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A beautiful young fashionista jumped to her death from the George Washington Bridge last night, leaving behind a "suicide diary" in her purse.
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Sad, sad story. Too much focus on the things in life that just don't matter. We need to focus more on people and less on material things.
OK, what if it would have been a homeless ugly old dude who had nothing and no friends? I guess he would have been less interesting. 
Jon Dye
because nobody is surprised when a homeless person commits suicide.
+Jon Dye Is'nt that the real story to be told? Frankly, I am tired of hearing about the journey, the trais, and the woes of the popular well to do.
Actors, sports figures, politicians, and the like should have no reason, regardlass of their circumstances, to kill themselves, and if they choose to end their lives then why should the public be inundated with the unnecessary deatils and hyped up drama?
If the man or woman or family living on nothing, and scraping for whatever they can get are not worthy of mention when they give up then how is it that some liberal drama queen is?
The liberals, especially the media, make such a big case for compassion and humanity but fall so short when it really matters, and they want to tell everyone else how to live good and right. Hypocrites! The media is hypocritical and they are never held accountable for it.
The only true compassion and humanity found in this world is found in conservatives, and the Liberals are the epitome of everything they claim they despise.
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