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A former LAPD detective who believes his father killed the Black Dahlia 66 years ago claims a cadaver dog's recent search uncovered the scent of human decomposition.
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ummm...OK.  Is there anything organic really left after 66 years?  I highly doubt it, especially not anything which has a discernable scent.
+Leo Fox
It was 66 years ago, so it shows people were just as sick in the old days as they are now. Yeah slow news day. Death often is brutal and bloody. Car accidents are brutal and bloody. Falling on nails can be brutal and bloody. Its the real world with real evil in it.

Yeah slow news day when a 66 year old case gets ink.

as +Dwayne Mattson put it +Leo Fox , the Black Dahlia was 60+ years ago, shes dead, ain't getting any deader. 

Her killer has probably long since passed on too. WHY bring it up, when there is NOTHING that can be done anyways,
Well, it was a high profile case and a long unsolved mystery. I'd be curious to know. My dad remembers it, I'm sure many from his generation are curious.
I've seen the movie, yeah its intriguing stuff, but are any of the people involved even alive anymore? If the guys dad did it, I'm betting old dad is dead. So then what? Try another corpse based upon the testimony of another corpse. It was the Kennedy brothers I'm telling ya.
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