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DIRE TALK: Reid likens Boehner to 'dictatorship,' predicts fiscal failure.

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Quit the finger pointing and get something done, they're all acting like children
Finger pointing begins?  Heh.  They've been prepping the accusations for months now.  The sad fact is both sides fail again, and the American people suffer as a result.
Reid should quit the blame game and actally help to do something for the American people.
Doesn't matter if you're left or right or moderate or anything; the point is the people we elected are not representing us in the way we voted them in for. We voted them in to listen to us, the people, and act on our behalf; both sides are too busy playing party politics, and in the end we, the people, will be the ones suffering most.

I can't imagine the jokes around the world that are being made regarding the u.s. and our lack in ability to deal with a situation.
Finger pointing begins? That is all he has done the last 4 years.  Why don't he try to come up with a damn plan.  They have had multiple one's to look at so far from Congress.  The government needs to sit down and compromise on what is best for this whole country and stop pandering to the lobbyists.  All they ever do is special interests, they don't care about the average person one bit.
Reid is just jealous because Boehner has passed more budget in 2 years in the House than Reid has in 6 years in the Senate.
Brian T
Reid is just an idiot.  After the crap lies he made against Ronmey, nothig he says can convince me otherwise.
Doesn't matter, both sides are responsible and failure in our political system to serve "the people" as expected.
ya know we wouldnt have this issue at all if harry reid would actualy follow the law and pass a budget ya know he hasnt dont it in what 3 years
Brian T
He's just postulating

Let's see. Harry Reid has blocked every jobs bill and budget bill that has come from the House for four years.  Any questions on who wants the fiscal cliff.  Two Guesses?

Obama and Reid.
Because most of the bills would never passed the Senate anyway... a lot of GOP members in the Senate didn't agree with those budgets from the House.... We are now seeing whose the growups..the ones aren't gerrymander into district. Why isn't Boehner evil? For passing bills that destorys the lives of poor people so you can give rich people tax cuts with no assurance they will even invest in this country
Boehner needs to accept his side LOST the election, the majority of Americans DO NOT approve of his parties stance, and he needs to make a deal to get this done. Sadly, the GOP would rather all of America go down the drain, to protect the rich paymasters the GOP has sworn allegiance to, instead of looking out for the American people.
+Noel Beale they will not listen they think a bunch of gerrymander in GOP members has a mandate as well..
+Noel Beale Apparently the people Boehner represents are happy with him since they re-elected him. This isn't a Parliamentary System - we don't elect sides, we elect candidates.
yeah +Noel Beale . You must be a child. You've been drinking too much of the kool-aid. Just wait til YOUR taxes go up.
+Michael Pate Like I said, the GOP represents their paymasters, and not the American public Boehner's actions make this BEYOND clear. Cant wait until 2014 so these fools that are unwilling to compromise, and work only to protect their super-rich paymasters, are voted out of office.

It seems the GOP still is failing to grasp why they lost the last election so completely.
yes +Charles Craig . All of this is to further fuel class hatred and divide us further. And all being orchestrated by the left and the media and Obama. What the young idiots who voted for Obama don't realize, because of a limp educational system, is that he will be after them as well.
+Jim Deatherage I would be beyond happy to have my taxes go up (Already in one of the highest brackets), if it meant the end of the GOP's efforts to destroy the middle class to save the ultra rich overloads.

The GOP went off the deep end, and it seems that far to many GOP members still refuse to accept the majority of Americans reject their political stance.

