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#Walmart employees began walking off the job this week in advance of Black Friday, when three-union backed groups expect thousands of protests nationwide.
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So Walmart is going to go out of buisness because of this right? 
Unions are just STARVING for the dues of Walmart. And when they eventually force them to be unions, it'll be the day they start to end.

Kinda like how, the moment Panzers rolled across the Russian border, Hitler lost the whole war.

This has been the biggest private employer of all time....has done more to fight poverty and starvation than any UN program or Democrat handout.
WalMart will have to give in to to unions eventually.  They can't keep dodging them forever.
Good news for the people looking for work.
Hostess just closed down because of Unions. Walmart will not give in. They fought the unions before. One town, Walmart threatened them not to unionize, the moment they did; Walmart closed down the store in that town, and moved one town over to a new location.
So what time do I need to be at Walmart on Black Friday.....
No offense to the unions, but I hate people who sits on their asses and get paid thru the expense of others.
+Margaret Leber Yes, my first Union was the US Navy which I spent 20+ years and now I work for the State.  What I am saying it that Target and Walmart are playing this cat and mouse game, eventually the cat catches the mouse.  We never thought the Space Program would be cancelled either.
+Benedict Joyce I get what you are saying but not everyone that is in a union sits on their asses.  I actually enjoy my a matter of fact even though I am in a union received a layoff notice not 2 months ago. 
I see two things here... 1).  If employees walk out and if Walmart has any pants, they'll replace them on the spot.  I'm sure there are thousands of people that would love to have a job, any job.  2).  Should Walmart give in to the unions, there goes the "low prices", therefore this will be good news for the competitors.
I'm sure someone will take the job...lots
Sit down, shut up, and work.  Don't like your job?  Quit.  Boss doesn't like you?  Get fired, and get replaced by someone who better fits the job.  Just like the rest of us.
Uhh.. okayyyy (?)  Aw, what the heck - it's Friday... I'll have some of whatever that previous gentleman was smoking, please.
I wonder if it would work if Walmart would hire true seasonal workers...  with the agreement and understanding that the hired would be working Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas Eve, New Years, etc... then would be let go at the end of the season. 

Those truly looking for extra money could get it, and employees who want to spend the holidays will family will have the opportunity. Everyone wins right!?
Nobody forcing people to work at Walmart, don't like schedule, pay, insurance then go find another job. This is free market economy not prison job
I agree with people's right to work wherever they want when they want.  Personally, I wouldn't work at a place that required me to work on Thanksgiving and Christmas, so I choose not to work at Walmart.  

I'm not sure why any union would want to fight this battle anyway since it is in Walmart's best interest to be open on Black Friday, at the same unGodly hours as their competition, in order to retain their market share.  Maybe their real argument is that they do not believe American corporations should force their employees to work on national holidays.  Perhaps they feel like we should be more like France?

Do you not want your employer to compete during its most profitable time in order to guarantee you a future job?  Would you rather the customer go to Target and switch their loyalties?  If so, maybe you should simply apply for a job at Target.

A great example of what happens when employers act non-competitively at the same time that employees act only in their best interests is GM.  GM failed to see the future, and the unions strangled their golden goose.

How many of these people who complain about working on Black Friday shop on Black Friday?  Perhaps their biggest problem is how they can get the same deals as everyone else on Black Friday if they have to work?
+John Shepard = bingo!  I am shocked and appalled that there are people out there who need to have this explained to them.  Oh, wait a second, I watched the election results... I take the "shocked" part back.
There is only only one reason a company ever gets unionized...

They earn it.

A company that is smug and ignores the warning signs is foolish.

These large companies like Wal-Mart are far from being "America's Darling" , when they move in, hundreds of small business owners are forced to close..... Anyone remember the outrage when they started moving in?  Probably not...  They also help put the "Made in China" logo on everything we touch.
Saying a company earned getting unionized is no different from saying a rape victim earned it because of the way they dressed.

Unions have the same profit motives as business, but they serve a different customer. Union bosses get big money, clout, and influence, so to suggest that unions are always good, or any better than the companies they work against, is altruistic. 
So now Wal Mart is going to be bullied into accepting unions in order to support the fat cat union bosses?
See, +Mike Mac here you go again. Consistantly coming down against business.

The gist of your posts would be "Unions good, Government Good, Business BAD!!!!!!"
BTW, fire em if thdy don't come to work. Plenty of people want jobs now and would be glad to work at Wal Mart.
Let them walk out!  I pretty sure that Wal-Mart can fill those positions by this coming Monday.  To HELL with Unions!  
+John Shepard really?  LOL  Comparing unionization of a company who's workers collectively feel abused to a woman getting raped?  You have got to be fucking kidding me....
Are you related to any former Republican legislators? Your response is insulting to those of intelligence everywhere.

