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BREAKING: Authorities say a shooting spree through Orange County, Calif., on Tuesday has left four people dead, including the shooter, and several others injured.
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Yes Darin. It's Bush's fault. 
Oh wait...The orange county sheriffs office yanked everyones concealed weapons permits a couple years ago. That was supposed to stop all this. Guess not.
+Curtis Natalie You are 100% correct..   Nothing would make me happier...well, ok, ONE thing...Let's forcibly remove California from the US, and then send all current government employees there to live...  Starting at the top!  Then, only allow people on this side that read and can pass a test on our Constitution...  Works for me!!!
Time for the left to start blaming Bush, the NRA, the Republicans  or the law abiding gun citizens for this.  Anyone but the crazy person that did it.
+Darin Walker 

the crazy person who did this is probably a registered democrat, just like the last several spree killers also where.
+Greg Swagler must agree, let California go. Put up a big fence and ship all the gun control, tree hugging wackos there.
No doubt Zander. But the left-TARD media along with the left wing lunatics with turn this around and blame the Republicans and law abiding citizens and call for more gun control. Getting closer and closer to that Obama executive order. 
Gun control = hitting what you're aiming at.
+Brandon Parisi 

political correctness. 

the don't want you calling them crazy because it isn't nice, no matter how many kids they kill.
Mental health care is expensive, and probably socialist, too. It's better to hand out guns than make sure crazy people get the help they need and don't snap.
Curtis, it's the ploy liberals use.  They try to convince others that we want guns distributed to just anyone, which is completely false.

In other words, a typical liberal liar.
+Brandon Parisi 

perhaps, but it certainly has been one of the elements that got is into the fucked up situation we're in today.
Curtis - you didn't get the memo from Bush??? It said give all crazy people guns. It's Bush's fault.
You're right. Nobody said anything about handing out guns. But making sure the crazies get their meds is still a socialist communist pinko plot against the good Christian God-fearing men of this nation, right?
+Jeremy Tregler the crazies need meds and should be locked up. There are a lot of nutcases out their and yeah they need to be kept away from guns.
What is the definition of crazy?  Mine is focused mainly on people who thought Obama was the right choice, twice.
The crazies didn't get their meds because Bush wouldn't let them have it. Blame Bush!
One accepted definition of crazy is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. For example, saying we need more good people to have guns to protect us against the bad people who have guns has done nothing to prevent gun violence like we see here today. But yeah, let's keep trying that. It's bound to work eventually, right?
Giving more guns out and wanting to keep giving more guns out is Bush's fault! Blame Bush!
+Jeremy Tregler 

or an idiot dictator saying lets regulate businesses because it will help the economy, despite the fact it has never helped before. 

or that same idiot dictator saying, lets do a stimulus, because it will help the economy, also never helped before.

or that same idiot again, enacting liberal socialist policies that have bankrupted every single country they have ever been implemented in before.
Last I checked, Wall Street is doing great. I don't know what your problem with this Socialist Dictator is. He's awesome for business!
+Jeremy Tregler 

are you stoned?

the Dow is CREEPING up again, after tanking under HIS policies,  when during Bush's presidency prior to Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, it was in the clouds.

or how about this country has accumulated more debt in FOUR YEARS then Bush did in EIGHT, or any prior president combined.
I didn't think Libs believed in "trickle down"?
Everything is better in the US now. Obama fixed it. Back to your life people. 
+Darin Walker 

what life, I work, i pay bills. come weekend I work 2nd job to pay for health care. can't take a vacation, can't afford the gas.
+Zander Gavin Then if it works, we should all be glad Wallstreet is doing well. Again, this so-called Dictator is GREAT for business, Wallstreet is cooking, it will all trickled down some day, so what's the problem?
But....but....Zander just ask a left-tard Obama nut hugger everything is great and Obama fixed the world. Rainbow and unicorns for everyone!! 
+Jeremy Tregler Nope.  I am suggesting, however, that trying to forecast the health of the economy based solely on Wall Street is a little ignorant.  There are far more businesses not represented than are.
"My car is running fine so all cars must be running fine."
+Jeremy Tregler 

every time Obama has interfered with the economy it tanked. this growth has been because of his INACTION. Because he has been too busy playing golf to fuck with wall street and businesses  thus it has grown in his absence.
As long as your boss' car is running fine, then he can afford to pay you so that some day, you might have a nice car, too. Don't repair your car - give your money to your boss so he can give you a job, and you'll buy a new car. Eventually.
Golf = clearing brush. All presidents work 365 days a year, four years straight. And sometimes eight!
And giving my money to people without drivers licenses seems to be a better plan in your mind?
+Jeremy Tregler 

Bushy spent nearly half his week with his jobs council, and the other have with defense. obama Rarely visits EITHER.
Who said anything about giving money to people without drivers licenses? To paraphrase an earlier response.
Obama will give us what we need. No need to work for it. Give me my free shit now!!!
I guess technically, Democrats did first.  I just assumed you realized that.
Cool story bro. That's enough trolling for one lunch hour. Back to work. Enjoy your thread!
What a loser life some people have. Sad.
Tough crowd on this thread ha quite amusing. 
Kind of Un-American to be cheering against the Stock Market, isn't it? Tisk, tisk, boys. As for me, I'm glad American Businesses are doing well!
+Jeremy Tregler  The Obama Cartel is using Quantitative easing to keep the stock market on life support. More smoke and mirrors from the liar in chief.