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Gingrich spokesman R.C. Hammond said the fat spending level was necessary to compete with Mitt Romney's glut of pricey media buys.
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The most un-serious candidate ever. He used the forum to hawk his books and his businesses. In the article it states that he made sure he paid off all the debt to businesses owned by him or his family and kept a cool half mill for his trouble. Now all the others businesses will be stiffed for his excesses.
Looks like the "deficit hawk" needs to hawk all his s**t to pay off that multi million dollar deficit
Ah, still blaming Romney. Classy to the end ...
+Charles Wierzbicki ... The "R" in "USSR" also stood for "REPUBLIC."

Using the same logic, I guess that automatically affiliates all "Republics" and "Republicans" with Nazis.
More likely re-writing history in the image of himself.
Blame the House of Representatives for that. They refused to cancel big oil subsidies.
Blame Bush. He initiated the bailout and the stimulus. Paul Kruger has said we needed a bigger stimulus to jump start us out of the recession Bush put us in with his war.
Margaret, some can not see that, all they can do is tout the "fact" not what caused it.

Here is how Mark Knutter would "handle" it and "own" someone.

(disclaimer, this is not an actual conversation but realistically depicts how an actual "debate" with Mark goes.)

Someone shoots someone and someone else walks by, the shooter tosses the gun to the passerby, so their fingerprints are on it. All of this is caught on a security camera.

Mark Knutter: "They are guilty ! Their fingerprints were on the gun ! That's the fact and you can not dispute that fact !"

Left: "But they did not do it, we have a clear video of what happened"

Mark Knutter: " the Fact is, their fingerprints were on the gun! You can not dispute the facts you lib-tard ! Typical Lib-tard BS. Ignore the facts !"

Left: "But they did not shoot the person!"

Mark Knutter: "Your too stupid to see the facts in front of you, I just owned you !"

Then he blocks you.


is that about right?
you got that right Charles, that's the way those Conservi-trolls are here. Hit close to home? Mark, Tim, Charles, berry (as in berry tiny)
They are all huddled up in their house of doom. It must be horrible to live in a constant state of fear and anxiety.
Going to take longer than four years to get us out of the mess ol Bushey put us into. Obama is good but he is not a miracle worker. And then we have the clowns in the house of representatives whose only goal is to destroy the democratic process. Record filiuisters. Record obstructionism. November will tell the tale.
LOL. Ever hear of water boarding.illegal wars tax cuts for the rich and record deficits after inheriting a surplus?
Water boarding has proven to be ineffective in obtaining information. Any idiot knows if you torture someone they are just going to tell you what they think you want to hear. Water boarding is a crime. Bush and Cheney should be prosecuted. If they step outside the US they will be prosecuted by the World Court. Obama inherited the deficit. He didn't create it.
When you come back to reality we can talk more. Right now you are unable to see the forest for the trees. Even the water boarders say it was ineffective. Unless you have some secret information that nobody in the world knows except you are grasping at straws. He added to the debt the cost of the Iraq war which Bush cowardly refused to do. Instead he hid the costs and now we must all pay.
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