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Archaeologists in Mexico have unearthed a deformed human skull in what seems to be an ancient burial ground... Is it just extra-long, or extra-terrestrial?
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Why would those ancient people do that to themselves?? Were they crazy, or what? I wonder if it made them retarded, messed up their brains?
Looks like the something off "Alien" to me. Ridley Scott must have been on to something.
Looks like those aliens forgot to hide the evidence again.
So, back to the non aliens.
I'm not saying it was aliens, but it was aliens.
Ok, so it was different than normal folks.
Apparently..our ancient politicians.
Traditional and pre-Columbian societies around the world have and in some cases still have ideals of beauty that we find repugnant.How old are you?In current American society age often dictates your reaction to our tattooed kids.
In other words an ancient fad.
Not by their standards. Can't judge based on current standards.
Where's Indiana Jones when you need him?
He is fictional, like aliens and honest lawyers.
The only aliens I know are the buttfuckers employed by Fox News. 
+Ryan Smith 

Yet another liberal idiot lurking Fox News. Say Hi to Mike Mac when he drops in.
Yeah, ya know there's something WRONG with people who HATE something, yet keep watching.

How far back are we talking? 10-50,000 years back? There's been hints of a time around the Flood where various mixed-breeds lived (and the cause for the Flood).

Interpretations have been wrong before, but the Bible never has.
+Ryan Smith

Intellectual and thought provoking conversation wanted.  Not mindless, vile drivel.  Judging by your profile picture... you're not the intellectual type?  Seems to fit the stereotypical Liberal.  Uneducated and revolting.  Biggest words you are able to use involve usage of profanity. 

You're inept and a drain on society.  Troll elsewhere.
+Justyn Janell Amick 

Unfounded Accusations of Racism, Misguided Swearing Rants, School Yard Name Calling, Regurgitating the Communist Manifesto, and Shouting out Lies and Untruths Believing them to be Facts.

That's All Liberals are capable of doing...... well that and ruining a perfectly good economic system.
If we can ignore the two trolls.There isn't any evidence I know of that this was harmful,but no one alive does this right now so who knows?
It's the"FOX Derangement Syndrome"some people just post irrelevant junk on FOX posts.One even showed up ranting on a comic post on Doctor Who.
+Leo Fox 

I have no problem with someone voicing a legitimate argument, or even injecting a simple joke. What I take issue with is a liberal nut who lurks Fox News threads for no other reason then to bash Fox News and insult Conservatives/Republicans.
I think in this context liberal means anybody who for any reason ever dares to disagree with Fox News. 
I don't worry about the FDS crowd,I've literally had better conversations discussing Faith with atheists.
+Leo Fox 

You say that as though a conservative isn't equally capable of caring about the people. Not to mention most liberal news stations (e.q. MSNBC, ABCnews, and CNN) are a great deal more liberal then Fox News is conservative.

Moderation is the key. Where as typically a conservative will seek compromise, it has been the general consensus albeit the standard practice of liberals, more so in this administration to be all or nothing; selfish, uncompromising  and unwilling to negotiate. Which is exactly the kind of attitude that got us into this current fuck up of a situation we're in today.

+Ryan Smith 

taking into consideration Fox News is the only conservative news source, and the only news source period that doesn't regurgitate the president's propaganda ... yeah typically you don't support Fox News, it's probably because you are liberal.
+Zander Gavin   I don't come here to just bash FOX news, or Conservatives  but when you are here, it sure is fun to fuck with your dumb ass. Such an easy target too. always.
Didn't they uncover the "tools" that were used to perform these deformities?  As will as texts that described the process?
+Leo Fox   yes democracy is all about compromise. that is why the teabilly's have lost their footing, "no compromise" was found to be one of the biggest mistakes they could have made politically
I'm not as well known as you apparently,you've been called a troll by other posters..
I believe the "Flathead'[Salish] tribe did something similar when first encountered.
+Mike Mac 

no one actually pays attention to any argument you present, your excessive presence during the election demonstrated your pretense for lying, regurgitating propaganda and reciting the Communist Manifesto.

