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London hospital falls for prank call and gives Kate Middleton's personal medical information to Australian radio host pretending to be the Queen. 

#duchess   #RoyalBaby
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PIPA or her sister, PIPPA? They just got confused!! lol
Those idiots go so try hard just leave them alone
Why do Americans care so much for these people??? All they are is figureheads 
who cares there was a terrorist attack in Arizona purposely not covered by the media but we know all about the Queen 
to make it worse once the girl who gave out the information killed herself Fox dropped the story off the air as if it never happened 
im not anti fox just disgusted with cable media in general they are promoting anti white anti american communism for the Jews to destroy the white Israelites by promoting open borders to I want real news Orielly is the only one with balls to speak the truth but he is still just a puppet for Israel  
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