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With more than half of U.S. states experiencing high levels of flu-like illness, ERs across the country are seeing a surge in business -- and some are struggling to keep up. 
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No one ever thinks to ask if the flu shot is causing the unusually high levels! I know of a few people who got the shot and had a horrible flu reaction. I got it this year lasted 24 hours...done. I didn't get the shot...Just got the flu. Nothing to go to the hospital's only the flu...Never had to go to the hospital for it...nor will I ever get the shot...It makes no sense when my body can handle it on it's own. We (as a culture) are so quick to over medicate!
did they get any other symptoms?
Ron N
I haven't had the flu for more than 20 years. Never had a flu shot.
You are blessed by God, aka Reality. Many get the flu even more then once a year for some that work in metro areas where varied strains cross paths.
Ron, same here. I can not recall if I ever had the flu in the past 30+ years. Never get/had a flu shot.
Ron N
Funny how you never see any status on that.
it is possible to survive, I have had the flu this season and managed to make it all on my own
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