 It sounds like  you have never been in middle management and attended any "union avoidance" training with any large multi-national non-unionized company.  You probably have not been an instructor in any such training either. It sounds like you are unaware any such training is offered....

A company can always avoid being unionized. And if it happens, it is because they allowed it too, period. It is not the unions fault, ever. it is because the company made their employee base feel the union can represent them better than they feel the company lets them represent themselves. Always. 

+William Carlson LOL  you again misrepresenting me here also?    I am only against bad business, and unlike you I support smaller public sector (government) and a bigger private sector.... You know this, we have argued it many times, so why come here and say otherwise now?  BTW I still think there should be a 33% reduction across the board in the federal public sector.  I will state that here too so you can stop saying I feel otherwise lol 
+Mike Mac are you suggesting that union leaders only perform their jobs for the good of the union? If not, then are you not willing to also admit that union leaders might attempt to unionize a company simply to create a profitable situation for themselves? It sounds like you want to think that unions always do the right thing which they do not. Are you not aware that unions have been a huge mafia playground forever?

Are you one of those guys that farts in the elevator and acts surprised when other people want to get away from you? Do you think you are beyond reproach?

Don't insult me because my intelligence intimidates you. My school is that of life, and I know a little but about unions on the union side, but let me be clear that I also support the right of people to unionize. I do not support self aggrandizing politicians that milk unions for money and use the government to back union efforts. I also do not support union bullying tactics upon those who do not want to join such as card checks and refusal to allow secret ballots when voting to unionize or not.

Like you, I can presume done thing about you. Have you ever run a business before? Do you know what it is like to meet a bottom line?

One last thing. I'm a man. I don't need a union telling me how to brush my teeth or how many squares of toilet paper to use. The labor market its competitive enough that if I don't like my job, I go find another one. No union dues needed. I march to the beat of my own drum and beat it as loud and often as I want. 
+Mike Mac You only support shrinking the Military with real substantial cuts. That is the only place that government has actually been cut. BHO gets away with reducing the rate of growth of some agencies and calling that cuts but he's still growing government.

Last I heard the military is going to be cut by 60,000 service members. How about some real cuts like that in all areas of the federal government?

BTW, I'll remind you again that National Defense is a Constitutionally mandated function of the Federal Government. All that other crap is against the spirit and intent of the Constitution and the founders.

Yeah I get that you are only against "Bad" businesses. Problem is you consider all businesses bad unless they are union shops.
I worked in retail for many years and regardless of the company the hours, wages, and benefits suck. That being said when I was in retail everyone I worked with envied Walmart employees as they are treated better than pretty much every other retail chain. Maybe these workers should spend a couple months working at Family Dollar or some other chain and find out what it is really like to be overworked, underpaid, and poorly treated. 
+John Shepard   you have demonstrated your intelligence all right, and save your drama for your momma.

no, I hate to disappoint you but you do not intimidate me in the slightest. I deal with the likes of you on a daily basis as one of my jobs. LOL

I am currently a manager in a union shop, in a Right to Work state, if you know the significance of that term. I grew up in a union family, my father was president of the UAW Chapter, 1200 rank.n.file.  I watched it slowly fade into irrelevance and watched the union put people out for weeks for a 3 cent raise, one that would never ever come close to being made up ever.  and I watched the "union fat cats" forcefully collect the dues from people that could hardly pay for their heating oil.

I managed 18 years in a global telecommunications company, with unions nipping at our heals every day.  And we never even had a vote organized, or a major union meeting.  and it was because the the management style, treating people with dignity and respect, addressing their health and safety concerns, working with them at every step of the way. Listening to them and addressing their individual problems before it becomes unnecessary for them to collectively resolve them.

I would venture to say that my knowledge and direct experience with unions far exceeds anything you have or will ever experience, so your attempts to minimize or discredit me based on that premise is laughable.

Your like others here that assume something because of what someone says, then base your whole argument on that fallacy.  You for example are of the opinion that I am pro-union and anti-business.  You could not be more wrong LOL
for the most part, unions have lost their relevance and are on life-support. Many should be gone, I support that position. As one example, I do not think we should allow public sector unions. it is easy for a company to allow a union to get a foothold, and almost impossible to remove them after it happens. But in all cases, the company enables the unions to get their foot in the door through bad management and business practices.

and your right I have never ran a business, I have ran many.  I currently run one and as previously mentioned am a manager in a union factory here in NC.  I had two I ran personally until a few months ago, and will be acquiring at least one more before end of 1Q13.  So no, I have only ran multiple businesses at the same time, each having that "bottom line" requirement you at tossing around like you understand what it really means while arguing with someone that actually does it for a livelyhood....  again laughable.

