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Travelers could soon be facing longer waits at TSA checkpoints, customs and even on the tarmac if across-the-board budget cuts take effect.
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So far the TSA has not caught one person....they routinely flunk the annual "Test" conducted by the FBI, CIA etc...perhaps they too are just a huge waste of money...
I'd rather they close down 2 of the 3 branches of military than the EPA... 
I hope the Sequester happens...I really do.

Obama supported it, in fact he demanded it..If it happens it will do two things; ruin his Presidential Legacy and save us money at the same time...
If our managers couldn't cut 10% or less FROM PRIOR year's spending, without major disruption, we'd be fired.  And all I've heard is involved here is 2 to 5% in domestic agencies, and 7% with the military.  And most importantly, those percentages are reductions from PLANNED spending, not cuts from last year's spending.

Basically, the government is either blatantly lying, or declaring itself completely incompetent.  Either one is unacceptable for the US public.

Over the last 4-5 years of depression, almost all US businesses have cut 10, 20, 30% or more, JUST TO STAY IN BUSINESS.  This is what we, as managers, are paid to do.  

The current blather from the government is ridiculous -- the US public should be calling for heads to roll.
No one likes the TSA and even San Francisco's airport doesn't use them for security. This is a big worry over nothing. Really though, everyone hates the TSA and they've never succeeded in their mission, so why the worry? 
+Robert Soyars  The TSA is so BADLY trained a few years ago they pulled my 86 year old mother in law aside who is an American citizen, but was raised in Italy and still has an Italian accent..The TSA worker asked her what part of the middle east she was from..?

She explained she was from Venice, they asked her if that was part of Iran or Iraq? I then told them they were too stupid for which point they threatened to "detain me" for interfering...I BEGGED them to, then reminded them they have no authority to arrest me..or anyone. It was in Miami, where they have had a lot of these problems... finally I told them to go and screw themselves and walked off. They did nothing...absolutely nothing...
Cut subsidies for Big Oil and Gas, that will save a lot of money. Those vultures don't need it anyway.
Who cares? It's what Obama WANTS. He argued for it, he argued against avoidance of it, and now it's here.

Much like the federal budget, spewing our cash, paying our enemies and starving our allies, it's HIS NOW.
If you can't wisely cut 2% of the budget, there's a much bigger problem going on.  Cut the Education department, slash the EPA, and stop hiring so many friggin IRS agents.
+Steve Brown You are exactly right.  I am one of those managers that has been cutting over the past several years.  Most all companies have been doing the same thing.

I believe our government is to the size now that it no longer serves us, it primarily serves itself.  We dare make cuts?  We get warnings that they'll cut things they know will annoy, or they make emotional appeals ie. "the cuts will take food from the mouths of hungry children."
The government serves the people that get them elected, which is the corporations and companies that contribute to their campaigns.
Adam K
Bring on sequestration. Most Americans will become stronger because of it. The rest you ask? Well, they're on the dole. At first they'll have issues but, as time goes by, they will also strengthen.
Adam K
+David Jenson
Individual state EPA's are ok, but even then they just drain the budgets and aren't very efficient with tax dollars.

But I agree with dismantling the Federal EPA and reversing Lisa Jackson's reign as duchess, and prized whore, of King Obama.
+Michael Washington National defense is a Constitutionally mandated function of the Federal Gov. EPA is not. According to the Tenth Amendment the states have this power, the fed gov does not.
All the hysteria from the Obama Cartel is ridiculous. We are talking about 2% cut in the baseline of 3.6 trillion in spending. This is not even really cutting anything. Just reducing the rate of growth by 2%.
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