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Some 4,000 people aboard a crippled cruise ship some have likened to a floating toilet were hoping to reach dry land and an end to their hellish voyage by tomorrow afternoon.
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I bet getting another cruise ship that's empty would take longer than just towing this one to a port. They keep those things as full as they can.
I love cruises, but I am sure glad I'm not on that one!
+Zander Gavin I'm certain it's a safety issue as much as anything. The water in the Gulf is rough, and the weather has called for higher seas and winds, which would make transferring people somewhat risky. They would also have to bring an empty ship alongside, which they probably don't have in the area right now. By the time all that happened, they'd be in port.

In spite of the alleged horror show on the ship Carnival has stated that each passenger will get full compensation for this trip, transportation costs to their home port and a free cruise in the future. Maybe it's a small price to pay, but there it is.
+Joe Dougherty 

+Marty Livingston makes a good point. I used to work at the docks in Baton Rouge. In EVERY port WORLDWIDE, their are tugboats. specifically suited for maneuvering large vessels in tough situations. there is no reason you shouldn't be able to get a couple of these and tow that ship to port.

Fuck give a call into Kirby Marine and Contract out the Zeus and the Poseidon  the two largest in the fleet (least when I worked there). They'd have that ship into port in hours. I know that because I've seen them do it before.

Not with a cruise ship mind you, but an oil tanker which weighed more.
Bet those women plugged up the plumbing with tampons.
This world is turning into one giant cruise ship......where do I get off?
+Steve Barnes I have a feeling the feces and sewage were from stupid people doing their business whereever they want. Something that could have been avoided. It could have also been cleaned up, instead of being left to fester.

Things only turn out that way if you let it happen. 
+Zander Gavin They are towing them into port. Slowly, but they're bringing them into Mobile, I believe. Arrival Thursday.
+Zander Gavin I'm sure you're the first person to think of that.  And I'm equally confident that weather, sea conditions, listing ship, etc. would make safe transfer of passengers entirely "not that hard."
Id never go on a "floating mall". How depressing to be stuck in a mall for a week in the middle of the ocean when you can awake in a nice villa or hut on the beach. Walk into town for a local breakfast. Etc. Floating mall? No thanks. 
+Steve Sauls 

Lets think, if the floors of the ship are covered in feces (SHIT) that is being done by the passengers.

IT's no different then what all those ASSHOLES did who took refuge in the Super Dome during Katrina.
Why didn't they just use the emergency lifeboats to get the passengers off the ship.... Oh. . wait, They are electrically powered and no one figured out a manual override!
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