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The White House and Justice Department on Tuesday adamantly defended the administration's authority to use unmanned drones to kill terror operatives.
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There's not enough money on the planet to pay me to do Jay Carney's job.  Or enough water in my shower to make me feel clean afterwards.
It's Bush's fault some how some way.
I'm waiting for the part that brings this legal INSIDE US borders...
Seems inevitable, doesn't it?
Add the Argus to this and you have a truly Orwellian possibility..will not matter who resides in the WH, whoever it is will have unlimited power and control over all of us...
I seriously wonder how much longer the America we grew up in lasts.  I don't think it's long at all.
But Fox News did not condemn the fake war in Iraq and the death of thousand of US soldiers and innocents civilians. Not considering the taxpayers money squandrelled and debts created by their war. 
What problem do people have with drones again?
Oh, I'm just about to lose my mind.
Great! Now that they've already "gun controlled" our access to SAMs.
+Ashley Barnett Smith What fake war? The one where Saddam invaded Kuwait? The one where we were at a truce and yet they fired 452 times on our pilots enforcing the no-fly zone?  The one where we could have resumed fighting after the first time?

The sad thing is  what we learned.

-Muslims like dictators that beat, starve, bully, dismember and KILL them. This is the Islam.

-If you try to take this kind of leadership from them, they will KILL YOU.

- We weren't wrong endorsing the Shah of Iran, despite him doing this. Same for the leaders of Libya, Egypt and others. Pro-west "assholes" like this are valuable at keeping the peace.

We had every reason to believe that Saddam Hussein would use his chemical weapons. He had before; everyone knew he still had them, though he hurt as many of his OWN troops, when he used it on Iran.

Something like THIRTY different nations had reason to believe he had N/B/C weapons, and according to the Colonel who transacted the move, they went to Syria because Saddam was SO MUCH MORE CRAFTY than the American presidents.

There was no "fake" war. Every step was needed, and every step was legal. But just TWO WEEKS after 9/11 when we were all warm-n-fuzzy as ONE NATION AT LAST in our loss, the Democrats started spinning up their propaganda machine, and turning people against each other.

This, for example, is why Dennis Miller is no longer Democrat: he noticed it, too.

Islam is coming. No hundred people, much less Bin Laden being shot will end it. The Koran has ~109 "Commandments" to maim, enslave, and slaughter EVERYONE READING THIS MESSAGE.

It's time to get used to that idea, and start fighting the Muslim Scourge.
Years of liberals whining about pouring water on a terrorist, and now they are silent.  Come on liberals, where's your usual fake outrage now?
As if republicans did any better... Wake up america.
Before too long, we'll have to take our Constitution from the nonfiction to the fiction section of libraries and bookstores.  Due process/Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments...what are those?  They're apparently just some Justice League tales of the 18th need to follow them now.
Ron N
The scary part? They do not need approval from anyone. Any liberals who defend this have serious mental issues and therefore should never own a firearm.
All communist dictators eventually start killing their own people: communism seems to come with a blood lust. Stalin, Hitler, Mao....
+Zander Gavin The dispute between fascism and socialism is merely cosmetic, like a bandit and a robber arguing over which is has more noble intentions and deserving the greater share of the loot.
+Milton Ragsdale 

Thieves Code, 

Bandit will actually kill for their bounty. Whereas the robber or THIEF will not take life unless to save their own.

I think I read that in one of the Arabian Nights stories.
+James Spedale 

Politicians steal and kill. We elect them to be our voice. But once they taste power, they get fucking wasted with it.
+James Spedale You were discussing professional ethics, which differ among bargaining units. Not all doctors follow the Hippocratic Oath.
+Graden Guynn Impeachment is moot while the Democrats hold sway over the Senate. We'll have another Clinton debacle.
+James Spedale The political spectrum is NOT a massive circle. This is absolutely in error. Rather it is a line with totalitarianism to the left and anarchy to the extreme right. Moving left of center increases the size and power of government. Moving right of center decreases the size and reach of government.
+William Carlson You are correct -It has been a myth that fascism and communism were at opposite ends of the political spectrum. They are merely slightly different hues of the extreme left.
I would put monarchies to the left as well. Any form of government that could exercise ultimate authority.
+William Carlson Not all monarchies are authoritarian, in fact, even Nazi Germany and Communist Russia would be considered Republics. The more power and control possessed by the government, the farther to the left it is.
I agree, a monarchy can be benevolent or limited as any form of government but no government should have the potential to centralize complete control.
+William Carlson 

 I believe my diagram, (which is a more then common one) proves the circular design of the political spectrum.
I haven't seen your diagram and there are many ways to describe the political spectrum, but I believe the most relevant is a linear scale moving from least government to most government.
I have mixed feelings about this from the due process stand point. The potential for abuse does concern me, however Charles Krauthammer made a good point about Americans taking up arms against the USA such as in the War to Prevent Southern Independence or WWII with German Americans that returned to Germany to fight for Germany. They were American citizens killed by the US government w/out benefit of due process.
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