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Congressional Democrats introduced a new and broader assault-weapons ban Thursday, in a vivid press conference that included a display of various weapons they want to outlaw. 
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I suppose the pictures are there to show how 'scary' they are.
UPDATE: The NRA has issued a statement in response to Feinstein and her legislation:
Senator Feinstein has been trying to ban guns from law-abiding citizens for decades. It's disappointing but not surprising that she is once again focused on curtailing the Constitution instead of prosecuting criminals or fixing our broken mental health system. The American people know gun bans do not work and we are confident Congress will reject Senator Feinstein's wrong-headed approach
You didn't expect this airhead to propose constructive suggestions to deal with unemployment or the debt crisis, did you? This is a one trick pony.
If we could only make wasting money and grabbing personal rights from Americans against the law...
Politicians should be seen and not HEARD.Or something along those lines. Tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail would be better. Oh and changed just as you change diapers or the clothes on you back.
Alright you serial killers. You're on notice. A strong letter to follow. 
+Fox News Perhaps you can look into the facts that Gun crime is at a all time low in the last 20 years based off data.

No major media is digging for facts. 
The scary bayonet lug :) Anyone know of a bayonet killing in the US lately? Ban the scary .223 rifle. The true BB gun of all our legal rifles....idiots! 
Facts +Chris Silvey ?! You, my friend, wouldnt keep your job long at a major media outlet if you reported on facts!

Its way more fun and distracting this way...
Democrats are the real danger to American freedom.
Maybe those who are pro-gun lobby should come up with policy that can garner majority support. People have a "Right" not too live in fear of people who carry around military style weapons. Again if you are for protecting rights(other than the 2nd Amendment) why not the same fight to protect individuals rights to public safety?
Nobody walks around with "military style" weapons. And lawful citizens who own their guns legally aren't the problem, it's the criminals.
+Paris Mosley, I was going to tell you that no one on this site will give you an answer to your question that was based on history or logic but then, saw the response..
Yeah, because disarming lawful citizens is not "logic".  Why do you trolls even bother?
Here's some logic and history for ya: More murders happen with baseball bats than rifles.Chicago and D.C. have some of the strictest, almost un-Constitutional gun laws in the country.  They also have extremely high murder rates.
No one is trolling, just asking a question. If you can't debate an issue like a grown up then go to Facebook
+Paris Mosley , do people also have a 'right' to not live in fear of those with scary tattoos? How about a 'right' to not have to look at bad hair styles?

Where's my Grandmom's 'right' to carry whatever gun she likes so she won't be in fear?
It will fly if they pull this off, and nothing surprises me anymore.
Well we will see how far this will go.  A good portion of those Politicians may find themselves facing Indictments in their home State for infringing on Public Rights.
Protect the majority by talking tools from them so the lawless minority can over come them? How does that make sense? You law followers follow the laws!!! You law breakers have fun!! 
Yeah Jeff, and just like Obamacare, when it's rushed overnight it's always a piece of garbage.  They forgot to exclude law enforcement, and now are trying to clean up the mess.

Remember, NY is a typical liberal stronghold. 
It's really sad seeing how so many people are willing to give up their second amendment rights. Maybe these people should first consider giving up their first amendment rights.
+Jeff van't Slot You have to understand who owns the Horse Race in NY.  The truth is the Media pretty much puts a Muzzle that contradicts the Administration Agenda.
Ron N
+Paris Mosley . Why do you have to oppress my FB people. :-)
Truth gun advocates all ready have came up with good policy. The 2nd amendment. I rechecked the Constitution and no where do I see people have a right not to fear anything. Let's not start making up rights. As a gun owner, I'd be more than happy to defend a victim from a crime. That is public safety. Or they can call 911 and.....................................wait. I'd be more than happy to give them that option.
Ron N
+Jeff van't Slot . It appears that the only thing the Cuomo-ist created was just a nother Mayberry. And a bunch of Barney Fife's walking around with an empty gun in a holster and a bullet in their pocket.
This is a sickening display of the liberal agenda!
Paul F.
"Feinstein's office says the bill would grandfather in weapons legally owned before enactment and exempt more than 900 "specifically named weapons" for hunting or sporting purposes."  I would suggest too that part of the exemption would be for those from whom she receives any "campaign contributions".  Simply disgusting.  Such contempt for the American people.
We should be going in the opposite direction and making the gun laws rational. Infringed means go f yourself Diane you ugly hag.
Where is this list of weapons both rifles and handguns for this band? 
I cannot stand Feinstein personally. She's tried this several times, but now the NRA is more involved than ever. 
i wonder who supplied this angry cunt with all the guns she used in her presentation...
The NRA needs to be involved and stay involved. They dropped the ball in 1968 and we've been paying ever since.
Dictatorship to follow.
Alexa Antonaras are you suggesting that NRA members support Feinstein's Bill?
So far as I've heard out of the NRA, they oppose Feinstein's bill.
Are you surprised Dale? Government is always exempt from gun bans. I'd like to know what that bitch is going to do about all the people she would put on unemployment. Gun makers are people too.
Alexa, you couldn't be more wrong. Not only does the NRA oppose this bill but so don't their members of which I am a Life Member. We also oppose calling any of these regulations "common sense". We would, however, gladly sit down and talk about which of the 20,000 gun laws already non the books you would like to repeal.
Since when is a right a need? You don't "need" that computer you use for the 1st amendment, so you should only be  able to use government approved ink, written on government approved paper, and edited by government. How about that need now?
+Alexa Antonaras 

I too am an NRA lifetime member. this "bill" is not any sort of regulation. it is a BAN on ALL guns. It would be the first step in a government search and seize operation. Why do you think it is so vague. They want to outlaw guns with "Military Characteristics"? That describes every gun ever made.

NO NRA MEMBER SUPPORTS THIS BILL. You are naive if you think they do.
Imagine if we swung this debate in another direction and said, why do you have a right to birth control? Where does it say in the Constitution that you need to have sex without the risk of making a baby? It isn't in there.
I'm hearing crickets. Did I make the argument too well?
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