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Illinois Rep. Jackson resigns from Congress. Thoughts?
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"Bring it on."  The conviction, that is.
He is also an alleged abuser of campaign funds, +Francis Moran. By all means, I support people with ideals that fit his character (or rather the idealized persona the public views him as being). I am not a fan of corruption, manipulation, or deceit, though.
Illinois has been corrupt since the Al Capone days and more than likely way before that. 
The folks who elected him in a landslide should be proud of themselves. 
Tried, convicted and sentenced !  Way to go FOX crew, now wipe your piss off the constitution, wash your hands and pick those flags back up and wave them proudly !  Let's be proud to be Americans !
Just what does this say about those who elected him.  Are they that ignorant of what is happening around them, or are they just concerned about electing a Democrat?
+James Stanley  and  not all Re pubs are arrogant fucks, just some of them.  Which are you?
I wasn't trying to be arrogant.  I was just asking the question about the personality of the people that re-elected this man.  It was common knowledge before the election.
+Barry Koebel   it would be interesting to see statistics about how many of the electorate from each affiliated party voted straight party line ballots, and in what areas.
+Barry Koebel   I was not referring to you, or really was not referring to any republicans specifically, just a snide reply to one ignorant comment from mr stanley.
now if we can get the rest of the liberals to do that and impeach obama shit the world will be a better place
He will probably run for president in 2016. The awful truth is that liberals are just stupid enough to vote for him.
nah by 2016 the american flag will be replaced with China's flag cause Obama's debt will cause them to take over our country cause all those dumb asses re elected jimmy carter 2.0
yea his daddy is so unhappy right now he will have to have sex with tamera holder again =) damm those white women suckin black dick stealin them from there wives
ummmm the reason the race card still works in this country is because of race hustlers like al sharpton and jessie jackson gettin to the nearest tv camera screaming white people hate black folks
OK, someone resigns from Congress due to health problems. So what?
Oh, sorry, I forgot. It's Mental health problems, the person involved isn't a White Male Republican (as if there were any other kind), and this FOX, therefore this counts as "news". Welcome to the 19th Century.
+Alexander Ovro OK, so FOX news is the only news establishment with the balls to report the fact that a member of congress resigned? Oh, sorry your candidate got his ass kicked by the way. Maybe Senor Rubio next time, si?
+Alexander Ovro sounds like you have the religious freedom thing a little twisted in your head, freedom from religion is religious freedom as well, you appear to be bigoted and judgmental, which goes against all christian beliefs in any flavor of religion, so what is your point?  I guess it is that you are not a Christian.  

Also, you do know that one that claims reverse racism is indeed a racist too ?

From your statements about the election, you sound like one of those teabilly RINOs that still are denying the reality of the election, and the mandate it outlined.  The GOP lost the election, and the tea party lost their influence, gone.  The Tea Party is over, that little social experiment failed.
The race card will not stop until people like al sharpton and jessie jackson stop using it as a weapon. MSNBC also uses it anytime anyone does not agree with them. Don't be a MSNBC fool.
+Mike Niccum but when was the last time either if them were even covered in a news article? exactly. they are really no longer very relevant in any modern politics.... 
+Alexander Ovro I didn't equate your lack of respect for that which our constitution provides with what your opinion of the intent of new England sellers thought. they arrived here and committed the worst act of genocide know to occur ever in America, its actually a pretty embarrassing part of American history.......

I didn't define bigot for you, its clearly defined, no need too try to discredit me too distract from your actions. I have had no problems, nor do most others, you seem to be the one with the problem, just an observation....

I am sure your a good Christian, and I am sure your God is proud of you. after all, WWJD?

and its great that you feel superior, God teaches us too judge others, your right on there, enjoy your day :)
+Alexander Ovro how do you know my religious outlook? Your assuming I am an atheist just because I try to make sure you understand that religious freedom includes the right to no religion at all? If that is the way you feel, ok, but the law of the land and every court says your opinion is not just flawed, it is just plain wrong. 

You do realize that you are saying I am forcing something on people, but it is actually you trying to force your religious views on others, and making judgement against them if they do not believe like you do?   Sorry it bugs you so bad when I tell you people have the right to not believe as you do, and they are still equal to you in every way.

And you do realize it is you putting yourself above others because you look down on their views and beliefs, or lack thereof?

you are the one being critical sir, and yes, have a nice day.

Adam K
One down, a maximum of 434 to go : )
Mike Mac, I think al sharpton helped get George Zimmerman arrested for the shooting of Trayvon Martin. He puts pressure on government and businesses until they cave in. 
+Mike Niccum The fact that "the race card" is something that has value in this country should tell you something. We are still a racist country. 
Have you ever heard of the "left-handed card", the "Catholic card", or the "redhead card"? Didn't think so.
+Andrew Andrews I'm surprised that you are able to use Google+. I always assumed it would be pretty inaccessible to people using assistive technology, since it is so dynamic. I guess Google is doing some things right.
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