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Former front man for The Smiths, Morrissey, canceled his appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel show after learning the cast of "Duck Dynasty" would be guests on the same night.
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What about Vegan Serial Killers, er, farmers?
The cancellation provides a better opportunity for comedy than his actual appearance.
Save a vegetable, eat a cow.
The humanity, oh the humanity...oh the mashed humanity
LOL he is from an alternative band based out of England. They are stereotyped at drug addicts and alcoholics, and he is afraid of some country bumpkins?
And I care because.....?  Never listened to Morrissey or watched "Duck Dynasty".
Big loss not to have MOrrissey...
After looking at what 'Duck Dynasty' is- he should protest it for being brain cell killers. Also, vegans, I am going to ruin your day; Plants have been scientifically proven to have a high sentient qualities and can recognize animals as friends, foes, even killers.
Morrissey correctly figured out he will generate more publicity by raising a stink about this than if he kept the appearance.
He is very relevant. Duck Dynasty is just a redneck show as far as you ask me. He makes a point and like all FOX news enthousiasts, he is allowed for free speech. Anyway I don't understant why FOX news even covers this issue other then to again spread hate mongering because most viewers don't even know who Morrissey is let alone the fact that he is the founder of the Smiths etc... 
Morrissey is consequent in his believes and for all the joy The Smiths and Morrissey provided me he will always have my support. Especially in such matter which doesn't harm or offend anyone. 
I get Duck Dynasty confused with the other 72 fake reality shows that feature rednecks acting super-redneck like for the cameras. 
I'm sure secretly you are a huge Morrissey fan . You can tell us . Don't be afraid :-)
Guys you are all being real jerks. I'm not vegan but I recognize it as a legit lifestyle choice, so just please have some respect.
+Doug Turner
 Actually it is not bad. However, no matter how long you cook it, the meat always looks rare when you cut it up.
Respect? For what? Some guy that made a less than nice remark about people that hunt? Hunting is also a legit lifestyle choice, where was the respect for that? I'm damn tired of being politically correct or polite to people who cannot show the same respect to people that disagree with them.
Morrissey is being a typical POM. Just because he sits next to meat eaters or who he calls "animal serial killers" does not make him all of a sudden a pro-meat eater. Give me a break. Does he interrogate everyone he sits next to, in order to make sure they agree with all his issues? I guess I should never ask him for an autograph, if he finds out I am not a vegan he may worry about his fans not trusting him anymore.
Live your life I say, but when you tell others how to live theirs, you have crossed into being a preacher, and his is a church I don't want to go to. My food poops on his food, or I am a second hand vegetarian, since cattle, deer, and elk gotta eat something.
Freakin tree-hugger! Can't handle the redneck humor? Or fear the beard? Hamburgers are great! Venison burgers are better....
So is Morrissey a vegetarian? If he is, he does know if society ever runs out of cows, deer and other tasty animals he may be one of the first veggie fed humans to end up on the dinner table, right?
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