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The "Die Hard" star dismisses any link between Hollywood shootouts and real-life gun violence. Do you agree with Bruce?
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Really? so your say that Your Die Hard movie did nothing sound like Flip Flopping
If advertising isn't effective, then why was so much money spent on super bowl commercials? What we hear and see does affect us.
Who is more likely to be violent? A cinephile, or a football player? 
Some brains left in Hollywood. I do think that violence dose have an effect, but I applaud him for supporting our rights! I'm going to see his movie! 
In a world where people believe things like the earth is only 6000 years old, that fairies exist, that blowing themselves up in a suicide bomb attack will make them a martyr and send them straight to heaven, I think it's probably not very wise to say that movie violence doesn't contribute at least some amount to the collective fantasy world we live in, thus helping spawn real violence. I suspect it also contributes to the fantasy that "me and Bubba" with our AR15 rifles will stop the "gummint" when they try to take our guns. In fact, one might suggest that Hollywood violence plays a very large role in our collective fantasy world, but it feeds on our innate human willingness to believe bullshit and live our lives according to those beliefs. +Fox News  get's a gold star for irony today for reporting on the topic of fantasy media affecting the real world.
I don't have enough faith to be an atheist personally. I also personally don't hold the view that advertising (whatever the form) 'makes' one do anything, but it does influence. I hold the view that while nature and nurture play a part in our development and behavior, that we are still free moral agents able to take decisions and then act upon them. Accountability and responsibility plays a part in this. Science, operating as such, is unable to posit how old the earth is. All of the dating methods of which I have heard have serious flaws in them based on the assumptions programmed into them. Carbon dating and the assumption that elements have broken down and do break down at a constant rate. I for one do not live in a fantasy world. This one is real. Really.
I submit that everyone has a religious world view. What I mean by that is this: Whatever you believe in so strongly that it affects your behavior, is your religion.
Well, I guess I have a different view....30 - 40 years ago action movies were not nearly as violent and violent video games didn't exist.  Coincidentally, you also didn't hear news of mass shootings in kindergartens, theaters, colleges, etc.  Not to suggest there weren't issues with murders and violent crimes but they didn't seem to be as wide spread or on as large a scale as they are today.  Is it perhaps because of the way today the media publicizes these issues?  Or, is it because human nature prompts troubled young adults to immolate those they see and admire?? 
I should also add that I am adamantly opposed to gun control on a National scale.  I am in favor of keeping guns out of the hands of mentally unstable individuals.
+Rick Weaver Gun control can only happen on a national scale, otherwise it won't work. 

Mexico has the toughest gun laws in the world, but because of how easy it it is to get firearms in the United States guns still flow into Mexico. 
The Mexicans get there guns from othe South American country's. because they use full auto guns 80% of the time. And those aren't coming from us.
+John Hanks Liberal/Progressive FOX Troll that thinks he's smarter and better than everyone else.
Oh there are plenty of links. Crazies find links in all sorts of popular media to motivate them to do what they do. That is not to say any particular popular media is to blame. A person inclined to do harm will find motivation in any way necessary, but there are links.
I believe Social Media is more Dangerous than Movie/Video Games Media. It's the social groups that we keep that are more than likely push someone over the edge. 
Nice to see a non regressive socialist actor speak out. Way to go Bruce 
The problem isn't movies and video games - the problem is parenting. As an adult, these movies don't make me kill people, but what it does to the mind of a 6 year old is a different story.
If you expect America to have some accountability for gun laws then Hollywood should step to the plate and accept some accountability as well.
It is the criminal element (read gang related) and the mentally deranged that are the main groups that are culpable. If all current gun laws were enforced and the mentally imbalanced were dealt with in an humane and proper manner we would have fewer murders and a lower incidence of other crimes of violence as well.
+Laura Turner no, that's just pure bs. As long as man has had access to weapons, he has used those weapons to harm others. It has nothing to do with Hollywood. You might as well ban all books and history while you're at.
Effective gun control is hitting what you aim at. Weapons bans are for fools, and the idea that any particular weapon that is not fully automatic is an assault type weapon is liberal hype designed to induce fear and perpetuate distrust. The liberals are asses and they are playing into the world socialist scheme for their own benefit. 
+David Jenson it's a lot harder to kill someone with a Frying Pan than it is to kill someone with a Gun. If you think they are on the same level then use your frying pan to defend your home. 
+David Jenson 

6 years USMC Expert Qualified Rifle all 6 years Expert pistol 4 (did not qualify on pistol the first two years)

