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More than three days after he allegedly shot dead a school bus driver, grabbed a 5-year-old child and slipped into an underground bunker in the rural U.S., Jimmy Lee Dykes was showing no signs Friday of turning himself over to police.
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The fact that this man, a known violent man was allowed to even own a gun is ridiculous. That child suffers because of gun rights. 

These are the laws required to own a gun in Alabama:

It is unlawful to sell, give, lend or deliver a handgun to any person under 18, or to a person whom the seller has reasonable cause to believe has been convicted of a crime of violence, is a drug addict, a habitual drunkard, or of unsound mind.
Any resident of Alabama authorized to sell and deliver rifles, shotguns and ammunition may sell and deliver them to a resident of any adjoining state. Any purchaser of such firearm or ammunition may take or send it out of the state or have it delivered to his place of residence. Any resident of Alabama who legally purchases rifles, shotguns and ammunition in any state adjoining Alabama may take delivery of said weapons either in the state where they were purchased or in Alabama.
Put some gas in there so they go to sleep, problem solved! 
Not a gun-rights issue.  The man is a disgruntled neighbor and has mental/anger problems.
+Jo Anne Thompson of course it's a guns right issue. The man owns a gun, has had the gun for years,has threatened people with the gun, and then used that gun to kill one man, and kidnap a child. 

How successful would the man had been without the gun? 
The child does not suffer because of a mans right to own a gun. He suffers because of our immoral society.
Regardless of gun rights, criminals will obtain a weapon legally or illegally to follow through on his or her actions.  Guns do not make people commit crimes.  People make this choice.  Let's hope this little boy gets home safely and this criminal is dealt with properly.
Just enforce the the current laws and he won't have a gun. 
The law should have had the power to disarm the man a long time ago, and in Alabama nothing stops criminals being able to arm themselves legally. This is why background checks are important EVERY WHERE, and limit purchases need to be enforced EVERY WHERE. 
Nothing stops criminals from being able to arm themselves period.  Too bad that bus driver didn't have a weapon of his own, then he might still be alive and the child would be home.
Ness B
+Michael Washington whether that man was allowed guns or not would not stop him. No one paid attention to the warning signs... If he is willing to beat a 120lb dog to death with a pipe then he would have found a way to do what he's doing anyway. Had my husband & I lived in that part of Alabama, instead of the one we're in & seen everything these neighbors have described we would have never let him near the bus ESPECIALLY if we had a child in it. Please tell me how our guns that we carry would not have made a difference for that child? The actual problem is that, yet again, a very mentally ill person was ignored & then snapped. If you don't heed warnings like that, bad things will happen. I wouldn't have put up with him after he threatened to shoot the kids or killed the dog! Wake up people! 
+Ness Berg exactly. His neighbors are fools. If he lived near me, he would have problems and the police would know him intimately.
What could have been done to him? There is no law against him being armed. 
You people realize that there needs to be a law in place to disarm someone right? You can't just walk up to the man and take his guns (I mean honestly would you allow yourself to be disarmed without a law?)
There certainly could be something done about him. Everything from restraining orders, making threats, disorderly conduct, animal cruelty (think Michael Vick), etc.

Any one of these things added to another would be enough to demonstrate a pattern of misconduct worthy of special attention from legal authorities.
But what law could have disarmed him? Restraining orders against whom? Does a man not have the right to rant on his own lawn? You seem to forget that the law... actually needs a law. You do not get to go over to someone and disarm them without there being a law in place. The police can't do anything,  you can't do anything, unless the man violates a law. 

Is it even a crime to kill your dog in Alabama? And "Keeping an eye on him" honestly 24/7 round the clock surveillance on the man? 

IF the man had not had a gun, the child would be safe, or had a much safer chance. It is because Guns are so easily accessible to anyone that wants one this man is able to do these things. 

Accept it. There needs to be laws in place restricting who can own guns, who can get guns. These laws need to be federal, not done by states because then you have situations like Alabama where literally anyone can get a gun and then ship it wherever they want legally. 
By the way, there are laws requiring people of known threats, i.e. facing charges, restraining orders against them, etc., that require these people to surrender their weapons.

The left makes it sound as if we are a helpless society.  The fact is there are laws to protect everyone, but everyone presumes that nothing can be done or does not want to get involved.

One time, I heard a gunshot in a neighborhood near my house, and I called the Sheriff's office.  How many other people decided not to worry about it?  Do you realize what would happen if everyone who heard it called the police at the same time?  A SWAT team would show up.

Don't let yourself be fooled into being the helpless puppy that Feinstein expects you to be.
So then that's the lesson from this. Everyone watch your neighbors and report everything that might a crime to the police. 

We'll turn the country into a state where every single citizen reports everything no matter how mundane, just so a few people can maintain their easy access to weapons. 

Sounds like a wonderful place to live. 
You obviously have no idea how police do their jobs, and it's senseless to argue about it with you.  Many things could have been done that were not.  My last post on this, I'm not getting sucked into this buffoonery.
Ness B
+Michael Washington he didn't kill HIS dog he killed someone else's can't seem to get the facts straight. Also, if you don't live HERE in Alabama....don't tell the people who do what they should and shouldn't do where they live. There were plenty of things that would have that man disarmed but if no one brings them to the right authorities attention nothing can be done. Threatening children, killing the dog and his over all violent behavior is more than enough to get a ruling he is not allowed to own firearms. I'm guessing you don't own a gun and have not been through a real background check either...

