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Authorities say two police officers have been killed in a shooting in Santa Cruz, Calif. when they tried to question a man over a report of a sexual assault.
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Chalk another one up for how well CA's gun control works! Shame that two good officers had to die in the line of duty from a lunatic.
One domestic violence charge should be a lifetime ban, except that ban could never be enforced, gg.  
The shooter had already been convicted of carrying a concealed weapon before. He had prior offenses of a sexual nature as well. He was also on probation. I would be willing to bet the law forbade him from possessing a firearm. I wonder why this criminal didn't obey the law. Oh wait. ....
And this is why Gun Control needs to be federal. Hell give everyone a gun, that will make life much easier for police officers. 
+Michael Washington
Domestic Violence charges in most cases will get your right to own firearms revoked for life. I remember GW Bush signing that into law. Now if it doesn't get enforced, that is a problem. Actually I think men who beat women should be denied the right to breathe air, but that's just me.
Adam K
+Dwayne Mattson
Agreed. We should also do the same with pedophiles, sodomites, and rapists. 
This is as much news worthy as "baseball player got struck by a baseball today." I love how EVERY media outlet is throwing as many pop shots at "gun violence" as they possibly can it's really quite easy in the U.S. isn't it hell I carry concealed(with permit) this means statistically I am way more likely to shoot someone or get shot myself. I applaud TMZ for at least covering a story within our borders unlike yesterday on my morning news when the report about the crazed gunman in Sweden or n Norway or where ever it was happened that was highly irrelevant to anyone in North America oh I bet the gooey liberals pop wood every time "the crazed gunman"story heirs it's a figurative bullet in their belt to ultimately castrate everyone and have us all living on the government tit.
I live in Santa Cruz,the suspect was definitely not a law abiding citizen.sgt.baker&det.butler were there to question him because of his conduct at his place of employment.he was accused of making sexual advances&touching a female co-worker.Our community is saddened by the loss of two veteran officer's of Santa Cruz pd.
Fuck da police. Flatout. They get wat they get....... shouldn't b da law 
Hope u will never need the assistance of law enforcement.I'm not a huge fan of police,there r good ones&bad1's.however i personally was saved along with my daughter by Santa Cruz co.sheriff's dept.we were attacked in our home,while we were sleeping.we would not be here 2day if it wasn't for the deputies helping I being a resident of Santa Cruz am saddened by the loss of sgt.baker&detective butler.they r the true definition of fallen heroes.may god bless&keep them:(
Sorry 4 any death. But n my city of Baltimore its more bad one's than gud. They take ur money. Thinking all young black males r dealing.there lock u up 4 nothing n wonder y we dont respect em. I dont like no polices. Regardless of da city or state there n or from. Just growing up n Baltimore city will make u hate police's. Js. Nevertheless will call em They all r dicks n my eyes .

Nobody questions if the cops were good cops. 90% seek vengeance on society via a badge. 150 rounds pumped into a transient in Phoenix for lighting a cigarette by 40 cops. Not one got fired or charged. 1/4 mile from my front door. Open your mind people. Don't go blindly with the democrat Nazi Muslim KKK media. School
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