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Secretary of State Hillary Clinton admits some employees are still on payroll after #Benghazi  but says law prevents her from removing them and she wants it changed.  
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"What difference does it make? At 5 o'clock today it's 'Adios State Dept., Hello Bill - I'm home!'"
I don't get what the big deal is about Benghazi.  It seems like a circle jerk to me.
The big deal is they don't tell then truth .. They knew all about it . you cannot tell me they did not check the cables from Benghazi
+Alan Williamson Minus 10 points for putting "circle jerk" and Little Miss Liar in my head at the same time.  Minus 1000 points for doing that concerning an event where 4 Americans are brutally murdered in circumstances that did not need to happen.
Treason trial is what needs to happen to all concerned not just a simple firing on a fat Federal pension plan.
That is what I am tying to figure out the "Big deal" as well +Kyle Logan . What was his purpose there in the first place? What are we speculating that was covered up? Do we think more people died? And while i mourn any loss of life I till think back to the Iraq War. That is on going (money and deaths) and we know it was built off of false evidence.
For those that don't understand what the big deal is with government accountability, I fear for our future.
HA! The law that prevents her from firing those employees - are probably the laws her party invented. LOL
Does that same accountability apply for the Iraq WAR?
The Senate and House GOP went on a witch hunt and ran into a buzz saw. They cannot accept facts so they make up stuff for their own political objectives.
They are using the deaths to promote themselves and defame  Mrs. Clinton,  who is a national asset. Sounds pretty un-American to me.
Facts? This is merely invented? 

Ed Schultz called: he wants you to turn the TV back on; he has more to tell you!
+David Connor Sorry your "buzz saw" had to finally appear to answer a few serious questions.  Now that she's retired, she won't be exposed to such un-American behavior as representing her bureau before the Congress that is charged with oversight.  But then, you don't really believe she was hired to do a job, just appointed to enjoy the adulation of her fans, right?
+David Connor I don't think the late embasador thinks much of Hillary as an asset now.
She was never qualified for her job anyway - she got it as a political deal - not on merit. She should go.
When - oh when - are Americans going to demand politicians take responcibility for their actions?!? Gone are the days of honor I suppose. I don't care what side of the aisle they are on.
Obama always goes against the constitution!!!!!!
O.M.G,she's a liar just like her husband and when you vote for people like this,you become the problem.
Then why did it take her 6 weeks to admit it,and don't tell me coz of a concusion,geeeeeezzzzzzzzz not interested in  talking  points just her actions
She wants to get at the whistle blowers so she can punish  them
she's really throwing people under the bus ain't she.
Adam K
She should just remove herself from the public eye.

Send her to some island in the South Pacific, with Bill and Chelsea, where we'll never see them again. 
Adam K
+Alexa Antonaras
IQ does not matter. It's the amount of effort put into something that does.

I have know several geniuses who have become a part of the government dole since they dropped out of high school due to a lack of effort.

Such was reflected in sub 2.2 GPA's.
Oh yeah @ alexa,I always said the first 40 years of childhood is the hardest,heheheeeeee,.....Light-n up doll or you might get confused for one of those angry liberals,
The way you peoplevon here acting is as if Hillary was the one who attack the Americans herself with ak-47s and rocket launchers!
Rodney, the Iraq war has nothing to do with this, yours is a pathetic attempt to divert attention away from the golden girl. BTW, most of the dems approved of the Iraq war, including those who were allowed to see the Intel concerning WMD's
David Conner...are you kidding me? A national asset?...Rand Paul was right, she should have been fired for Incompetence AND gross negligence.
Not to trivialize the death of 4, but what about the deaths of thousands in Iraq based on false (not falsified, just false) evidence?

I'm not saying one excuses the other, but in terms of cost to America due to government negligence and incompetence, Benghazi is insignificant.

Call me when someone makes Cheney, Rumsfield and Rice answerable.

Sid, a diplomat did not die in Iraq due to negligence...No one told the state department that the security situation was appalling and getting worse, comparing this situation to Iraq is laughable and the lefts only defense in this know it, I know it. If it was a republican admin that this happened under, MSNBC would have imploded. 
+Patrick Day 

" If it was a republican admin that this happened under, MSNBC would have imploded."

