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Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is set to testify before #Congress  next week on the #Benghazi  attack.
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Can't wait to hear her version of "That depends on what the definition of is is".
Just would like to hear the truth for a change.  It seems to be a lost art these days.
Do they really believe she is going to be truthful with them?
That depends on your definition of is actually... 

:>  (Couldn't pass that up; no one else could LIE to a FEDERAL JUDGE 250+ times and not go to jail, unless it was Billy.)
This woman lies with  the straightest face you have ever seen. If Obama wants it covered up, and he is the new poster boy for The One World Order, It will be covered up. I have no doubts about either.
What people really want is the truth. They make it worse by not telling the truth, stalling, and implying cover-ups.
Makes you wonder whether she's testifying to make herself look good for her 2016 bid, or because she has a falling out with Obama.
She'll get amnesia suddenly again
Master G Jasuwan how can you can put the blame on NSA, NSC-Potus, when you you know in your gut that this is coming from the President down. This is one attempt at massive cover ups, because they got their hands caught in the cookie jar. I don't know one person that does not believe this event was started by a video, or that think everyone up to the President are Responsible. Whether Hillary testifies or not, I do not believe one word that comes out of her mouth will be truthful. She is all for this  Administrations's agenda, and her 2016 run for Presidency if we are not already in a One World Order. If so Barrack may decide to hang around a while longer. Both Hillary and Bill Clinton are in Secret Societies too, yet continue to deny it. At least Bust admitted to being in secret societies, not lied about them,. Of course he didn't tell us he was in > three. Barrack Obama is in the Secret Societies.  I will post her being questioned on her attendance, and membershipi as Senator of N.Y City, and again when the guest list is exposed, as well as the event by a journalist that was not to break into their secret meeting, and tape it. There is a lot going on in this world right now, and people better sit up, and pay attention.
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