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Army soldier wins back his daughter in court after she was put up for adoption without his knowledge. The adoptive family plans to appeal, who do you think the little girl belongs to? 
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The soldier and biological father. 
her Father or visiting rights 
Jon Dye
nobody "belongs" to anybody else.
This is horrible. I'm glad she's back with her dad. But, my heart also goes out to the adopted parents -- especially around holiday time. :(
Obviously the biological father who is a victim of a crime.  Anything else would be considered kidnapping in the eyes of the law no matter how heartbreaking and convoluted the situation is. 
Jesus Christ had no child, but was happy till death on the cross. Child adoption should be ban. Its leading to so many illegality and crime.
+michael okoh I hope you're just trolling because that is the stupidest thing that I have ever heard.  This is G+ so that is quite an accomplishment.
J Sal
Father. No question. Sorry adoption family, but there are hundreds of little black girls out there in need of a good home. This one already has a father. 
The father. That isn't even a choice
She belongs to her father and I cannot believe the the adoptive family is not acknowledging that. Maybe it is just me and my old fashioned family and patriotic values...
Return the child to her father and punish those who kidnapped her.
O course, her father, it's not like he abandoned her!!
they father he did not leave his child he was helping his country  all i can do is shake my head trying to do something write and he get this treatment.
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