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Read the real manifesto that ex-LAPD officer Christopher Jordan Dorner posted online that warned, "I will bring unconventional and asymmetrical warfare to those in LAPD uniform whether on or off duty."
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It's gotta be Bush's fault somehow.
Political freaks .. The man is just mentally sick .. A sick former soldier an policeman
Fox news is a god thing to have !!!
Fox news is "entertainment" NOT real news .. They slant everything. People just buy into it cause they are lazy to read an seek real facts out. 
+Sean Kennedy Actually, Fox News is pretty middle ground when it comes to news. It's MSNBC and CNN that are really biased.
The talk shows on Fox News are entertainment +Sean Kennedy, just as talk shows on any news channel, including CNN, are entertainment.  Other than the talk shows, Fox News is news.  Also, Fox News highlights stories and aspects of stories that are of interest to their target audience.  They are no more slanted than any other news organization.

Also, I'm curious why you are even here.  I really doubt this showed up in "What's Hot" with such a small comment, plus and share counts.  Only liberal oriented stories show up in "What's Hot" with such small numbers. :)
This man knows his stuff and it to me sounds like LAPD is about to reap a whirl wind for all they have allowed to happen. I do not condone his actions but I do understand his motives.
Have some if you even read his manifesto before labeling him a "(leftist) lunatic"? From what I've read this Dorner guy is a Naval reservist who served his country (in fact, in the manifesto, he stated that ge supports the government 100%) and joined the police force, characteristics that probably falls favorably with the political right. Look, what Dorner did is hideous. I'm not arguing that. But based on his manifesto and all the references he has made, which public records could affirm in his own defense regarding his allegations of the corruption within LAPD, he was simply stifled and vilified for being the "honest" cop within a corrupt police force. Yes, he took drastic measures in order for the media and public to even pay attention to the issues within the LAPD and hopefully "clear his name." But it seems that the bigger issue is the continuing and rampart corruption within the LAPD that set this guy off to begin with. I, for one, want this guy captured and be given the due legal process that he deserves as granted to all of us by the Constitution REGARDLESS of whether he is innocent or guilty. Let us not forget that we are still a republic, a nation ruled by laws and not of men, and only then and there can we get to the bottom of all these--the corruption, cronyism, racism within the LAPD. As for Dorner being a "lunatic", I would want an actual professional in the field of psychiatry or psychology to make that assessment. It seems to me that ALL media outlets which includes FOX, MSN, CNN, etc., seems to evoke quick and hasty judgement from individuals without waiting for all the facts to come to light. Although it is a given that Dorner did kill those three individuals, I would suspend my judgement of his actions until we get to know more about all the details rather than just spew how much of a "lunatic" he is. 
+Marco Eugenio 

IF he supports the Government, he's leftist, our Government is damn near a Socialist Dictatorship.

Second, Military background is irrelevant. The moment he started killing innocent civilians, he deserved to be hanged.
+James Spedale I'll concede to your points. And if this dude hangs as you want him to, he hangs. Shit I'll tie the rope to the tree myself if I have to. So be it. But it shouldn't prevent us from doing due diligence of entitling this man to the due process he is constitutionally granted. James Holmes, the Aurora shooting suspect may be deemed guilty and deserve a bullet to the head like some people would want but it surely did not prevent us from still giving him a legal counsel and a fair trial. Just hanging Dorner out of sheer ethos and public sentiment and throw all legal procedures out of the window does not make for a stable government. We will be no better than the "socialist dictatorship" you vehemently oppose.
When NDAA was put into action, "Due Process" went out the windows as far as the government was concerned.
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