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The Coast Guard says it is maintaining communication with a Carnival cruise ship that is adrift off of Mexico after a fire in an engine room.
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Carnival has evidently improved its response to these things.  I swore I would never travel with them again after I was on one of their ships that had engine trouble.  They offered me a voucher for $25 off an excursion if I booked a future cruise.
+Brent Alexander LOL $25?  They should offer a full refund and another excursion for free as an apology.  Instead they just offer you a discount on another opportunity to profit from your patronage.  Give me a break.  I have worked with people in the casino game industry and they have had to service and install onboard cruise lines.   They always said that Carnival was the cheapest and lowest quality.
Why dont they tow to closest port and get those folks off there and home . Ill never travel on carnival they need to make this right be smart get those people off and home first priorty
Most of the people were traveling without passports so they could not reenter the united states unless it was at the port they left out of and the ship they left out of.
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