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Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi left the presidential palace as violence erupted between police and at least 100,000 protesters gathered in Cairo.
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How's that Arab Spring working out for you?
what r u talking about?????????? im tracking all day at cbc egypt live, there was no violence at all.

they only used tear gas for protestors who were close to presidential palace.

they r having peaceful demonstrations in order to preserve old constitution. Morsi is trying to make changes in constitution, which would provide him autocracy!!!!!

sure it would. would make total instability in arab world 
well its a long story, connected with the muslim brotherhood. he is their member. they were active illegally, and this is their 1st time to get power. they r very influenced and have lot of followers.
so now they r probably using chance to make sure they stay in power for a long period of time. i dont c any other reason of trying to make such changes  in constitution (among others)
well for now, Egyptians r trying to solve this in peaceful way. 
M Waqar
100,000 protest at Egypt's presidential palace That is vote of no confidence....Egypt needs educated,liberal secular Leader.
OK, now I feel like Merlin, "I never saw this coming..."

One party in Islam will always win elections. The one with guns, knives, poison and acid, and the lack of humanity to use them all, the get a dictator in place. There's only one Islam, and it always bullies everyone's how people are conquered.

But maybe this is reversing somehow, even if for a short time. We'll see.
Sean Lo
probably as peaceful as its going to get in regards to clean up :D
Brian Fahrlabder: That's just racial steryotyping, right there. Saying there is only one Islam, the violent, taliban-ey kind, is like saying, "There's only one Christianity, the Medieval kind who killed anyone who wasn't a christian, and who couldn't work together to save their own asses." Most in the Muslim community are kind and peaceful, and the Quaran specifically says not to kill or be violent.

On topic, Egypt really needs to solve it's political issues, before they ruin the entire country with plots and turmoil, and force the U.S to invade them, too.
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