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The Navy SEAL who claims he killed Usama bin Laden is out of work, separated from his wife and suffering from debilitating injuries.
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Here's a great op for the sound of mind to step in and help. 
Maybe it was this soldier I heard about, it's a national disgrace!
I hope he is able to qualify for disability soon, I do not understand why mental scars are treated so much differently than physical ones.
I agree Travis, but we as a society have a hard time distinguishing between mental health and mental anguish.
Oh hell no, and it's hard to get places to say I will hire vets, while so many others say me first! 
There are jobs like walmart, home depot, and chase etc. Very few have full time positions and none them pay decent.
They should replace the TSA w/vets, there already trained!
Won't happen. I once read an article by a retired CWO(chief warrant officer) from EOD (exposive ordinance disposal) that applied to TSA. He didn't get the job.
Plenty of jobs here where I am from. 
You have to be an illegal alien to get full benefits from the govt.  
+Tim Black My mother was an illegal alien, and she didnt get squat from the government
But wait. I thought Obama killed Bin Laden. Did he lie??? (Insert sarcasm here)
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