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Police say two heavily armed men fatally shot a homeowner as he tried to protect his daughter during a home invasion.
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What do you do??? Sure seems the intruder has a lot more clout than the homeowner these days...
If they don't "harm" you, you have to let them get by with whatever they want at the time.
Absolutely ridiculous and uninformed statement. Just because a robber can sue, doesn't mean there is merit. It also in no way diminishes home owners rights
I bet the family wishes they had had a gun or two handy right about now.

People that shoot back live longer.
WHY didn't anyone in that family own a firearm?????''

They live in Florida,a state with reasonable gun laws.

I endured 2 different home invasion robberies in Los Angeles.There is not much more terrifying than someone entering your home and ordering you around and stealing your things.I'm lucky theft was the worst of it.

IF I lived in a state with reasonable gun laws damn right I'd have a CC permit,and nobody would harm me and mine ever again.

You gun control nuts are ruining it for the rest of us.

Just say no to disarming Americans.
+Leathur Rokk 

they are probably liberal. wouldn't be surprised if they where heavy supporters of Feinstein's Gun Control bill 
Having gun control makes it harder for the criminals to aquire their own guns. There will be less guns on the street. 
Criminals have no problems acquiring guns.

I'm continually shocked at knowing how many scandalous critters own guns....and I do not mean in the 2nd Amendment Is Respected,states.I mean states like New Jersey and California,where it's pretty much just cops,veterans and dirtbags who pack......

Meanwhile it's next to impossible for the stripper or the cute soccer mom to protect herself from rape.
+Filip Danielsen 


and Police Armories, and Smugglers, and Undercover ATF agents running stupid operations.

You obviously don't know shit about what gun control will actually do.
If a mental person don't have a gun available when the switch flips to "kill mode", it would be a lot harder for that person to aquire a gun and go frenzy. 
Now we are talking about mentally I'll people and not criminals. But still
if a mentally I'll person is not in the same degenerate circles as illegal
drug obtaining or illegal gun obtaining people, then yes illegal guns may,
MAY, be harder to obtain. But again a mentally I'll person can do even
more harm to innocent people with a vehicle driving through a city park or
home made bombs or countless other evil things that would run through a
mentally I'll persons mind.

Evil is evil. Inanimate objects are not evil. People need to be protected
from other people. Same goes the world over since time has begun. The
best way for people to be protected from other people is for someone to
protect themselves. Using guns for protection is one of many many options
to protect yourself. Don't get on the band wagon of denying someone's
option of how they choose to protect them selves. To some, older widows
for one example, it is all they have left to protect themselves and have
the piece of mind and sense of security that left them with their dying
+Filip Danielsen 

>.< the Connecticut shooting.


Those guns where purchased legally, they where registered legally, and Adam Lanza STOLE THEM.

Your argument is invalid.
As far as people illegally obtaining guns...this WILL happen if they continue to restrict,just who can own a weapon.

I myself might end up breaking that law,because by what the laws say in MY favorite states to live work and have a HAPPY quality of Life,do not DEEM me Worthy of needing to remove myself from the "please rape and rob me",lists.

I hope lots of...braver souls than I....stand up,in those UnBrady states on the verge of becoming disarmed...please stand up for the 2nd Amendment so there still IS one by the time some of us can take advantage of its protections........
+Leathur Rokk 

Do what I do. 

Buying certain guns is illegal. HOWEVER, it is surprisingly legal to order those same guns PIECE by PIECE and assemble them yourself.

What I do. 
+David Jenson 

so (regrettably) don't order American, order Chinese copy.

on top of that, fuck the FBI, go to the Deep Web, on the Black Market Redux, and people will ship you handguns inside of watermelons...

known from personal experiance
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