And in response to "We'll turn the country into a state where every single citizen reports everything no matter how mundane, just so a few people can maintain their easy access to weapons." that will never happen because there will always be idiots like you.
What background check? According to the NRA there is no background check in Alabama beyond "hey he doesn't look like a criminal". 
+Jo Anne Thompson Right on! I totally agree that if the bus drive had his own gun the news would be praising a hero and the little boy would be home!
Sure, arm all bus drivers. Nothing bad could happen with that... 
This crazy man could of used a knife. He could have a knife at that little boy right now. This is a crazy person that should of been treated. 
I blame a crazy man and not a gun! I am not a gun owner, but these people who think removing guns will stop violence are stupid!!!!
+Gino DiCarlo Agree... Removing guns won't stop violence but, I prefer to blame, first, the ones that made possible to this guy to have a gun... peace
+Becky Cheek there were no deaths, and he was easily subdued. Had the man had a gun, that would have been a different story... 
Banning guns will not help. I saw it before. Banning is an excuse for people that is afraid to assume the responsibility of raise better citizens. The far that I understand as acceptable, is to tight the back ground check. This is necessary. 
Ness B
+Michael Washington again you do not have your facts straight, I am a NRA member & I respect them but they do not make the laws. I had to go through a background check when I purchased my guns & so did my husband, we also had to pass one for our permits. I know someone with 1 dui who had to wait months to get a 22 rifle because they extended the background check after seeing the dui.

If you think arming "all the___" is a bad thing, look at Kennesaw Georgia in the 80s they passed a law that required every home to HAVE a gun they didn't make them get a certain one just a gun & crime dropped 89% and remains low (all crime).

Gun safety education, gun ownership education & education in general is extremely important & we need more of that not gun bans. Bans & control only help the bad people & hurt the good, good people need the instruction & knowledge to be responsible gun owners. 
+Michael Washington  Michael, I prefer to listen to another Washington....”Firearms are second only to the Constitution in importance; they are the peoples’ liberty’s teeth.”
~George Washington
+Becky Cheek first of all, George Washington never uttered those words. They are a fabrication. 

Second of all invoking George Washington is not the smartest thing to do for your case considering he himself believed in government to control the people, and when the "people" rose up against his government he crushed them. Please learn about the Whiskey Rebellion. 

An ACTUAL quote from George Washington: 
"Influence is not government. Let us have a government by which our lives, liberties, and properties will be secured, or let us know the worst at once."
I'm have dual citizenship, and am a former US Marine. But I was born and raised in the United States. 
Ness B
I honestly find that very hard to believe as I am former USAF Security Forces and I married a Force Recon Marine.
Ness B
So you worked in intelligence and yet believe the NRA governs the laws of Alabama, did they discharge you for incompetence??
Now you're just reading into it. No where did I say that. I was using a quick search result as a reference. 
+John S unless you knock out the old man instantly, there will be a few seconds where he will be losing conciousness and then there is the chance he might panic and shoot the boy. Again as long as the boy is not in danger, there is no reason to breach. 
+Ness Berg imminent danger, and my statement was he is suffering. You're reaching now for anything you can possibly think of to discredit. Just stop. 
Ness B
No sir, +Michael Washington I stand behind everything I've said and I am simply telling you I expect you to do the same. Not sure why you said "imminent danger and my statement was he is suffering". If you're referring to the boy that is being held, I'd gladly trade places with him, in order to stop harm or loss of his life. I see where you told someone else there was no need to breach at this time, but I never brought that up in my points to you.

Point is it's a bad situation and I am not out to discredit you or anyone specifically in this thread but I will give my side, my thoughts and stand by what I say, regardless of whether or not someone likes or agrees with it.
Someone invoked the name of my beloved Marine Corps.  I must state that he does not speak for us all.  As a Marine, I believe in situational awareness, personal protection, and freedom above all.  The Second Amendment is the one that guarantees all the rest.  Shepard out.
BTW, in Russia, where arms are very restricted, Chechen terrorists once seized a theater in the middle of the performance.  Without waiting for anything, Russian paramilitary troops breached the roof and dropped in an undetetermined gas which sickened both the terrorists and the hostages.  Then they dropped through the roof shooting all the terrorists and some of the hostages, but they saved many people that day.

So, you see, gun control does work, just not always in the ways that you want it to.
This Jimmy Lee Dykes, did he own this gun legally or illegally ?

If the truth would come out it most likely a illegal gun.  
One person buys bulk, sells "person to person". How do you think criminals get firearms? 
I'm not a lawyer, nor an investigator, but I imagine many are stolen.

Firearm violence is not a priority for me because it is something I only hear about on the news; therefore, it does not pass the "sniff test".  In other words, I will not get all excited because network news wants me to believe I could be gunned down at any moment.  I know rape victims, strong arm robbery victims, assault victims, knife assault victims, etc., but I've never met one person yet who had a run in with a firearm.

The idea that Firearm violence is "epidemic" or "rampant" is a manufactured crisis in that I only hear about it on the news.  On the flip side, I do know people who defended themselves against knives with a pistol, or scared away burglars with a long gun.

Seriously Michael, you sound like an intelligent guy.  I have to mute this post now not because I don't like you but because I know the discussion will never achieve change.  I'm continuously drawn into it because I always feel like what I tell you might make sense to you.  Best of luck to you.
The really sad thing is that he still has the child.
And for all the bastards turning this into a gun control debate, lets all rememeber that murder and kidnapping is illegal in the state, and yet he continued in his crime. Wouldn't be the first time a criminal didn't obey the laws of the land.

My thoughts and prayers are with the family.
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