The sad truth of it my friend. But of course, it was a democrat so they've been trying to sweep it under the rug, and pretend it never happened.
You want to know what's messed up? How about this administration giving money to a country who is run by the Muslim Brotherhood and I give a few bucks and a fleece jacket to a homeless guy who told me he was hungry! That sucks and it hurts!
I tend to skip MSNBC and FOX  when I watch the news. A lot of comments above are the results of brainwashing from one or the other.
+Patrick Day thousands died in Iraq because nobody planned the post war transition inspite of all the signs that the region was a powder keg. And yes if Iraq had been done by a democratic administration, Fox would have imploded.

Regarding Egypt, is sad but it isn't an isolated instance. The US, regardless of which party is on charge has a history of supporting unsavory characters for short term benefit. Don't forget that we supported Saddam against the ayatollah, and the afghan mujahideen against the soviets.

I guess my point is that Benghazi and this administrations actions are consistent with the actions of past administrations both in terms of competence (they have none) and short sightedness (that's all they have).

Don't demonize Obama and Hillary while championing Bush and Rumsfeld. Demonize them all or champion them all because they are all the same 
+Daniel Selby I personally make it a point to watch an equal amount of Fox and CNN. Both perspectives (however brain washy) help me stay out of either bubble 
+Sid Nileshwar 

not a bad play. CNN is just as far left as Fox is Right. roughly between 10 and 15 points for both on their sides.

MSNBC is roughly 87.2% left, any more and they would openly declare the country needs to become entirely socialist, and give Obama supreme authority.
Sid, yes they didn't plan the post war strategy, I'll concede that point, but what I was getting at is this could have been prevented with more American security, instead of outsourcing the security to a British company that hired locals whom were most likely in on the attack. Zander, what happened to being in the middle politically? I find it hard to believe we have most of the population that identify as either hard left/right.
+Patrick Day 

black and white my friend. 
on many issues of life I myself strive to live in the grey, but most political stances are black and white.

Pro-Choice/Pro-Life, Gun Control/Gun Rights, Prayer in Schools/ Outlaw Religion, Welfare/ No Free Ride, etc. And it's those issues that define the Political parties. on many of those issues there is no middle ground.

thus what defines Republican and Democrat, Conservatives and Liberals.
+Zander Gavin see that's the problem. You are clearly a very smart guy. We all are. But then we get distracted by the issues which define these parties instead of focusing on the challenges which affect America. The next 10 years for this country are not about abortion or guns or outlawing religion. For our country what will define is over the next 10 years is how we come out of this fiscal crisis (as leaders or followers of China) and how we handle the changing middle east from the military, political and energy perspectives.

Both parties distract us from having real meaningful conversations on those issues with these side show issues (they are side shows because neither party will really do anything radical about them)

As much as Obama and Romney would have us believe that the battle is for the soul of America, it isn't. The battle is whether America can become great again or not. And the best way forward to ensure that can never be black or white. It has to be grey (based on logic, not ideology or emotion).
+Sid Nileshwar 

Well my friend, while you make a good point, you are slightly wrong on one matter.

The Battle is for the Soul of America. America was founded under a Conservative Government System with a Capitalist Economic System where the Government would never get involved. Unfortunately Liberal ideologies such as they are, seek to involve themselves in EVERYTHING. And when a Liberal Government, that can't manage their own finances, tries to fix an Economic System that thrives on the very ideology they stand against, it has no possible outcome except failure.

All these politicians (more so within those of a liberal nature) claim they fight for the principles of the founding fathers, Except Obama who doesn't give a damn about them, what they fought for, why they fought for it; nor does he pretend to; hence his abuse of power.

The Constitution as well as the Bill of Rights and all subsequent amendments, are written in clear and understandable English. BUT, when you have a man who fancies himself a Totalitarian Dictator, who cares nothing for the founding principles of this nation;..... well, all I can say is that the only thing left to do is survive and rebuild.

Because in all honesty, even IF the Patriots where to seize control tomorrow, and put Obama and all his lackeys to the block, too much damage has been done. We have but to survive, and rebuild. Start over, and hopefully we don't fuck it up this time around.

The Sad Truth. 
She would rather climb a tree to tell a lie than stand on ground tell the truth and accept her responsibility.  Unfit for any service to this country.
+Guy Peters
That is funny!  Let the fights begin. They will need secret service to protect from each other.
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