By now, most of us who are actually subscribed to Fox News because we support them, know well enough you are full of shit, Your presence is nothing but a minor obstruction in the thread commentary. It has no real value nor meaning. Good Day Troll.
+Patricia Lavery   Yes, in FOX News territory, if you do not agree, you are a "troll" or a "libtard", for some reason there are a few ignorant RINO's here that think FOX is their own personal playground where they can spin and promote their distortions without being called out for their BS.  Some call me a "troll"  but many consider me part of the "fair and balanced" oversight commitee
+Zander Gavin   did someone pull your string again?  Same old tired repeated rhetoric...   If you don't like it, tough shit,  stop whining, your embarrassing yourself..again..  Obviously I am successful in hitting your soft spots.  and close your mouth, it makes you look ignorant.
+Leo Fox 

I don't "Believe" in aliens, but I also don't "not Believe". For I think it's arrogant to believe that in all the ages God has existed, to say that Humans are the only intelligent species he ever created.

But mainly, in a realm of infinite possibilities, witch given the nature of God is a certainty; I think the it's more then possible that there are other intelligent lifeforms out there. Anything and Everything is possible. History has taught us that much at least.
Another troll blocked I've had enough.Is Von Daniken the" Ancient Astronauts "guy?I always thought those people don't give enough credit to our ancestors.
+Mike Mac 

says the liberal who deliberately lurks a news thread that pisses him off.

your stupidity amuses me.
+Zander Gavin  who says anything pisses me off? And why do you insist that I am a liberal just because I think your full of shit?   If it pissed me off, i would not be here.  it entertains, that is why its called FOX News Entertainment.....

and you are a guest on the Springer of "news" , you take it seriously, I laugh at it as it is meant to be.

You are the guy who married his cousin that is in love with a lesbian midget. I am the one that tunes in for a few minutes to laugh and exclaim "look at this shit" and moves on..   I am here by choice, you are here because you have no other place to go...

Are you sure it is not your own stupidity that is amusing you?  
+Mike Mac 

WOW! You really swung for the fence on that one. Too bad it was Strike Three.

You have failed yet again, to present an intelligent argument let alone one supported by facts. Do you ever get tired of losing?
+Zander Gavin If you "don't ""not believe""" in aliens (not in theory, but that there is any chance that this specific artifact is actually an alien), you're an idiot. 
+Harrison Denmark 

how does it make me an idiot to acknowledge that anything and everything is possible?

A few hundred years ago everybody knew the Earth was flat until Columbus proved otherwise.

Everybody knew that it was impossible to fly until the Wright Brother's did it.

I don't walk around, see an odd shaped skull and say "ALIENS!" nor do I say that the notion of it being aliens is impossible. Fact is, there remains a great deal about the universe, about God, about life that we don't yet know, and don't yet understand. Thus allowing for the premise that anything and everything is not just possible but plausible.

If nothing else, you just showed yourself as naive, for being 100% certain that something did or did not exist. Something tells me you thought the world was going to end today huh? 2:14am here, and nothing has happened yet.

It's fine to believe in something, and it's fine to know something. But to say this is how it is, it can't be changed, there's no chance it's wrong; that makes you a fool.
+Zander Gavin OK, believing that an artifact dug up in Mexico is actually an extraterrestrial doesn't automatically make you an idiot. But it does make you amazingly ignorant and/or naive.
Actually it is from the 60's, when women had those tall beehive hair styles. 
+Zander Gavin you seem to think this is some sort of competition, like you have to be "right"  

Reality is, it is just me pointing out your idiocy and enjoying every minute of it.   I could care less if you get anything out of it or not.

You do seem to be very easily entertained though, I imagine that watching the boot sequence on your computer could easily be the highlight of your typical day.

if we give you a shiny nickle, will you go away for awhile? But please close your mouth, you look like your trying to catch flies.
+Zander Gavin   now tries to make the argument that he is "open minded"   LOL
+Mike Mac 

You've obviously hit the bottom of the barrel if you are recycling commentaries now, I seem to recall you used nearly that exact same argument against someone else pre-election.

your repeated attempts to demean me, or by any method persuade general impression of me as an uneducated redneck, have thus far, and will always end in failure.

this thread is about bones, a bizarre shaped skull to be exact; Not your continued attempts to appear superior, being a liberal in a thread full of conservatives. Your strategy sucks.
+Zander Gavin  I had to drop to the bottom of the barrel to address you, I am not as used to that realm as you are. Please excuse me if I am not playing with my own excrement properly.  

