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Former Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. pleaded guilty Wednesday in federal court to charges that he spent $750,000 in campaign cash on personal items. 
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Daddy will be in front of a camera before the day is over.
Is it possible there is ONE honest person in Washington?
peggy im afraid not there all greedy money stealling morons 
It is sad that they are called our representatives. I do not want the filth in Washington being a representative for me.
He's just a crook, no telling how much money he stole and has got it put back somewhere, you know he has.....he should be placed in jail for life, first for being stupid, second, for being felony stupid.  I betcha he runs again and the same dimocratic fools will vote him back in congress and he won't have to spend a dime, probably within the next 4 yrs.....pretty pathetic...
+Michael Washington  I bet the reason behind the suspicion that you would be in defense, is due to your prior response about Dorner in previous posts. As he might of had reason to refute his firing, but when he killed four people and wounded three, he is just another demented individual.
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