an iWatch, if it locked and unlocked OSX and iOS based on proximity.  I'm not sure that I'd buy the one photoed, however.  What happens when I have to fight ninjas?  The first punch would clearly result in breakage of a very expensive device.
Why does faux news kiss apple's ass so much? 
I wouldn't buy any crApple product since you can get a better device for cheaper pretty much anywhere else. You might just have to look harder since you aren't pounded with news articles like this or commercials every 30 seconds.
There have been a lot of smart watches before this one. I believe sony has a bluetooth android one.  As usual, Apple isn't innovating anything- they're the copiers.
Would you buy the iWatch?
Not if it looked like that...
That is the the Iglove, not the Iwatch duh...
HA...I can't lie it looks cool but I bet it's going to cost around $800 and you won't be able to do anything without accessories...
Also why would they put a picture of Apple maps as part of the ain't exactly a selling point
Its not thinking glass its called willow glass and they also have a lotus glass that they are using with Samsung.
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