Again you make the claim that this is a Conservative sandbox, and that any conflicting viewpoint is not allowed,
and you claim I am the one trying to make you appear this way, while you openly promote, preach and perform publicly the exact same things you accuse me of making up.  Not everyone here is a RINO "Conservative" , there are only 2-3 or you. The rest are decent, levelheaded people.  And you do not represent them, no matter how bad you need to think you do.

I do not have to point out anything really, I just poke you in the side with a stick and sit back and let everyone watch.
You missed the point before too lol  its not about any strategy  it is just me making you squirm and try to defend yourself against what I have caused you to believe I am for this very propose.

Then you try to frame my posts as off topic, when the fact is, you started the off-topic tangent (as you always do)  LOL

Come on ! Type more, dig deeper.  you can not help yourself. it appears I control you more then you can control yourself.
+Mike Mac 

Ever wanting, ever craving; this goal you have envisioned is out of your reach.

Your baseless, and misguided character attacks continue to fail you. Yet still you sling them around, and accuse me of coprophilia; when all the while your school yard antics have clearly demonstrated which of us the more educated.

Be it trolling, or if you actually believe the nonsense you deliver; no one takes you seriously.
+Zander Gavin  LOL again, do I need to type it slower for you? For someone that claims to be so intelligent, you sure are thick  lol

 I am here for my amusement, not to prove anything to you or anyone.  I will offer conversation with those who wish to discuss issues, but you son, you are simply fun to wind up and watch  lol  and you like clockwork never fail to jump when poked.  it is very fun to watch you try to defend against an enemy that is not there, like a dog dreaming of chasing rabbits.

Out of my reach?  naw  you have no clue as to what my goal is.  lol  my goal was met the first time you reacted. Your continued and futile attempts to explain how much smarter then I you are only a bonus.

if you were really as smart as you claim, you would have realized you are but a pawn, and would have stopped trying to defend yourself long long ago.

But you can't.  that makes me smile.

You can try all you want, but I'm not going to get pulled into a schoolyard cockfight with you. 

You just aren't worth it.
you already tried lol
+Mike Mac 

You should never drink the bong water, it can lead to graphic hallucinations.
+Zander Gavin   thanks for the advise, I have never experienced that but I can see you must have had a sip or two, it sure explains a lot LOL
+Mike Mac 

Still grasping at thin air, looking for a ledge? Give up already. You aren't going to win anything at this Carnival.
+Zander Gavin   give up what?  I already told you, unlike you,  I am not trying to win anything, but I did inadvertently hit the jackpot. 

I won total control over you. Now you are the wounded mouse being toyed with..... if you had a shred of the intelligence you claim to have, you would have realized you were being made a fool and move on.   You will have to reply again too, you can not help yourself.

You do realize that the only reason I keep screwing with you is because you allow me to?  your begging for it.... LOL

Hows that bong water?
+Mike Mac 

How do you have control over him, when as far as I can see; You keep trying to pick a fight, and he's mocking your attempts at it?

You really have no idea what you are doing, do you?

Also, the skull is Aliens.
+James Spedale 

he's delusional, we learned that one when he proclaimed his unconditional support of obama.

he actually made the claim that obama lowered the national debt, despite the FACT it's 16 trillion and climbing.

he's just a troll, probably from 4chan or some site like that.
+James Spedale    lookie !  I caught another one without even trying !

 Oh I know exactly what I am doing :)

And for anyone that actually reads the article, it very clearly states they have been proven beyond any doubt to be human. FOX just spins it like they do everything "might"  "what if"  "could be"  "maybe"......   Looks like they caught a few too with their non-news "report"  :)
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