Far past time for the GOP to get it together, as I sure as hell don't want the Dems in charge of everything for the next dozen elections, which is where the GOP is headed, unless they stop protecting the rich at the expense of the rest of America.
yup...a child touting Obamas mantra blindly
it's the spending.......eating the rich won't help. They will only go overseas.
+Noel Beale Except that the GOP didn't lose the last election - they are more Republicans in the House than there are Democrats. My Republican Congressman got reelected with 58 percent of the vote in his district and I would be upset if he accepted a plan that I think is bad for the country.
Yall still here! Didn't block me! 1st Amendment or 2nd?
+Jim Deatherage Let them GO! If they wont even pitch in to help the country when they have more money then God, good riddance is the least of the comments that should be made about their departure.
he is a douche, but its comical he is being mainly attacked for demanding that what the majority of the voters in the last two elections have said they support......
+Michael Pate   the GOP lost the general election, and they lost seats in the House......  They indeed lost
+Michael Pate The only places the GOP didnt lose, is where they rigged the local districts so they had the majorities.

If you think the GOP platform was not soundly rejected by the majority of Americans, you need to turn off Fox News for a while, and visit the rest of the US for a bit, to see how out of touch with reality you are.

Or are you just doing more of the math republicans do to make themselves feel better... ;)
2014 will be a repeat of 2010.....Tea Party coming atcha with a referendum on Obama
Wow +Noel Beale everone knows the election was rigged and stolen by the dems.....the reps just need to get better at trickery like the left.
+Jim Deatherage You seem to be as out of touch with America as the GOP was before the last election. So here is a News Flash for you....  Even the mainstream members of the GOP are rejecting the foolishness of the Tea Party at this point. LOL!!!
+Mike Mac The GOP Candidate for President narrowly lost the Presidential Election and there are less House Republicans in the next Congress but there are still less Democrats.
+Jim Deatherage   polls seemed to suggest otherwise, over 60%,was it, support higher taxes on the high earners?  The TP got kicked in the crotch, first by the GOP, then by the electorate.  Now news of corruption in the TP is coming out....
Doesnt seem much point in presenting facts +Mike Mac as it seems that +Jim Deatherage is channeling Karl Rove,  including his delusional mindset that Americans didnt really reject the GOP platform. Since the 1st wake up call in 2012 didnt work, guess he will get a second in 2014
+Noel Beale   yes, and we look at what the TP spent in 2010 lying to the people that are now pissed at them, and compare it to how much more they spent this cycle trying to defend ground, and losing....
Bachmann spent tons more money to barely win.....

That is not a horse I would put my money on for sure.....
+Michael Pate   lol  so Bush won in 2004 and the GOP declared it a mandate, Bush had half the margin Obama beat Romney by....  Okay.......
I am not sure what disgusts me more.. the Dems that claim Bush stole the election in 2004 or the Repubs that claim Obama stole it in 2012. Bush won in 2004 and Obama won in 2012. Both sides need to get over it already, and accept reality, though that does seem to be a reach for members of both political parties at this point.
The left vs right arguments serve no purpose.  We put them in office to pass laws that benefit the country.  Think what you want, left or right, but America is somewhere in the middle.  It is their job to compromise and serve the American people in the process.

Of course THEY CANNOT compromise because they are all beholden to to special interests.  Left vs right.  Blah blah yadda yadda.  We are sheep easily so bent on arguing with each other that we are distracted from the true problem.

This is not about a fiscal cliff, or what the political rhetoric of the day is.  Our political system is broken.  Busted.  Both sides are bought and paid for by special interests and this proves it more than ever.
Fiscal Failure... we got that in November 2008 with the First Obama term.... 
+Noel Beale "Where Democrats were in control, they drew gerrymandered maps just like Republicans." -

There is gerrymandering,  of course, just like there has been since Governor Gerry was in office. But it is also caused by the lack of geographic diversity among Democratic voters If Democrats figure out a message that appeals to people outside highly concentrated urban areas they may be able to make some headway in the House again - the fact is, 2006 and 2008 appear to be fairly anomalous elections at this point. 
+Michael Pate I dont deny the Dems do it just as much as the Repubs do, my point was more along the lines of the places the GOP did this, is just about the only places they didnt lose.
+Noel Beale The great thing about House Elections is Democrats can try again in 2 years. Right now, though, the President needs to come up with something that can pass the House and the Senate - which he hasn't done since 2009.
+Jim Deatherage For the record, I am a Republican (due to military/international stances) I just couldn't stomach the US being run by religious nuts that wanted to force their religious laws on everyone else.

