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The White House is denying reports an adviser threatened Watergate journalist Bob Woodward after the reporter challenged President Obama's version of events on the looming sequester. 
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"Nice little place you have here. Be a shame if something should happen to it. Don't get the wrong idea, I'm not threatening you."

I wonder what the countless legions of lefty journos who got into the field because they saw All The Presiden's Men are feeling as they watch this? Or are they just drinking the Daily Koolaid from the White House Press Office?
I hope he doesn't die "suddenly".
have they blamed President Obama yet?
How can Obama be blamed?? Far as I can tell he isn't responsible for a damn thing.
How can he NOT be blamed.  Oh I forgot - nothing bad is his fault.  He's only responsible for sunshine and unicorns.  
+Doug Turner are you trying to make some sort of point? My comment was meant as sarcasm. Yes, the sequester was his idea and he has been using it in high political theater for the last week or so.
Ron N
No tyrannical gov't here. Everybody move on. Nothing to see here.
Deny, deny, deny.  Bill Clinton Politics 101.

However, this particular issue is a non-issue.  Woodward shouldn't get his feelings hurt so easily.  DC can be brutal.  Man up.
This whole maneuver depends on Obama being able to win either way: either

-- he uses the sequester negotiation to wring even more tax increases out of the House after they already made that compromise once, or

 -- if they won't play ball, to blame them for the effects of the spending cuts which he uses executive power to make as publicly damaging as possible.

The whole thing falls apart if people come to understand that it was all Obama's plan from the very beginning, and so now Woodward must sleep with the fishes.
Suddenly +Jeffrey Sik has lost confidence in the the journalistic standards of "the media" now that it's his ox that's getting gored.  

St. Woodward must now be thrown under the bus. Getting crowded down there...
Thank you Margaret Jeff must want to email to come right out and say that if you don't say what we want will be serious consequences for your actions yeah it'll be right all right there in the email come on
Even I can give the administration more credit than that. It's called suggestive threats
Yeah and don't miss I agree there are more than one side to our first disagreement, but again think this latter issue is diffferent. Not out to argue and argue on this latter point. Just my sincere advice. Your call obviously.

Imagine what the "heated (and no doubt off-the-record) words" that this represents an apology for must have been like. 
Move a little to the left I just cut that tree with a chain saw and it will fall on you if your to the right of it you see. Im just sayin
Yep this is the main problem with most folks so damm sensitive. Just like Obama trying to freak everyone on these cuts. Well I do not the Dow going down and no one buying products online or at retail store's which grossly mis-managed stock over the last few months, run out of everything or I bet no -one in ND cares one bit. Woodward is great at what he does but he just needed a little face time.
The Dow is a joke...a great big balloon full of paper from the Fed.
"So many go with it" until they stop. And they can stop on a dime. 
That's pretty much all the White House knows how to do ....DENY ,DENY, DENY ...
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