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"Her birthday is a month away and she's not here. She's not going to be here for Thanksgiving." 
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Definitely dead and the guy living in the tent did it. 
How can I get in touch with a responsible for your Social Media conduct? It concerns an assignment for a graduate course. Thanks!
Bet she's been picked up by human traffickers and was taken overseas. 
Oh!  Another "pretty, missing blonde" story.

How many ugly, missing black women and/or guys have there been since the last one?
Americans have a fixation with missing blondes'.
Fort Bragg is located in the dump town of Fayetteville. What do you expect? Condolences to the family.
+Gregory Curtis No, only bigots pick on blondes--and Jews, and Mormons(The "Trifecta" in "post-PC America")!!!
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