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Neighbors of the gunman, Jimmy Lee Dykes, say he was known to be violent and threatening. The standoff situation is still ongoing as of early Thursday morning.
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Why not call him "the kidnapper"? What does his tool have to do with what he's done?
He should have been in a mental institution.
This is a perfect example of the problems associated with violence...
The system does not work..... This guy was already known to be prone to this type of activity yet there he was in a position to do what he did and accomplished his deed unabated. The system will never work as long as we have liberals pandering to the psycho babel that makes society what it is. If that bus driver would have been trained in firearms and armed then that guy would not have gotten as far as he did. It is a sad case that society is what it is putting people in the position to need to arm themselves to defend themselves, but as long as the humanist, i.e. progressive liberal socialist, are allowed to force their moral ineptness on society then the system will not work the way it is supposed to. The system will fail common sense and morality leaving selfish indulgence and immorality to go unchecked.
+Jim Gomes It is all about liberal hype. Our country is coming apart from within and the progressive liberal socialist are to blame. In fact, I see The Democratic Party as a domestic enemy of The Constitution....But anyway, the deal with crying gun control at every perceivable opportunity is akin to throwing gravel at someone until they finally go away or let you have what you want. If you were to throw a boulder you would likely get a boulder thrown back but a little gravel here and there never really seems like cause enough to initiate a defensive posture. However, the people of this country are starting to awake from the malevolent glare of the liberals. 
Isn't it interesting how many shootings we have while gun legislation is going on?
Now in Denver, they are reporting every shot fired.  In Chicago the news would be 8 hours long.
+Brian Fahrlander It always comes in multiple occurrences, and there is a good reason for that. The reason is someone wants to be heard.
 Consider if the media were to put as much reporting effort into something like baking a cake for a homeless shelter then I would be willing to bet that there would be an increase in homeless shelter support from people who want to be noticed for that sort of thing. Think about it like this; why do we get on the internet and make comments about things that happen? Answer; We have opinions, ideas, rants, etc etc that we wish to express in a format in which other people can say what they think about it. Some who get on GOOGLE+ or Facebook  or whatever do so because they really want to express concern and hope. Some do it because they just want to say something, and sometimes it is both or maybe some other reason. Whatever the reason, the root cause for the proliferation and popularity of social media is that people want to be heard. 
If you give a psycho path a venue for self expression then he or she will likely choose to use it to his or hers advantage, and that is exactly what the media and liberals have done with society.
Never depend on someone else for anything.  Especially to protect your family and friends.  The only person you can truly depend on to do that is yourself. My guns speak for me in matters of life or death.  The bad guy dies.  I and my family get to live.  I don't carry signs, but there is a NRA Life Member sticker on my front door and on my vehicle.  The police do after the fact cleanup.  They cannot do anything more than that. I can!
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