I will have to do a screen cap of being called a "liberal", my friends that are constantly bashing me for being a gun loving neo-con will get a real kick out of it1
+Noel Beale And that is why I don't engage in name-calling. Because judging from your profile you are most conservative than I am. We will just have to disagree on this.
What in the world makes you think Romney was going to force you to become a mormon? That's really weak. And maybe you are a neocon.....but you're no conservative. It's the neocons who have watered down the opposition to the left.....thanks.
See.  We all have to be pigeonholed into LEFTIE LIBERAL and RIGHTY NEOCON categories.  Because, It's not possible to be a human being that disagrees with some of their political parties platform.

The name calling on threads like this helps no one.  Nor does blatant denial of fundamental truths ON BOTH SIDES - a problem exacerbated by the media ON BOTH SIDES.
THERE IS SUPPOSE TO BE OPPOSITION! That's the way the system is set up.
+Jim Deatherage forget Mormonism, I was talking about the endless list of other religiously backed stances.

+Matthew Ghilarducci Well said, I mostly approve of the GOP stance for foreign affairs and the Dem stance for domestic issues, with notable exceptions, I just feel the Tea Party was the worst thing to happen to the GOP, and that the GOP will continue to lose elections across the board, until it purges the "no compromise" tea party mindset from the GOP. After all, there HAS to be compromise for this nation's government to work.
+Jim Deatherage Opposition YES, unwillingness to compromise, NO! That is the core problem with the Tea Party mindset, (religious extremism aside)
You are wrong about the tea party...they are not a religious platform, only strict limited government. do some research Godophobe
+Jim Deatherage Godophobe?  Geezz.. you sure do like to toss out names, even if they have nothing to do with where a person actually stands. And even when you are clueless about an individuals political stances. Cant say I am surprised though, you seem like a Fox News core audience member, so dealing in facts is probably not something you are used to..
+Jim Deatherage if you do not think religion is a major factor in the teabaggers platform, you need to look at some of the polls etc.....  Maybe it is just you that is a RINO  heathen.
Cliff, cliff, cliff!!!! We have been in a crisis... 
i wonder what will go bankrupt first ... the united states or california ... i would recomend we all start learnin how to speak manderian as a second language cause china is gonna come knockin on the door for the money we dont have it and they know it so they will just raise there flag at the white house welcome to the new world ...
Off the cliff!!!  Teabaggers got their wish.... 
well all those that voted for obama got there wish america will become a third world country so keep voting for those dems
Obama wants to cut taxes for 98%, and teabaggers are loyal to their overlord Norquist and he prohibits them to raise taxes on anybody..... Try to polish that turd.... 
LOl wow ya been listin to to much rachel madow and msnbc crownies .... if ya set the tax rate the way the progressive agenda spearhead by obama ya can soak up 100% of all the wealth gross pay of all the rich folks in this country it still wont put a dent on 16 trillion in debt.. this country has a spendin problem it spends more money then it takes in and borrows 40 cents of every dollar from china ... how long do you think china is gonna be our sugar daddy before they close the door and say margin call pay up bitches..

