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The financially struggling U.S. Postal Service says it plans to stop delivering mail on Saturdays, but continue delivering packages six days a week. Will this affect you?
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Less days of spam. Does anyone ever use the USPS for anything but commercial things?
What company will pick up the ball for small package delivery on Saturday and how much business will USPS lose. eBayers, for instance, might go elsewhere, due to longer delivery time.

Turns out they will still deliver packages on Saturday!!
It costs me 20$ to ship package to Europe when same service by UPS will cost me $200 .... 
that isn't nice cause I live in manhattan
Thanks Obama.
As much as I hate the President, the USPS has been dead for about two decades now, this is just one of the signs that the spasmodic twitching is finally coming to an end.
Because they clutter my drawer until they are no longer valid, then they embarrass me in the check out line.
How does not delivering mail, but still delivering packages save that much money?
+Tim Pearcy Packages are actually profitable for USPS. Letter pieces are most definitely not.
The Feds have had over 200 years to figure how to deliver the mail. They have FAILED. Yet we want these same buffoons to manage our healthcare? Life expectancy is about to start going DOWN just like the USPS thanks to the incompetent voters of America. 
+Jim Dimitri this is really the problem  When they got paid to hand deliver personal mail to each door, it was worth doing, but now all they hand deliver to each door is spam at a 1/10 the price. +Sergey Laktionov points to even more of the problem. Packages tend to be subsidized by the illusion of private mail still being carried. When their package deliveries really become profitable (they stop unnecessary deliveries to each and every door), perhaps they can be reincarnated as a competitor for UPS and FedEx.
Perhaps they should limit the advertising and bulk mail crap to one day per week... 
Let UPS and FEDEX Bid for it.

More proof of the inefficiency of government.
+Bill DeWitt But they are cheaper for our customers. From 10 orders we will get one delivered by UPS and the rest by USPS. The problem with USPS is that they have to deposit pension funds for workers who haven't even born yet, point me to one private company that does it. 
Did some one really blame Obama? This is the Free Market at its best. There will be winners and losers. The USPS has been going down for a long time. Regardless of who, what,or how is to blame. If there is a strong market for Saturday delivery. Some one will figure out how to make money doing it. 
It'll work great for me!!!
+Sergey Laktionov Just one more reason the Post Office is losing tons of money while UPS and FedEx remain profitable in a lousy economy.
I've got an idea, raise the price of bulk mail because coupons can be printed now and donations can be made online.
+Jim Avila exactly and I guarantee that UPS and FedEx lobbyists are behind this. All you people that keep saying about time etc. Wait till the USPS folds completely and you have to pay $5 to mail a letter that used to cost 50 cents. 
No, the USPS is in its financial situation because it is an inefficient government monstrosity.  

If pensions weren't funded, Thinkprogress morons would be screaming about workers rights or something.
+Ronny Hippler So all of us who never mail letters or buy stamps won't notice, is what you're saying. I'm cool with that. 
+Ronny Hippler probably would not have much of an effect on me if the USPS did shut down completely.. anything important i use UPS or FEDEX, if it is low importance I will send an e mail & all of my bills are paid electronically. The USPS is in trouble financially because the services they provide are more efficiently provided by others generally much cheaper too.
EMAIL killed the post office, 

their pension for hiking the price of stamps, and fees has led more people to go to UPS and FedEx for packages, and Email for letters, not to mention an Email is free and arrives 100x Faster.

The Post Office is an Archaic and Outdated Institution, Sad but True.
+Zander Gavin it also doesn't help that they don't guarantee specific delivery times even when you pay for a delivery time.  They are so damn slow when you go inside it's ridiculous and instead of setting up their website to actually print and pay for labels and things from home so you can just drop it in the bin you have to deal with them!
I've had several packages lost by the USPS and they are either unable or unwilling to help when you call. Packages get a tracking number but no one at the USPS puts in tracking info.

Let FEDEX and UPS bid on it and move it to the private sector.
I wish they'd cut back on the number of days Congress was in session - now THAT would save a LOT of money!
+Charlie Bradbury , oh, I don't know about that...maybe they haven't spent ENOUGH time in session. One prime example is the lack of a properly ratified budget. I think they moreso need time to be able to think more critically, so that we don't have things like the USPS having to pay now for future workers. (and dare I even mention monstrosities like the Ponzi scheme which is Social Security, and the "miracle" of Obamacare.)
Every minute congress is in session I lose freedoms and it cost me money to boot.
Everybody should leave Obama alone, Bush did it... Just ask Obama! It's always somebody else!!!
The GOP tries to convince the people that government is the problem. Whenever the GOP is given the chance they will try to prove it.  They passed a law is 2006 to intentionally bankrupt the USPS to help their Corporate bosses.
The postal service is approaching obsolescence anyway. My friends and family communicate via e-mail, all my bills are electronic, Most things I order come by UPS or FEDEX. USPS service is second rate, they can't even be bothered to update tracking info. I think they are becoming pointless.
The Postal Service would have downsized long ago if the tax payers weren't picking up the tab for their declining, outdated need for snail mail. When there is no longer a market for your product or services you need to make drastic changers in the way you do business. This has been going on for years. I guess they are hopeful that computers and devices is just a fad and we will go back to using their services. If this is the way business works maybe I will get into the Stage Couch Service.
No tax dollars are use for the Post Office. None. They would be making a profit if not for the 75yr pension fund they are forced to pay in 10yrs.
Let FEDEX and UPS bid for it and turn it over to the private sector.
+Charles Caine 1. No Tax dollars.  2. Only the USPS is required to follow the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act.  Forcing the USPS to lose Billions.  3.  If a politician says the Government can't do anything right then don't vote for them because they will prove themselves correct.  Please read the first 3 paragraphs as proof.
Time for the Private Sector to take it over.
Anyone can deliver mail but they can't do it as cheap as USPS.
I'm not so sure about that, but at least if I'm having something delivered by FEDEX or UPS, the actually bother to update tracking information. USPS seems to have major difficulty with this process and God help you if the USPS loses something.
The bottom line is the Government can and sometimes will go on losing money because it does not effect them personally. They still get the same big paycheck plus nice raises. If a private company starts to lose money, they have to act. Take some kind of action. Cut hours or pay or maybe hold raises back until business is better. I worked for a trucking company and the first thing they do to save money is start closing terminals. I relocated instead of driving 2 hours one way to work everyday.
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