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After a final stand-off, which ended in flames, authorities believe the remains left behind belong to Christopher Dorner, but are still waiting for confirmation.
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Odds are that the body is Dorner. My guess is that the lapd will not bother reviewing his case.
+Bill DeWitt Meanwhile Homeland Security sent in a drone and took out the cabin with the bunny inside.
Even though I am strongly anti-Dorner, the Waco-style way this ended bothers me.
Fire, bullets, either way the results remained the same.
This is what happens when you invoke your second amendment against a corrupt government. The man was a hero against corruption. 
No, this is what happens when you murder cops.
A hero for killing innocent people? Whatever dude. 
He wasn't invoking his second amendment rights, he was murdering innocent people. There is a big difference.
He killed the kid of his lawyer. She had nothing to do with it. And he killed her husband. Also nothing to do with it. He was nothing more than a mass murderer. 
He was a killer, and probably crazy, at that. Nevertheless, there's a lot of hand-wringing over how he died. Once the cabin caught fire, he probably could have tried to flee, but it's likely he would have been shot trying to escape. Then the cops would have criticized for shooting him in the back. No matter how this turned out, it would have been ugly, and everyone would have been second-guessed. Once he killed the couple in LA and ambushed the cop, his "rights" went out the window.

Oh, and one other thing: he was fired from the LAPD in 2008, right? So it would appear he's been getting ready for this for four years.
They said he may have shot himself before the fire engulfed. 
I guess we will have to wait for the autopsy.
If you think murdering people over a job is ok I pray for you. 
There is no excuse for the murders this guy committed. He had plenty of other choices. The media, lawyers, even social networks. Getting attention by dying is simply stupid, wasteful and crazy.
I would imagine if someone killed his daughter because of a dispute he wouldn't be saying it was effective. This guy could have sued. He could have got a job somewhere else. You man up and move on. Everyone has things that happen that aren't fair. You don't go off killing people. People who don't value human life are scum. Period. Kids have to grow up without parents. Ooooo but he was making a point. Ok. Tell that to the kids. 
Dorner murdered innocent people and got what he deserved.

But the question is... will the LAPD get what they deserve?

I mean come on. They shot a 71 year old woman in the back because she was driving a vehicle that looked like Dorner's. And her truck wasn't even the same color as his. Let me repeat that. THE LAPD SOMEHOW MISTOOK A 71 YEAR OLD HISPANIC WOMAN FOR A 300 LB BLACK DUDE AND SHOT HER IN THE BACK. And she's not the only one. They shot at another man believed to be Dorner based off of the vehicle he was driving... even though that vehicle was was a completely different make and model.

And the LAPD did all this when they knew they were living out the biggest news story of the week. So if they shoot elderly women in the back while they know the world is watching, I wonder what do they do when no one's paying attention? 
The LAPD has been a mess for years and the state needs to take control. See what happens. 
Another failed Left Wing liberal radical like Bill Ayers.
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