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Former U.S. Sen. Pete Domenici of New Mexico is acknowledging he fathered a son outside his marriage three decades ago.
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My guess is that half of Congress are probably guilty of this behavior.
A better news story would be naming the ones that have not engaged in this type of behavior.
Looks like he should have been a Democrat. 
+Paul Lujan isn't that what republican senators do...get their black and Mexican housekeepers pregnant then hide them!!!
Classy +Paul Lujan. Still wander why people are jumping ship? 
Right wing, left wing, its still the same bird!
If it's a Democrat, it doesn't matter: they don't even PRETEND to be anything but corrupt, so there's nothing wrong. Isn't that right Mr Clinton?

However, if it's a republican, aware that trying to do better is better for us all, THEN HE MUST DIE! HANG HIM FROM THE RAFTERS AND SCREAM THE NAME OF THE RNC!

Because in America, that's the way it's done.
Difference is, most Democrats don't pretend to be religiously moral and force their religious belief on people, Republicans on the other hand, tend to be morally disgraceful in their personal life, and morally demanding in their public life.
That's cute and very and modest +Edwin Jim . Good thing Obama isn't morally demanding anything of his public lately. guns, abortion, taxes, wars, dones...
How amazingly tolerant of you +Edwin Jim .  Your generalizations show that bigotry has a new spin.  Congratulations.
What exactly is there to be tolerant about, here was a hypocrite that was passing laws of his religious moralities that effected other people, when he himself was a person of very low morals or character, seems to me that he is pretty much scum.
Seems to me that if he was a Democrat he would have gotten a pass by the MSM just like Clinton did! The hypocrites are in the media.
No one really gets a pass in the media, its usually only in the mind of a nutcase that they think they do.  Clinton got no pass that I remember, he was pretty much dragged across the floor.  Big big difference though, Clinton never claimed moral supremacy, unlike Domenici.
No one gets a pass in the media? Now that's a joke.
Not much different then you are, the media, no matter which one, only cares about ratings, that is a real reality, unlike you in your dreamland. 
Dreamland is thinking the media doesn't give anyone a pass. 
Since I'm intimately involved with the media, I am well aware of reality, you on the other hand believe in fantasy.  I never see a pass on anything, only a cost and whether it will bring ratings.  Even Fox News does the same, thus why they make up so much of their so called news, their audience wants to live in la la land, thus unless they make up stuff that their target audience will believe, their ratings will fall.
Hey, I'm not defending Fox. I'm not happy with them either. I'm not interested on attacking you personally either. I don't trust politicians in general. The Republican party in my mind has sold out and is just another part of the mess in DC. I only wish I could find a media that reported "The News" not just spin and opinions.
You won't really find it, like I said, its all about cost and ratings.  Look at it this way, and like I said, I'm in the business, I see it daily, if they can do a story that will increase ratings and they don't have to spend a lot of money doing it, it becomes the top story.  Real journalism died when the importance of covering and investigating the story became just repeating what someone else said.  Corporations are more concerned about costs, and corporations control the media, in fact, the media is being controlled by fewer and fewer corporations who's only concern is cost and ratings, not necessarily being biased.  And before you go on another rant, yes some news people are biased, but I know for a fact, that is almost never a factor in news these days.
I'd like to believe that bias isn't a factor but on my end that's a hard sell. I'm sure its mostly driven by money. Who holds the money controls what and how its reported. Just follow the money. Thats how I see it. Thanks for your point of view.
Well I see too many people in this country living in conspiracy land, when reality says they are wrong.  Just like you, you want to see some kind of conspiracy where the so called "liberal" media guys have some kind of agenda, whereas, the media is mostly controlled by conservative corporations, thus the concentration of costs and not investigative journalism.
I base my opinions on what I see in the news. I also see liberals with conservative conspiracy theories. In the end it depends on your point of view. By the way, which conservative organizations control CNN, ABC or NBC?
Hahaha, see, you want to see some kind of conspiracy, no matter what.  CNN is owned by Turner, ABC by Disney and NBC by Comcast, Disney and Comcast are only concern about costs and making more money, I willing to bet that Ted Turner is the same, Ted himself is somewhat liberal, but as far as the daily operation of CNN or Headline News, I highly doubt he demands a liberal agenda, unlike Murdock, who is known in both the UK and the US for demanding a conservative agenda on things he believes in.
Yeah, Turner is a nice quiet guy that never demands things done his way. He just sirs back and watches things happen.

Most people don't trust the media in general. 
Whatever, its people like you that see things they want to see, thus La La Land.  Not worth discussing things with someone that lives in fantasy land, sorry but reality is a real thing, its not conspiracy land.  There does exist conspiracies, but its people like you that prevent the real conspiracies from being found out, you create too many false ones, its like the boy who cried wolf, by the time the real wolf arrived, no one believed him.
Lose an argument, get personal. I'm not surprised. 
Only one that lost the argument was you, everything you believe is mostly false, and false lies don't win any argument.
Depends on the definition of is.
Is this REALLY news? Do we really need to hear about ANOTHER politician having ANOTHER kid out of wedlock?

I mean this sort of thing happens ALL THE TIME.
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