On top of close quarters combat instruction. 
Why indeed.  They profit from violence.  They may not like or support violence in real life, but in make believe tinsel town, every one gets up and walks away.  Ain't so.  They live in their own make believe world making huge salaries.  I wish our military got paid as much as they do.
+Michael Washington 100% of all murders are committed by criminals. Why not ban criminals? Banning firearms, of any kind or type, only leaves the victim more susceptible to the whims of the criminal.
+Michael Sorensen That's like saying all sin is committed by sinners. Of course once the person commits the murder they are a criminal, but until they commit that murder they could be a normal person just like you who loses their temper or gets emotional and then reaches for their weapon. 
+Michael Washington OK. . . . You are suggesting that we remove sin from society then right? Then remove all sin from society and you will have no crime because crime is defined by what is sinful. Therefore, the suggestion to ban criminals stands as the best course of action. Once sin, i.e. crime, is removed from society we will have no need to remove weapons because there will be no crime.
Why do we not allow criminals to keep and bare and then? There is no exclusion clause in the constitution.
And who is arguing to take away firearms? How about we start with making real background checks for people trying to purchase firearms, and purchase limits.
It's hypocritical of hollywood to speak politically and then also say that the violence they depict doesn't influence the masses.  So we should be influenced by their "Citizen Willis" words but not their celluloid actions?  America would be better served by the dissolution of the California-based entertainment-media complex.
+Michael Washington
You're absolutely right.  There is no exclusion in the original Constitution.  All had the right to bear arms.  Progressives have changed that along with most everything else.  Though I agree, criminals should not be able to bear arms and a REAL background check for anyone wanting to purchase them.  That won't be necessary if President Obama has his way.  Soon no one will be able to bear arms except the police and military.
+Brian Richards
Hollywood has always been hypocritical.  That's the nature of "the biz."  Sad thing is, more people believe in Hollywood than themselves.  We have the ability to change the climate of this country.  Thing is, DC isn't changing. Nor will it.  I'm an advocate for eliminating the electoral college.  That's why Obama has this passion for illegal immigrants.  The more in Democrat controlled States, the more electoral votes added.  DC should be moved to Hollyweed.  Both have the same morals, visions and insane budgets. Sorry if I got a bit off track.
meanwhile chris rock says our president is our boss  .. I guess thats what happens when stupid people are involved with politics .. The president works for the people He is not our boss ..He is not king of America.. He is a sad  Elected official  who thinks he can create things all on his own.. how many time will he break the law before hes done
The reasons have long been laid upon many things in the past (tv, games, movies, guns). But the truth is, it all comes back to mental health issues. That is the underlying problem. As the world continues to turn, generations are becoming less and less tolerable to society. Many are depressed and heavily medicated from an early age. I personally think EVERYONE should have some sort of a psycological evaluation done at a ceratin age (like 16 for example) to see if their fit for society. And weed out the ones who are unstable and could pose certain threats to themselves and others. This would surely reduce these happenings by a large margin. Yeah, mental health issues are certainly 99.99% the problem. 
If watch a movie like his and say man I want to go shoot up a school of kindergarteners or any school or place in general then your parents failed and you deserve to rot in jail and die
+William Carlson interesting point, out of the all the fire arms crimes last year, I wonder how many were done with firearms purchased with a back ground check compared to the number that were bought without one. 
I also wonder how many of those were smuggled into Canada, and Mexico. Or sent else where. 
+Justin Cron you can't mass produce firearms in someone's basement. You can't compare the two. That doesn't even make sense. 
How does it not compare +Michael Washington ....your argument is if things are illegal then no one would get a hold of them.....just like heroin and cocaine are illegal right and no one uses them? O wait they do cause crimnals dont care about the law
Wow +Justin Cron are you wilfully ignorant. Is it unreasonable to want background checks done on all fire arms sales? Even if it's just to make it harder for felons to arm themselves. Are you that stuck in your rhetoric that you can't agree with the simple point. Felons, should not be able to legally purchase fire arms. 

It's not that difficult to understand. 
+Michael Washington. I'm not against felons not getting to have guns but your talking about disarming us all. All your arguments are for gun control the government has no right to know what guns or how many I own. There is nothing wrong with back ground checks but I live in California now sense I was stationed at 29 palms and they already do background checks. Yet there are still more gangs here then my home state of Missouri so either way crimnals will get guns and mentally ill will still kill people. Murder was around long before guns. The black market will never go away
Universal background checks = Universal registration = Universal confiscation.
Yea I watch movies and play videogames so therefore I will kill you...
+Charles Caine that's just pure bull crap. Please pull up any legisliation that has been put forth by anyone that says you have to give up your fire arm. Please honestly I know the 1st ammednment gives you the right to free speech, but just because you can do something doesn't mean you should do something.
Nothing will happen over night. It will all be in small increments over a period of time. But make no mistake if the Obama Cartel had the power, they would render the Bill of Rights null and void immediately.
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