the way to solve this is real simple grow the work force ..get people off the food stamps and the welfare line make this country so attractive to the buisness clients they want to hire like a mutha ...however when ya start rippin into peoples taxes they dont hire folks they cut back and lay off people .. its econimics 101 however most people that see obama as jesus christ have never had to earn a dollar on there own they want to be taken care of.. so sad
So, if Boehner is like a dictator, what is Reid? Reid doesn't want to cut spending at all, but wants to raise taxes on "the wealthy" which won't do squat to lower the deficit or the debt. Reid hasn't passed a budget in almost 4 years and he's pointing fingers at Boehner?
+Jason Murphy Stop referencing to eco 101, you have no idea whats there. The term you are looking for is Reaganomics AKA "Voodoo Economics".... Also FYI China doesn't give US 40 cents on a dollar, as a matter of fact China's investment in US t-bills is actually decreasing (this is a fact so I completely understand if you disregard it). Since you on a subject of spending cuts I wonder where is your outrage about "defense" bill that just got passed with increased spending that even military said they don't need? 
I am so shocked Harry Reid was elected by mail in ballots in early voting before the election was ever cast.
The Democratic Party, and anyone who supports the socialist agenda, is an enemy of The Constitution of The United States of America.
+Mike Mac His last reelection.  It was won with mail in ballots before the poles opened.  Suspicious?  Nobody contested it.
+Michael Sorensen  do you feel the rights afforded by the Constitution do not apply to all Americans?  When you get done waving the Constitution around and beating your chest, could you please dry your piss off of it before you hang it back up?
+Rick Ramo if it happened as you claim (you provided no validating source for your claim) and was suspicious, you think at least one drooling rabid self-proclaimed "Conservative" would have contested it....  maybe it just was not an issue..
As well I am equally sorry ObamaCare does not offer long term therapy for Cranial rectitis.
+Rick Ramo  no... unfortunately you will have to fund having that glass window installed in your belly button personally.... Now I understand why you have such a shitty outlook
Your in denial bubba, the suggestion was for you to examine the prospects for receiving a cranail rectalectame
+Rick Ramo  now why would I do that when it is you with your head up your ass?  Like everything else you are saying, that just makes no sense....

What exactly do you claim I am in denial about?  

your unfounded, baseless, non-validated, unverified, unsubstantiated, unsupported, obscure conspiracy theory?

Pssssst..You have a slight opening above your left ear in the tin-foil....
Let it go, your sounding like a wakko.
+Jim Deatherage ya these people just don't get that. If Romney were President do you think the Dems would go along the him on everything?
We all know that Mr.Compromise and Dems will not get a Bill past in the Senate before December 31st. We also know soon after they fail the Dems and all there minions will blame everybody else for there failure instead of taking responsibility for there own actions.
+JESUS GALLEGOS  are you saying that because the GOP will not acknowledge and support the demands of over 60% of the American electorate because they are loyal to their party more then they are to their constituents that it you can justify blaming the "Dems" for this irresponsible behavior ? 

I think they call that  "denial"
Reid; the pot calling the kettle black. This from the party that openly promotes more government control and interference in our daily lives. I appreciate the few GOP members standing on their principles as the dems always do.

+Mike Mac Since these guys were reelected, it would seem that they are being loyal to their constituents.

BHO is salivating over the idea of going over the cliff. Taxes go up on everyone, the Military takes drastic cuts, and the GOP gets the blame. BHO complains about how he tried to work with the GOP, then rides in like the US Cavalry and saves the day with a middle class tax cut and even restores a little Military funding. The current drama is only for left wing propaganda purposes.
+William Carlson   most of them were not even up for re-election.... problem with your logic is, a good portion of Republicans, the ones that did vote for them when they were at some point elected, support the higher taxes they are resisting.....

and this is indeed a Golden Goose for Obama, I agree.  The GOP is hand delivering the opportunity to him to be the hero.
They allowed themselves to be set up for this since the middle of last year and have not been able to avoid what is going to end up being a huge embarrassment for the Right...
Good thing is, it is ripping the tea party apart from the inside...

