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Google has been quietly pushing something you might end up using a whole lot more than tablets and laptops -- They’re called Chromebooks: 
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Can't run the apps I need.  Cloud apps just aren't there with desktop apps.  Desktop apps are more powerful.
they didn't make the computer for people that know the way the web works. They made it for the public that has no opinion either way. for them the cloud is better than nothing.
If you want to check email, watch youtube, paybills on line, video chat and surf the web... then  these chromebooks are a great deal.  I use one for work. They are great.  My work apps are hosted on the cloud via Citrix server.  I think Google will sell quite a few of these over the holidays.
I ruled chromebooks out when I saw they don't handle iTunes. 
+Jeremy Evans any music you have on Itunes can by uploaded to the google music cloud.  Itunes is the reason many people don't like Apple.  Google music is a great free music service. 
I love Google, but I don't think I can wean my whole family off of iTunes.  
How can you hate itunes?  There's nothing to hate, you wouldn't have stupid Google music if it hadn't been for itunes pioneering everything there is today.
Google Music has a tool to convert your iTunes library over to Google Music.
I got the Cr-48 from Google back in December 2010 to help beta test, I still use it every day more than I use my regular Windows 7 laptop. The only complaint I have is no Java support, which means no Minecraft. :-)
+Jonathan Grubbs I am will you. Love my cr-48 and still ticking.  I am looking at upgrading it just for speed to a new chromebook.  Not much I can't do on it.  The long battery life, durability, fast startup time less then 15 seconds can't beat it.
Interesting.  I wonder if I could set up a Citrix or Windows TS server at home to host my apps and use a Chromebook to work.  Interesting idea.  The main problem being that if you have no Internet connectivity you're holding a brick.
"quietly pushing [Chromebooks]?" They have ads all over the place!
+Paul Chinn  wifi tether is your friend.  Use  it on the train into work a few times a week.  Works 20X better than the free wifi the train provides.  
We have several and love them.  the kids use them for homework.  not being able to run Minecraft is our only issue too.
If it were only "made in USA"...
While I do not quite trust cloud computing the price point on the new chromebooks is low enough to get me to take the plunge and give it a try!
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