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As a nuclear North Korea proves once again that it’s improving its technology, the United States’ initial reaction Tuesday was a big ho-hum.
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They want the world to react in a major way.  Probably better not to reward the behavior with a big reaction.  It's kind of like dealing with a toddler.  We should however, act in a quiet way.  A start would be a note to China that says, "Are you going to regulate your bitch, or are we going to do it for you?"
The North Koreans are laughing at the US. All they have to do is set off a cheap, little bomb and the US government spends billions reacting to it.
This would all end if we put nukes on Japan.  Something tells me that China would not want that at all.  Sino arms race, here we come....
Something tells me that Japan would not want that at all, too. 
Well I guess Pastor Wright's prayer for God to Damn America is coming true, because thats all that has happened since Obama took over.
Actually, Japan will be looking to do this if NK goes nuclear.  They are too pragmatic not to want to defend themselves against a threat like it.
Obama will punish Japan if they tried to defend themselves
Of, course, this justifies a seriously, harshly worded letter from the world's leadership.  In the meantime, DPRK has a for sale sign out to Iran, Pakistan and whatever buyers there are for bomb and missile technology.  As to SK and Japan they cannot ignore their national interest when the rest of the world cannot stop a threat of a crazy nation.  As to China, dilemma, DPRK as wild card they can't control vs. assume that China will squish DPRK anytime they want, if it serves their purpose(s).... 
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