I do have a hard time understanding how you could consider all the FOX and GOP generated drama "for left wing propaganda purposes."
Harry Reid is a large part of the problem. Ask him the last time that the Democrat lead Senate passed a budget. He is a looser in my opinion.
Oh look, Harry Reid first one on the soap box playing the blame game.

what a fucking tool.
+mike Mac I'm not a member, but please tell me what your problem is with the TEA Party.
+William Carlson 

Mike is a textbook liberal, who regurgitates the Communist Manifesto, and never provides any real evidence or facts to back up his arguments.

your best bet is to mute and block him like the rest of us did.
By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United
States of America, including section 114(b) of the Continuing Appropriations Resolution, 2013 (Public Law 112–175), which provides that any statutory adjustments to current levels in certain pay schedules for civilian Federal employees may take effect on the first day of the first applicable pay period beginning after the date specified in section 106(3) of Public Law 112–175, it is hereby ordered as follows:
+Hammer M Awl 

that asshole has abused the Executive order privilege more then any US president in history, Lincoln comes a close second.

and some people still believe Obama is such a great president.
+Graden Guynn   did you win some contest that declared you a representative of the people?  If you did, obviously there was no age or IQ testing requirements.....
LOL  yea, that is what we need, another GOP "leader" that help us again double our debt in the next 4-5 years like Bush did.... and the Bush before him.... and Reagan where it all started. More tax cut n spend republicans are surely the answer !  smfh
If Harry Reid spent as much time working on a deal as he does blaming the GOP, this would have been resolved months ago. As usual, the GOP has placed an offer on the tables and the DEMS have yet yo respond with anything, discussion or counter offer. Negotiation is a two way street my friend!!!!!
+Hugh Patterson 

Seriously. Typical liberal, they offer never ending criticism, baseless accusations and character attacks, but never any real solutions or legitimate arguments. 

Playing the blame game is about the only thing they do more the play the race card.
+Graden Guynn  he is not "my president" so your whole argument is invalidated and you just sound like an angry old man ranting about someone you personally do not like..

and nothing you can say will change the fact that 80% of the current debt is due to the GOP, that really has to piss you off to know it is true and have to try to look like a fool trying to deny it....

"God" had nothing to do with it, the GOP did. Not "God" is not the one that needs to help, the GOP is, by reversing their failed ideological views that America has shown are unwelcome here. 
+Hugh Patterson   Really?  The offers they have presented fall far short of the expectations of the American electorate. 

Taxes will go up for the Rich, Defense spending will be cut.
Any plan that does not do that will never even be looked at, the American public already said this, why the GOP does not "get it" is astounding. Those points are not negotiable.
+Mike Mac, I am not saying the GOP offers are the answer or the best solution, but at least they are making an effort to bring something, anything to the table. The DEMS have done nothing but point the finger and blame anyone and everyone for our problems. They refuse to even read proposals from the GOP, "they arrive dead" we are told over and over. Not once have the DEMS presented any type of offer for consideration. How do they have time, they spend all of their time on the Sunday talk shows and Cable News programs complaining and blaming the GOP. The POTUS continues to vacation and campaign as if November 6 were a few weeks away instead of six weeks ago. It is time for the DEMS to step up to the plate and lead this country or shut up and get out of the way!!
+Hugh Patterson looks like you have been following cable news lol  The Dems drew a line to start from , the GOP refused to even draw a line to start negotiations from, they keep expecting the Left to keep re-proposing until some magic imaginary line is crossed they will consider. Hell, people do not even haggle over a horse that way...... the GOP is scared to death of offending their base they have misled and lied too.

If you consider the POTUS "campaigning" when he is just following through with what the American voters elected him to do, then you are missing something for sure.... 

and the "vacation" argument is just a distraction comment, you and I both know he never takes a true vacation, he works harder on "vacation" than most of us work when we are slammed at our jobs on a busy work day....
+Hugh Patterson 

your best bet will be to block and mute him. you're never going to make that nut job see reason.
Adam K
Look who is talking, Mr. Reid.

You were a part of the oligarchy that force-fed us Obamacare and other measures that crush liberty and prosperity.

Now I will mute this post once I receive spam mail from people I don't know  : )
How exactly did Obamacare "crush liberty and prosperity" ?
I hear it also caused the moons orbit to increase slightly.
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