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Cantor and fellow House leaders agree to close tax loopholes to generate revenue to reduce the $1.3 trillion annual deficit. But they argue the president has yet to say publicly what cuts he will make to the federal budget -- specifically to costly entitlement programs such as #Medicare#Medicaid and Social Security --  to reduce the deficit. 
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Nathan D
He hasn't said because he doesn't plan on any cuts to entitlements just the military.
The "costly entitlement program" of Social Security is funded separately from the annual budget, so why is it mentioned here?
things will be  ok. we need to stop stressing  about  nothing.  keep a positive mind and hope that things get better because it is better than before. rastafari
The politicians should do well enough and leave Social Security alone. SS only ran into issues when they put their dirty greedy little hands into it and stole the coffers they built up for the baby boomer generation and beyond. Now it suffers becasue of them.
Why don't we the 99%
Eminent Domain The 1% for all but say 10% of their holdings and make everyone the same,financially..?
Pay off the debt,everybodies happy
Except the 1% fer a CHANGE,HOPE 
Because of the Fifth Amendment to the Constitution which requires that the rightful owner of the property be paid "Just compensation" for the value of the property taken by eminent domain. That means the fair market value. I don't think the Occupy crowd can panhandle the change to take over any buildings.
How about "close loopholes and prevent lobbyists from getting their paws on the tax laws ever again"? Otherwise loopholes will just keep resurfacing.
Who cares about their land,pull one of their tricks and only accept CASH
Not mad at all but communism doesn't work it makes everyone poorer.
Ahhh excuse me but I'm pretty sure there isn't any of the 1% bs'ing on G+ and if there is TOUGH
+Jeffrey Joseph RESPECT, why the heck should we respect our are elected officials, they are the ones who put us in this mess, from Obama, Bush, and so on. It's about time our government gives back, so until they start showing a little respect then maybe the people will start respecting them. They are all a bunch of crooks and need to be thrown in jail.
He simply doesn't know any better, but he has 4 more years to learn how these little issues work
Oh tunnel vision have you trollio..?
All of the democrate proposals over the pat two years have included cuts to medicare. romney/ryan pointed it out during the campaign. the biggest stumbling block is republicans wont sign off on anything that rolls back Bush era tax cuts for the upper 3 percent. since neither tax cuts or tax increases can do the job alone we should do both and solve the problem at hand. If not it's a running jump off the cliff and I for one look forward to the fall......
It does not matter who is in the gorvernment the same thing will happen. There is alway good and bad on there part. We need to help each other and stop the struggle. Jah Love
the republicans will complain about the democrats and the democrats will complain about the republicans. Look at fox news and msnbc. Battle zone. Let's come togethere.
sometime people think some thoings are good and there is no reason for it. we just have to let it go and understand that what you know is what best  and don't stress about his thinkn. You know you stuff cuz ypou are well informed. Jah Love
Even if you took 100% of the 1%'s money it wouldn't cover what we're spending.
This is just a little beef of mine, but just a tiny bit of research (i.e. Google) will tell you that a $250,000 annual income is NOT in the top 2%.  It is within the top 4% or perhaps scratching the top 3% depending on which statistics you use.  If Obama is going after $250K and up, he is going for the top 4%.   Just more liberal "spin" to make it sound like he's going after the super-elite only, but he's not.
+Tim Taylor By "the nation "(sic) do you mean Republicans and Democrats?
No  not true. We are dividing our self because we stress and make problems with other people opinion and decisions. He is doing his best just like every other president. No matter which president there will always be things that they are doing that  some of the public don't like. let it ride and hope for a great future. Respect!
+Jeffrey Joseph while everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion, I'd ride the respect caravan with you and hope that things will be better for all of us ;)  I think people should start asking, 'how can we help the nation move forward in our own little ways..?'
Thanks alot. That's what I would like to get in the heads of everyone. Let's  ride the respect carvan to make it better for all. Unity and togetherness. Jah love
+Tim Taylor Do you have any empirical evidence of this division?  "Perhaps "dividing the Nation ..." means not agreeing with you?  Which is cool, because that would be a division.  I hope your not implying that we all could or should agree on something?  Anything?  If we could, then there would be no division and we probably wouldn't be living in a country where we all have the freedom to have and express our own opinions.  I'm grateful for the divisions.  It defines who we are.  Unfortunately, so does the overblown, partisan rhetoric. 
WHY BOTHER TAXING? We couldn't POSSIBLY tax enough to cover the spending, if they took it all!
