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'Class' warfare: does homework favor rich kids? French President Francois Hollande thinks so, and that it should be eliminated for elementary and junior high school students.
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Remember the set FIVE TIMES the number of cars on fire in Paris, when they asked them to do a three-day workweek.

Yeah, I think the French that Patton respected, the French that were worth respecting, have gone, period.
Homework is what enabled a kid like me, who came from modest means to grow up to become one of the evil "rich" in America. Not really rich, but a hell of a lot better then my parents were financially.
Lowering the bar is never the answer to incentivizing achievement.  Egalitarianism is folly.  Hollande is really dismantling France.  First, tax and run off the smart achievers then dilute the education system to make the kidz stoopid.  At least everyone will be equal.
of course we are trying to dumb down the kids....its easier to control dumb people
There is little worth saying about the French . . . well, wait, they do have the Eiffel Tower.
+Kenneth R. Hoefle 

let's be frank, the Eiffel Tower as majestic as it may be, is yet another failure of the french. 

it was constructed to be the largest radio tower in the world capable of transmitting across the globe. built for a World Fair. But when it was finished..... surprise, surprise, it didn't work.

Luckily for them, this problem has since been rectified, though I imagine it wasn't a frenchman that fixed it.
Yeah, now knowledge only benefits the rich. 

It takes years of college to get really stupid.
Wow really? Well I guess when tradition. Means of indoctrination fail, promise no more homework, way to sway the young voting block. I bet the democrats will try that here.
"Vote for us, you''ll pay a ton for schooling and learn nothing"
Achievement is now a bad thing. Something to be despised.
How many Frenchmen does it take to Hold Paris?

I don't know it's never been done
+Alexa Antonaras 

Calling the Kettle Black aren't we?

You call others sheep, and yet you believe every syllable of the dictators propaganda.

You liberals are like the practical joke of the internet. You have a voice, you shout as much as you can, with no evidence to back up your argument. 

It's like trolls who don't even know they're trolling because they're too stupid to realize what they're saying isn't true.
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