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Get all your coverage and information on tonight's State of the Union address right here! Coverage will begin at 8:50 PM ET
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Can't watch. The Westminster Dog Show finals are on tonight. Much more exciting.
Cannot bring myself to listen to him.
Adam K
The only reason I will listen is to get information to add fuel to the fight against this man.

At times, in his reign, he has been as evil as Christopher Dorner!
You have a good point Adam, but I will listen to Fox News after.
Adam K
+Mary Roper

That is good. Try your local talk radio as a source too. 
Watch Rand Paul third! He'll have the same number of useful human visual props as he will tax increases. ;-)
M Rod
NO SOTU for me either, I will be taking out the trash instead of watching it....!  
I personally am broken hearted still and cannot watch it. However, flew today and saw some idiot with a picture of POTUS and a Hitler Stache, though I do not agrew with POTUS and his policies, this guy was mad at me for not discussing the issues with him.
I'll let O'Reilly & Hannity tell me about it tomorrow.
For the actual feed, minus the ditz:
+David Wright Anybody who pulls the Hitler card is not capable of a rational discussion. Whoever dropped him off at the airport should be charged with littering.
Hitler stache is a bit low.  But comparisons of policy to past statists are totally fair game.  You do a gun grab anywhere at your peril.  Admittedly, it was his bozo compatriots in Congress who filled up the bills up with sneaker features and hidden confiscations, like they always do, but combine it with a POTUS who looks for every way to evade the Constitution, and his reputation is pretty well toast with serious gun owners at this point.   Not to mention his unswerving support of Eric Holder, who nobody with anything other than a Joe Biden double-puff-gun trusts.  Honestly, we don't really care if his army of followers don't want to see the parallels.  We do, and it informs us how to deal with him.  We have to be unwavering now.  He zeroed in on the NRA with those bills, and he knows it, and we know it.  He went directly after his strongest political enemies, and in a very sneaky way.  We see his smartness in a whole 'nuther way now.  A lot of the hillbillies drag out all kinds of slams and slurs that paint him dumb, but he just uses that mistake to his advantage.  He is relentless on refusing to do the right things to fix this economy for a reason.

So Hitler?  Only valid on the gun grab.  Allende is more like it.  And that's why the American Left loves him.  Except they don't have any clue what really happened down there.
It is good to see that the people do not want to hear ideas that are different than their own ideas. It is thinking like that that will help keep us in the 19th century. 
If you mean gun control being a good idea? You're right, gun control wasn't a good idea in the 19th century, not a good idea now. You can give up yours, I'm keeping mine.
"All my lying is making my mouth dry, anyone got water?"

You know, all the connies bellyaching over Obama and the teleprompter has done nothing but backfire. First, Palin reading from her hand, now Rubio getting dry mouth in from his teleprompter.  It seems every dumb thing connies complain about comes back in pure comedy delight.
+Daniel Hinojosa What was Rubio lying about? I know just about everything BHO has ever said has been a lie, including most of his biography. Which is evidently a work of fiction.
+Jay Carlson I'll give Rubio credit for not lying for 1 minute in the beginning but: "Presidents in both parties – from John F. Kennedy to Ronald Reagan – have known that our free enterprise economy is the source of our middle class prosperity. But President Obama? He believes it's the cause of our problems." is complete bullshit, ask the DOW. 
Rubio was pathetic. The guy drones on about getting government out of the way of business, yet his own office used government to prevent my business from operating culturally relevant tours in Cuba. Hypocrite. 
Rubio and Paul must have made a strong enough impression which is prompting the need to pull out charges of racism, extremism, and ungoodthink from the Democrats who are still filling their panties since Tuesday night.
Nielsen: Obama’s speech drew second-smallest SOTU audience of past 20 years?f these numbers do hold up, it’ll be the smallest SOTU audience a president has had since Clinton’s 2000 address, which was the eighth year in office for a guy who was known to be long-winded in major speeches and had little of major import to comment on by the end. As disliked as he was in his second term, Dubya never sank below 37.5 million viewers; according to Nielsen, O’s audience last night was 33.5 million.
+Obama Failed America  Watching W's speeches was fun - that guy had what can only be described as an elementary command of the English language. People watched because people wanted to laugh.

Regarding Rubio, I am still confused as to how he believes he can say one thing (government should not interfere with business) and do another (business cannot offer travel arrangements to Cuba, per the government). Seems inconsistent, but I'm sure we'll just ignore that.
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