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Biographer Paula Broadwell could be facing questions about whether she revealed classified information about the #Libya  attack that she was privy to due to her relationship with then-CIA Director David #Petraeus  
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These are the people we are supposed to trust with our security, Petraeus, Obama, Hillary and they all failed.  This time publicly and in the spot light.  If any American failed at their job this badly, they would be fired.  But not in Washington D.C. they get to keep their job for four more years.
Democrats are always helping the enemy. They held the slaves in the Civil War, every Muslim dictator years for them, and the "No Nukes" movement as examples. They fight every war, no matter the purpose. And in the case of Vietnam, our Democrats faces are on memorials for those who helped them fight our war.

Why do we permit Democrats to know our military secrets?
Wonder if immorality is a job qualification for politicians???? 
Term limits in both the Senate and House of Reps would take that qualification off the check list.
wow, still a lot of butthurt  LOL  Same old sore RINO assholes too
I care less about private life of CIA director. I care more about Benghazi investigation. I do not want this obscure event with Mr. Petraeus to shade aside Benghazi investigation.
+Simon Greenshpan I agree, but it adds to the accumulation of circumstances that all adds up to the same thing, a cover up of a grossly negligent failure ending with American lives being lost.  Team Obama have been trying to bury this rather than investigate fully and bring those responsible forward possibly including Clinton and Obama himself.
even if he resigned, he will still be a key player in any investigation......
Guilty until proven innocent, cornerstone of American Justice and Freedom.   Let's all the Teabillys RINOs get together and have a piss on the constitution party.
+Mike Mac No one is accusing anyone of anything just exercising their constitutional right of free speech. Merely stating an opinion that a given situation stinks or appears to be corrupt is not pissing on the constitution.  This is not the first thread you have tried to play supreme magistrate and accuse others of “pissing” on the constitution.  Maybe you should read the constitution particularly about free speech, the cornerstone of American freedom.
+Jared Cicek Taylor   LOL  no one is accusing anyone of anything?  BAWAHHHAAHHA !

That is funny.

Bullshit.  The entire Right Wing echo chamber and media complex has them tried and convicted, and has for months.

I understand how some would feel I am being "supreme magistrate" for calling them out on their BS. 
+Mac Butts  Mike Mac You bet he so funny anymore he ton of laughter is fun to see him play all is mind game with all new comer here what a riot, lol!
+Charles Wierzbicki all I can say is if I am entertaining to you with the limited activity I have here, you must not require much to be amused, common for simpletons though, should have expected that.  Mac Butts is the same way.  Do you guys randomly yell "squirrel!" too?  lol  When I think of you two I picture two douchbags fighting over a hose and nozzle.
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