Just what I am talking about. We all have to respect opinion and help out. It's true that he is the president but he does not make all the decisions. leaders have to pay attention to what others are saying and  decide  on a final decision. What was said was said and we all should let it go and come together and move on. Respect   
We are responsible for our own actions, when we are wrong we admit it,that's it. This hiding behind the truth or blaming someone else is child's play and they need to grow up, take responsibility and do the job they were elected to do.RESPECT 
There is no child play this is a serious matter. We should now move on and put benghazi behind us. There are far worst things than that. Everyone should be responsible for their action. Abama was not in bengazi he was told what happened from other authorities who were there and that's it. We all are responsible for ourselve. If it's touth then the country will give a helpn hand. respect
tim go easy. I know you are frustrated but things will get better. Remember where the country was in 2008. Where is it now? I think it's going good. let it ride. respect  
+Jeffrey Joseph let it ride, we've been letting it ride for decades and it's about time we get honest answers from obama but we all know he'll get another one of his loones to do the lying for him. 
why do u want to know? we from the same planet. don't be that  way. we all from the same place. be kind and good will follow u. just give a helping hand craig. we all cool. respect
jensen i dont live in canada. maybe some day i will. be good brother and don't be like the rest of them. respect
Romney is a great man.  if the republicans had win I would still be saying the same because now it would be the other way around where the dems are saying bad things about Romney. Bush was my favorite president. I am just trying to make everyone understand that we all have to help each other no matter who the president is. Jah Rastafari
craig cool down your temper and have lots of fun with your family. that's what important.. one love
graden that's called working together to make the country great. look at the photo to the left. that's what's happening . the parties are coming together. It's a great feeln. jah love
now u going in the wrong spot. What bob has to do with the way u think? leave bob out of that. we are talking about the gorvernment. let's be cool. rastafari bless u always
tim wright state university must be upset at you for mentioning bob's name in that conversation. be real and show some compassion. Don't be mean. respect 
Tim what are u talking about? this makes no sense. I told u to leave bob out of that. Take care of your situation and make it good for u and your family. focus on the topic dont stray. All i am saying is that let's get together and stop the hate and fighting and let's help out my friend. You have a hard head just like a stubant kid. Grow up . jah
It's sad that you did not see his performance cuz if you did you would be a much kinder individual. Be good . Rastafari lives
you don't understand. you are really stubant. we started talking about a situation and I metioned respect and you are upset. come on tim. let's stay on the topic about what the issue is and not get upset because i  say rastafari and respect.From now on you should respect everyone around u. What's wrong with u. your behavior is outrageous. Be cool and let's help make the country great. Look at your pic is a nice dog. That dog must be upset at you for thinking that way. Jah 
Tim you are living a negative way. Be positive about your gorverment and your country. Respect
it is working you just have to make tim understand he is stubant. Could you please tell him craig. one love
I am talking about stop the hate and let's work together to make the country great. Isthat a problem? It's not hard to do. Respect
how can you say fox news don't care. they do care about people  like you that want the country to go down. jah rasta
Remember fox news is paying attention to your behavior. Be good man. respect. Rastafari live withing you bro so be good. Respect
this is now show. What are u saying? this is a serious matter. Let's make the country great together. Respect to u. Jah 
i wonder how many kids you have for you to be using that word "Disrespect" That's a word you should never use. You need to respect everyones opinion.Now your kids upset at you if you have any. Blessing. Jah
this is not anything like you think. That's the best you can come up with " Pissing Contest"  What's the matter with you? be good to yourself. Jah
are we going to come together and make the country great? Work with all of us on that mission we need everyone in. Jah Love
. let's do this for this great america. Don't be upset at yourself for being so disrespectful. You can always change and redeem yourself for the bad decisions you have made. come on man We need everyone. respect
both Obama and Romney is having lunch together and you are her making noise. Stop the noise and come together like Obama and Romney is doing. Have you had lunch yet? Respect
you are mean. Now u want to put a hook in Obamas mouth. What's wrong with you. Go easy and help out. Respect
No one is falling of the cliff only if you want to fall. Don't fall of the cliff tim please. Respect
yes my friend. How can i help u? Are you ready to work together to make the country great? let me know we all will appreciate that. Rastafari live
man u need to seat and think about the way you are and stop making noise about the gorvernment. Chaaaaaaaa
you have no love and I got all the love for you. You need to change your dirty ways and be clean. Respect
it does not matter who i am like. All I am saying is that you need to stop haitng and help make the country great. You friend is now upset at you for all the things you say. Jah 
go back and think about all the things you say. You might just start to cry and be sorry for yourself. Be good for the country's sake. Respect and blessings
thanks tim tha'st the way I want you to think cuz lot's of people hurting and we should come together to help. you are starting to get the point. Nice. Respect
it;s not a matter of covering anything, it's about cominig together to make the country great. no matter who the president is. We need to help out tim. Understand that. jah Love
Stop the hate tim and be a  good man. I will tell Bill Oielly about your behavior and how you don't want to help the country grow with obama as the president. What would he say about your behavior. Not good. Respect
now you are a troll creating a fraud?  What's wrong with your understading? the university is going to take back their certificate from you. Not good. Jah love
right now you are in quick sand and you are sinking fast. sad to see you go like that. help out and you might be saved. love
go have dinner and I will try to make you understand later through the hard head. I think you got chicken brain. Get reed of that brain. rastafari live in all of us remember that. The fiscal cliff will take care of itself. Help the country come together. Respect
so u don't sleep at all? listen to yourself. take care of yourself let's work together and make sure everything works out well with the fiscal cliff situation. Respect!
i wonder why republicans think obama will do the right thing on anything.
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