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Congress finally approved the #fiscalcliff   bill to put a stop on massive tax increases for the new year. President Obama is said to sign it.
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We already have $1T in new taxes thanks to Obamacare, and now over 70% of households will get a tax hike.

Senate-Passed Deal Means Higher Tax on 77% of Households via @BloombergNews
We are currently over $16T in debt, and by the time Obama is gone it will be well over $20T.  It's all un-payable now.

Lets wait for the Obama trolls now....
Well of COURSE he'll sign it; when in his last four years has he ever CUT spending?
So the GOP finially passes legislation, and you are waiting for "Obama trolls"  ?  LOL  You two are like cheerleaders without a team, that must suck and really piss you off.
Right....because Reid hasn't been holding up deals.  
+Spencer Scott  what does Reid have to do with a Republican House that vowed to do nothing to make Obama look good? and vowed "no compromise!"  LOL

Hint:  nothing.......

But due to the resolve of Reid and others, the Right has been broken.... I understand how that must piss you off.
Good ole GOV has once again saved us from their manufactured crisis. Aren't we fortunate.
I'm glad the house has held up a lot of the stuff.  Could you imagine the deficit if they hadn't?  As long as Michelle gets to keep her multi million dollar vacations all is good
+Mike Mac I'm not taking sides but you do know the democratic congress didn't balance a budget for years. As a democrat that pissed me off over and over again. How can you run a household let alone a country and not have a budget? By all means do what we need to do to make sure we are safe and have the safety nets we need but pay for it.
Oh... And congress consists of the house and the senate so Reid has a lot to do with all congress issues.
+Rob Campbell  I do not disagree, we have had run-away spending for several decades, and neither party has dug in to try to stop it....
RIght but I think +Rob Campbell point is that the democrats held the house and senate in the first two years of Obamas term and couldn't pass a budget then either
Exactly. They should stop pointing the finger and come to some real solutions. I don't agree with raising taxes but I do agree with closing many loopholes. Personally I believe in a flat tax rate but doubt we'd ever see that.
+Chris Ellis    Bazzzzaaaappp!   Nope, that's not correct.   not 2 years, 20 working days.... 70 calendar days, until Kennedy went out ......
OK 257 Democrat and 178 Republican after 2010 election.  How did one seat change the balance.  
Really Obama troll?  Obama has been compromising, along with the democrats?  LOL

Notice Obama fans can't refute the higher taxes on the majority of Americans.  They got what they wanted and are still whining like the typical wussies they are.
"Wussies"  ... lol
+Chris Ellis  "congress" is a little more complicated that you are eluding.. fact is, one seat did indeed shift the balance of "power", when Kennedy went out, the Republicans were again the majority party in the Senate.
+Terry Sansom  that worked so well for a couple decades while we amassed the debt we have today....
Not loosened, the banks were strong-armed into loaning to people unable to repay.  That's not the same thing.
+Terry Sansom  the World economic collapse (not just the USA) was caused by some of what you way, but the big hit was the CDC's, and the funds (pension etc)  that were impacted when they fall over ...  a lot of Europe's problems were caused by this also, caused not by "socialism" but ironically by unchecked, unregulated capitalism.....
+John Pavao   more corently:
the banks were strong-armed into loaning to some people unable to repay, but loaned to everyone unable to repay out of greed.
The "Invisible Hand" is the idea of a liberal (think of the irony) economist, Adam Smith.  It is an economic principle or a description of how free economies work on their own.  In an economy, the invisible hand moves resources around to where they need to go.  You see the invisible hand every time inefficient, unprofitable businesses fail and when entrepreneurs open new businesses to serve open needs.

I'm not sure how anyone could say that the invisible hand creates gaps or does not work.  Personally, I cannot think of one good or service that I cannot buy currently.  The invisible hand does not refer to how the government works, but the government can certainly destroy what the invisible hand seeks to accomplish.  On the other hand, when the government regulates, deregulates, subsidizes, or cuts, the invisible hand works diligently to shift resources around where entrepreneurs can make the most out of the available opportunities.

If you think the invisible hand does not work, your understanding of it is not clear.  It always works.  Sometimes it works in ways that people think are unfair, but such is life.

If you want to look at the financial crisis and implicate the invisible hand, I say it worked when everything collapsed.  However horrible it may seem, the system didn't work, and it failed.  If you want to know why, ask politicians from both parties that seek to pass "economic bills" that will "jumpstart the economy".  The invisible hand describes how things work at equilibrium.  It isn't a road map.
Well finally an agreement! Even though it barely does anything to help our situation. I just hope we can look forward to what John Boehner said about holding President Obama accountable and cutting spending in 2013.
I just watched Megan and Michael Reagan talking about the payroll tax going back up from 4.2% to 6.2%. This is a tax to fund Social Security which my wife and I paid for 80 combined years of our working lifes. I just hope the extra 2% go to Social Security!!!!!
Republicans raised taxes, haha ha ha hahahahahahaha haha haha haha hahahahahahah .... Haha! 
When do you graduate junior high school?
Thanks Congress for failing to actually do your job and raising our taxes.
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