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A WV Senator wants MTV to cancel a reality show set in his state. Do you think shows like "Buck Wild" and "Jersey Shore" shed a negative light on states? 

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Of course they can lead to a negative light but that's the catch 22 for freedom of speech.
He wants no relation or to be in the same state as "The douche", or "the incident" I can't remember his name. You know what I'm saying though!
I don't have a prpblem with him voicing his concerns over these dumb shows. As a Jerseyan, I was somewhat embarrassed over jersey Shore. But asking for MTV to cancel it is a little much.
Hell, I want these "shows" canceled and I'm not even a citizen of either state.
They're trash and after a while trash looks normal.  Never watch that stuff.
Asking MTV to cancel is great. Maybe kids will have less brainwashed trash shows and might decide to pick up a basket ball and play out side.
I will not go to New Jersey- I don't want to see a drunk Snookie dancing on the boardwalk 
Reality shows are a waste of oxygen. No matter what show in whatever state.
I'm originally from the mountain country of W.Va.  These are not my people.  Why are the producers not penalized and/or boycotted for their offensive portrayal of our citizens??  Oh well....never mind.  Just don't show a black person eating a watermelon....which happens to be my favorite fruit!  There are certain people who are open to ridicule and denigration.
He should encourage people not to watch the show, but he does not (and should not) have the right to cancel television shows!
Tough, Senator. You seem to have selective amnesia when it comes to the First Amendment. You're part of the government, so that's exactly what the 1st addresses: government interfering with expression. No, it may not literally say you shouldn't call for cancellation, but it violates the spirit of the law. The best way not to have a negative TV series made about your state is giving no reason or cause for it to be made.
If that show keeps the people who watch it distracted from reality then keep it on
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