Its great you are "a man"  and am glad you have never been in a situation where you felt hopeless to control your destiny that you had to consider collective bargaining as an option.
50 years ago, a blue collar person as fortunate as you was rare, extremely rare, and it was business that caused it, not society. Yes, today is different, but speaking of bottom lines, the bottom line is, there are still bad businesses today.

and you were saying? 
+William Carlson  again you have it all figured out in your head.  Only problem is, it does not match reality.... public sector job losses have been offset by private sector creation over the last few years.  I know you do not want to acknowledge it but that does not mean it is not true... and I understand why, it is the whole basis for your proven fairy tale argument..

We could eliminate almost every federal public sector job and grow the military as you think is needed, reduce taxation to the levels you feel we should, and guess what?  we would still have a deficit just to pay for the military complex.  LOL  So nothing changes except we have 50 states, who can not afford to operate now, trying to duplicate 50 times what the federal government does for them collectively...

Like I said, 33% across the board for starters, military included....  you are trying to argue my position is otherwise, and it clearly is not....
Wal-Mart will just fire them and hire replacements.
+Mike Mac now you're just being dishonest and I do realize it is the only way things work in your world. After all you are just following the example set by BHO.
Fire them. Put Black Friday ads online only
Fire them and hire people who want to work. It's just too bad that these lazy butts will still get money from all of us who are working. If you don't work, you don't eat. That's my motto.
Excellent article! Unions are poisoning our country and our economy! 
I was a Wal-Mart employee. Speaking from personal experience, Wal-Mart will fire anyone that brings down moral. Wal-Mart, like most business, will love to have any excuse to fire people that are not happy to work there anyway.
Btw I did not get fired from Wal-Mart. I found a higher paying job.
We need the work and do not a union
Union bosses need the dues. They don't care about the what's best for there members. Look at what happen with Hostess. The union let let there members take a 8% pay cut. Inturn, they got a 100% pay cut just in time for the holidays.
Wal-Mart makes enough money overseas to survive. If are forced to unionize all their stores, they will close their stores in the US.
The union worked out real well of Hostess.  Does anyone need any other example?  I'm waiting to see any news reports, PR, whatever from the union that toppled that company as to how they were thinking of eveyones best interest.  I'm in a "right to work" state.  You don't like a company, quit and find something else.  You don't do you job, your let go and you go find another job.  Jobs are not a "right" nor are they guaranteed.  Why should a company be forced to hire or keep on people who can't, or won't, do the job?  I've hired people who I thought could cut it.  I've also fired those same people when they proved they couldn't or wouldn't.  
Unions continue to negatively affect the bottom lines of companies.
You should check on the pay raises the execs at Hostess gave themselves while the company was failing. Somewhere in the area of 70 %
Another big business union goons got their eyes on shutting down.
+Terry Hovey   huh?  Unions make money only when workers work, when a company shuts down, they do not get shit, and have to make payment out during strikes, negative cash flow.

So why would a union want to shut a business down?
+George Conklin   exactly, the CEO and upper execs got huge pay raises while they "managed" their company into the dirt.
+Mike Potratz   yes, right to work state here.  There is no such things as a union-only shop.  In unionized shops, it is not required to join the union. All workers in defined bargaining units where there are unions are subject to all the union contract criteria, benefits, wages, etc, get union benefits and representation even if they are not union members. 
You can't even discuss the word union at Walmart. Which is good, otherwise, can you say Hostess?
AsDing-dongs....... If The Mgmt. Allows This Walk out There Nuts??As For My Self I would Terminate Everyone That Decided To go on This Looney Quest !!!
That's it... I'm shoppin' White Friday!
i wasn't planning on shopping on friday, but i may go just to see how many stupid people are there protesting, and hope to thro a few insults at them. 
Unions promise much and deliver very little. This is a case of total misinformation on the union's part. Once again, remember Hostess.
+Tim Pearcy   everyone should remember Hostess, a company totally mismanaged, with those at the top siphoning off reserves while their company, which they allowed to have such a union mess in, goes down the tubes.
Now the union is being blamed for all their troubles, which is simple an untruth at best. The company allowed the unions to get the foot hold they have, it is always the fault of the company and their mismanagement that gets a union in the door, always.
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